Most precious blood angola in the beginning
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Most Precious Blood, Angola In the Beginning… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Most Precious Blood, Angola In the Beginning…. An Adventure in Change Management & Communication. Where we began…. Loss of parish school in 2007 Search for new parish identity Basic, no-frills Sunday morning K-11 program Seeds of a youth ministry program No intergenerational catechesis

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Most precious blood angola in the beginning

Most Precious Blood, AngolaIn the Beginning…

An Adventure in

Change Management

& Communication

Where we began
Where we began…

  • Loss of parish school in 2007

  • Search for new parish identity

  • Basic, no-frills Sunday morning K-11 program

  • Seeds of a youth ministry program

  • No intergenerational catechesis

  • Few basic faith-sharing opportunities

How we began
How we began…

  • We did a parish survey

  • We facilitated short retreat for Eucharistic Ministers (excitement & great feedback)

  • We facilitated a short retreat for Lectors (more interest and more great feedback)

  • We planned an intergenerational summer program

  • You Are the Church and We Need Your Help!!

  • Our Pastor and Parish Council appreciateyour input on the following questions to improve

  • parish life and to build a more responsive and caringcommunity of faith.

  • Please circle your responses; your comments are welcome.

  • Where do you see your spiritual life in relation to this parish? (Circle the letter next to your response)

    • I attend weekly Mass and Holy Days of obligation

    • I attend weekly Mass and I am involved in parish ministries and activities

    • I attend weekly Mass (or more) and want to be more involved or learn more

    • Mass, Religious Ed. for the children, and monthly Parish events are fine for me

    • Less frequent Mass and occasional parish events work for me at the moment

    • Other (please comment)_____________________________________________

  • Are you interested in learning more about your Catholic faith? Y N

  • Circle your preferences: Small discussion group Speaker/Seminar Series of classes Online Take-home Resources (books, DVDs, MP3s, etc)

  • Circle Preferred days:  M T W Th F S Sun Preferred times: Morning Afternoon Evening

  • I would like to learn more about (circle all that apply) The Bible Prayer Mass Catholic Teaching Annulments Parish Organizations Liturgical Ministries Christian Environmental Concerns Youth Ministry Other____________________

  • I would invite a friend or relative to come with me: Y N

  • What other services could this parish provide for:    You/your family?__________________

  • Our community?______________________________________________________

  • Optional: Name _________________________ Phone#___________ Email__________________

At the
at the …

We danced…we sang…

Vacation Bible School

Went to synagogue school then back to the marketplace for more
Went to synagogue school, then back to the marketplace for more

And we played for five days and nights
And we played for five days and nights!

  • We had dreidel games – the gambling was fierce!

  • We played games that Jesus may have played

  • Every day, someone made a scene at the well

  • We made new friends and ended as one big family

And in the fall
And in the Fall…

  • We recruited and commissioned catechists

  • We expanded parish breakfasts

  • The Upper Elementary group presented a parish Saints Chapel quiz as the November breakfast activity. “Who are the saints in the chapel?”

We offered opportunities for sharing our faith
Weoffered opportunities for sharing our faith…

  • A retreat for catechists and Formation Team members

  • A retreat for Rosary-Altar Society

  • A Lenten retreat for the whole parish

  • A Sunday morning reflection group

    (The first three were well-received, the fourth didn’t really get off the ground…)

We communicated
We communicated…

  • We explored ways to develop our website

  • We improved our Sunday bulletin – more pages, more pictures, informative articles

  • We explained in words and actions

  • We began our weekly Pennysaver ads

  • We realized we need some better signage

    (that’s coming soon!!)

We changed our approach to faith formation for youth
We changed our approach to faith formation for youth

  • We combined the high school students into one group

  • We weren’t afraid to get messy

  • We partied while collecting for charities

  • We feed body, mind and spirit

We began youth young adult outreach
We began youth/young adult outreach

  • Youth dances

  • Thursday night open gym (weekly)

  • Monthly “Sunday Youth Mass”

  • 30 Hour famine (Ecumenical)

  • Youth Convention (a first for us!)

  • “Secret Service” opportunities

  • Doubled our numbers

We sustained what we already had
We sustained what we already had

  • LRSS participation

    • numbers stable (average 50-60 each season)

    • fed other ministries (RCIA, catechists, et al.)

    • Expanded into soup and study

    • Spun off new groups

      • Sisters in Christ

      • Respect Life ministry

Related developments
Related developments

  • Improved recordkeeping (and new volunteers to help us)

  • Catechist training – more fully-certified

  • Enhanced liturgy

    • More family involvement through Youth Mass

    • Cantor/Psalmist at regular Sunday liturgy

  • New parish registrations every week

  • Feedback from Pennysaver ads

    • (“we never knew MPB was so busy..”)


  • Faith Formation numbers fairly steady

  • Parents invited into Sunday AM sessions

  • Retention at 4th grade improved

  • Children and youth bring friends

  • High school attendance increased

  • Parish breakfast participation

  • May crowning participation intergenerational

New traditions forming
New traditions forming

  • Memorial Day Mass at the cemetery

  • Palm Sunday intergenerational procession

  • Increased ecumenical activities

    • Greater participation Women’s Day of Prayer

    • “Chili Bowl”, youth games, 30-Hour Famine

    • OGN Food Pantry 40-80 families served weekly

      with half of volunteer team now from MPB

  • Increased emphasis on community service

Not everything goes as planned
Not everything goes as planned…

  • Adult session planning fell through (illness)

  • Alternate adult “catechist” didn’t work out

  • Just because they say they want it doesn’t mean they will come…

  • Sometimes you need to step back to get a clearer vision

  • Lack of full-time/adequate staffing

  • Very limited parish resources

    • It’s hard to do more with less

    • Volunteers cannot do everything