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Mortgage Loan Originator

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Informs about various mortgage options to the borrower\nQuotes interest rates and fees corresponding to the mortgage options\nAssists in completing the application forms\nRequests for documents necessary to complete the formalities\nProvides estimates of loans and other disclosures to the borrower\nOrders appraisals\nLocks in interest rates\n

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all western mortgage

All Western Mortgage

The Mortgage Loan Process and Roles of Various Parties Involved


Most would-be homeowners dread the cumbersome mortgage loan process that is necessary for realizing their dream of buying a home. But, the mortgage loan process doesn’t necessarily need to be difficult. As soon as you fill All Western Mortgage’s short mortgage application form, our Loan Originator will work closely with you till the time of closing of your loan.

here is a summary of the loan process to give you an idea of what to expect


  • Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Underwriter
  • Processor
  • Appraisal Reviewer
  • Closer
  • Closing Agent

Here is a summary of the loan process to give you an idea of what to expect.



Fill out the short mortgage application (unless your agent advice you to fill the complete form)

Contact Loan Originator

Initial documentation (bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns etc.)

Homeowner’s insurance

Signing of final loan documents given by the Closing Agent

Provide mortgage closing funds

mortgage loan originator

Mortgage Loan Originator

Informs about various mortgage options to the borrower

Quotes interest rates and fees corresponding to the mortgage options

Assists in completing the application forms

Requests for documents necessary to complete the formalities

Provides estimates of loans and other disclosures to the borrower

Orders appraisals

Locks in interest rates



An underwriter’s primary role is to review the documents submitted by the borrower and establish his/her credit worthiness

Issuing final loan decision



A processor confirms the terms and conditions of the loan with the borrower

Collects all the additional documents

Re-submits the file after collecting all the additional documents to the underwriter for approval

appraisal reviewer

Appraisal Reviewer

Reviews the value of the property for appraisal

Issues the appraisals to the borrower



Prepares closing document package

Sends the package to the closing agent

Wires loan funds

closing agent

Closing Agent

Schedules the closing of mortgage

Informs the borrower about the funds that are required for closing the loan

Informs and presents the borrower with the final documents that need to be signed for closing

Witnesses the sign of the borrower on all necessary documents

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All Western Mortgage

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