A new revolution in education management system sume
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A New Revolution in Education Management System - SUME PowerPoint PPT Presentation

SUME introduced for the first time in India, an application that allows a college to make best use of technology and close monitoring of every student individually.The next generation Mobile/ Web based application for growing educational institutes, developed by Porchys- named 'SUME' With assurance of bringing evolutionary development and growth in each and every segment of educational organizations.

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A New Revolution in Education Management System - SUME

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  • What is SUME..?

  • Why SUME..?

  • SUME- Concept

  • SUME- Approach

  • SUME- Collaboration

  • SUME- Project Features

    • Web Application

    • Android Application

- What is SUME…?

  • SUME is an application that allows a college to make best use of technology and close monitoring of every student individually.

  • A feature-rich college App for students, faculties & universities, Including every single Alumni.

  • Built over Web, Android & iPhone platforms.

  • Built in Location & Contents for managing students, faculty & measuring outcomes.

  • It helps College presence on the world’s biggest market in India & globe.

- Why SUME..?

  • Uniqueness in traditional methodology of teaching .

  • Student oriented.

  • More exposure to real time changing world scenarios.

  • Personal attention on each student individually .

  • Teachers & Students can work together for the better growth.

  • Competition will keep students to stand independently.

  • Keep students more occupied in studies.

  • Keep active participation in cultural activities.

- SUME Concept

As the name suggest, “SUME is considered to be the Original version for the Traditional version of RESUME.”

SUME had evolved with a concept that if every student is monitored individually, better care for their growth can be expected, while making bonding strong among students - teachers relationship.

The process of generating CV’s automatically, with no chances of manual interference, will remain a tough challenge for students to perform for the best and remain best among the competitors around.

Alumni can share their knowledge with students that how is the real world assisting them during their studies, so that students can get real feel of the professional world. It gives high exposure with huge significance.

Cultural activities and Educational events participation will increase enthusiasm, resulting in their better grooming.

- SUME Approach

Rapidly and easily unites your Students, Faculty, Alumni with data and content:

  • Enables effective collaboration across the entire students, faculty, alumni & college management.

  • Connects students with the access and to the right information at the right time.

  • Streamlines the contents, information among students, faculty, Alumni, Parents, Companies HR.

  • Real-time visibility and reporting for Faculty and Parents to gain new insight into Students performance, location.

  • Provides entire archive of all past academic activities to generate 'RESUME‘.

- SUME Collaboration

Every Student can run Sume app on Android and iPad devices as they will have login to access Sume.


  • Facebook based discussion forum.

  • Real time location tracking of itself, colleagues & faculty.

  • Notice board & Placement.

  • Project management.

  • Reading & reference material; Upload by faculty for refreshing.

  • Others: As per college requirements.

- SUME Project Features

Web Based Application

A Feature-rich College App for Students, Faculties & Universities, Including every single Alumni.

Dashboard For SUME User

Profile page on SUME will be with a feature for displaying all the details of user.

Facebook based discussion forum, with unique SUME Meter.

Teachers can upload content in study material for study.

Near By tab for Real time location tracking of itself, colleagues & faculty.

Browser is integrated in SUME itself

Resent projects of Students will be displayed in Recent Project tab.

Check list from college

  • Domain access and database.

  • All details about college such as number of students and teachers.


  • Android app.

  • iPhone app.

  • Web based system to be implemented on college web site.

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