Official daily school attendance odsa overview
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Official Daily School Attendance (ODSA) Overview PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Official Daily School Attendance (ODSA) Overview. Henry E. S. Reeves Elementary “Academy of Applied Technology – Preparing for Success. Shooting for Excellence!. Introduction. “A model student is expected to: Be present at school each and everyday. Attend class as scheduled

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Official Daily School Attendance (ODSA) Overview

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Official daily school attendance odsa overview

Official Daily School Attendance (ODSA)Overview

Henry E. S. Reeves Elementary

“Academy of Applied Technology – Preparing for Success

Shooting for Excellence!



“A model student is expected to:

  • Be present at school each and everyday.

  • Attend class as scheduled

  • Arrive at school on time

  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior and a readiness to learn”

Teacher s responsibilities

Teacher’s Responsibilities

School Board Rule 6Gx13-5A-1.041

You are expected to:

  • Take and record attendance for the students enrolled in each class. The record should reflect excused or unexcused absences/tardiness

  • Upon request of the student or the parent/guardian, provide make-up assignments for excused absences/tardiness.

  • Make recommendations to the Attendance Review Committee regarding quarterly, semester and final grades when the student has accumulated five (5) unexcused absences in a designated grading period or semester course.

Electronic gradebook


  • Beginning with the first day of school, the method of collecting the Official Daily School Attendance (ODSA) through Electronic Gradebook MUST be followed.

  • Gradebook is a “legal document” required by law.

  • Emphasis on accuracy,

    consistency, and recording

Attendance codes for teachers

Attendance Codes for Teachers

  • A – Excused Absence

  • U – Unexcused Absence (Default)

  • T – Excused Tardy

  • TU – Unexcused Tardy

  • ENT – Entered Class

  • WD -Withdrawn from Class (Used a

    marker for teacher)

  • NS – No Show (Used during the first week of school ONLY)

Electronic attendance must be completed by 9 am daily

Electronic Attendance Must be Completed by 9 AM Daily!

9 0’Clock!

After 9 am

After 9 AM

  • Do Not accept any student with out a TARDY PASS!

Henry E. S. Reeves Elementary School

Shooting for Excellence!



Please admit this student to class.

Return pass to the office at the end of school day.

First day of school

First Day of School

  • Take Quick Attendance (QA)

  • Attendance taken in “HOMEROOM” class (

Count slip

Count Slip

Teacher: __________________________ Date: _________________

Grade : ____________________ Room #: ______________

Attendance Count Slip

Boys Present-_________

Girls Present-_________



Reminder to complete your Electronic Gradebook by 9am

Shooting for Excellence!

Later in day

Later in Day

  • Check your attendance twice a day!

  • Check the Attendance Bulletin

  • Notify Ms. Dowe if any discrepancies from attendance bulletin.

  • Any NOTES send to office with Name, ID #’s, teacher name and grade.

Substitute roster

Substitute Roster

  • Keep a roster in Emergency Lesson Plan folder.

  • Keep an updated roster (every two weeks)

  • If planned absence, have roster ready for substitute

  • Roster printed from “Reports” labeled Substitute Roster

  • Only codes used U & T



  • It’s your responsibility to maintain Gradebook electronically.

  • Jobs may depend of accuracy,

    consistency, and recording of our Official Daily Attendance procedures

  • Record attendance by 9 am daily

  • No student admitted after 9 without a pass

  • Maintain an updated roster every 2 weeks

  • Treat this like signing in EVERYDay.

Henry e s reeves

Henry E. S. Reeves

  • One School

  • One Family

  • One Team!

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