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New years traditions in Germany. h3.ggpht . com/-lgSw6N3N3Oc/SV8fIFZrUMI/AAAAAAAAIKk/2KwH7n65tAM/200901Neujahr_m1.jpg. 31th December is. New Year‘s Eve.

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New years

traditions in


31th December is

NewYear‘s Eve

On New Year’s Eve people go to

parties. At midnight there are big

fireworks all over the country.

On New Year’s Day people wish

each other a “Happy New Year”.

At midnight people clink glasses usually filled

with sparkling wine and wish each other a

„Happy New Year“.

Fireworks at midnight.

If you go to a party the room is decorated with

balloons and festoons and it‘s tradition to throw


People bring small gifts like a flowerpot with lucky

clover, little sculptures of pigs or chimney sweepers

(often out of chocolate or marzipan) as symbols of



Other lucky charms are horseshoes toadstools

and ladybirds

Another tradition is to pour

liquid plomb into water to

see what shape it assumes

when it cools.

This shape gives hints about

the things that will happen

during the new year.


A very special New

Year’s celebration

takes place in Berlin

at Brandenburg Gate

a famous place in the

heart of the city.

Thousands of people from all over Germany and the world come

together here to welcome the new year.

Famous bands play there. It’s always a great atmosphere.

On 1st of January pepole sleep long. They wish other people in the streets

„Prosit Neujahr“ or a „Good and healthy new year“.

People often eat fish, especially carp and put a flake of the fish in their purse,

because that means you will have money in the new year.

Another traditional New Year‘s dish is lentil soup. in the streets

People say each lentil is a coin in your purse.

A happy and peaceful New Year to all of you.

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