2013 14 new york state alternate assessment
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2013-14 New York State Alternate Assessment

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2013-14 New York State Alternate Assessment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2013-14 New York State Alternate Assessment. NYSAA Administration Training for AATNs and SSCs Overview of NEW NYSAA & Materials September 18, 19, 20, and September 25 and 26, 2013 Office of Assessment, Standards and Curriculum. Introduction.

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2013 14 new york state alternate assessment

2013-14 New York State Alternate Assessment

NYSAA Administration Training for AATNs and SSCs

Overview of NEW NYSAA & Materials

September 18, 19, 20, and September 25 and 26, 2013

Office of Assessment, Standards and Curriculum

  • This presentation is intended to provide an overview of materials and highlight changes
  • Department’s expectation is that trainers, teachers and administrators will carefully review
    • 2013-14 NYSAA Administration Manual
    • 2013-14 NYSAA Frameworks, Appendix F
    • DVD training program
    • Guided Practices
note revisions posted
  • NYSAA Sample Datafolio – discrepancy between ELA Ext 1 DSS and VE; ELA Ext 5 DSS and VE
  • Grade 8 Frameworks (pg. 41) – discrepancy in AGLI coding for Standard 4, Key Idea 3 (AT codes were correct)
  • Forms Appendix – Grade 8 Science, AGLI 2 DSS form revised


as we approach the coming year
As we approach the coming year…

Things to keep in mind:

  • This is the next evolution of the alternate assessment
  • NYSAA is a small portion of the overall picture of a student’s knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Administrative requirements have been streamlined
    • Clarified and simplified language and expectations
    • Reduced clerical work
    • Simplified choice components
introduction pages 4 7
Introduction, pages 4-7
  • Information about the why, who and how
  • Overview of the new NYSAA test design
    • Essence
    • Extensions, five for ELA and mathematics
    • Level of Complexity

NOTE: May impact student’s overall score

    • Baseline and final data points
  • Similarities and Differences for NYSAA
introduction pages 4 7 continued
Introduction, pages 4-7 (continued)
  • Age Ranges for the 2013-14 NYSAA, updated birth date chart…page 6
  • NEW: Mandatory Reporting of Testing Improprieties by Adults, Office of Test Security…page 7
  • NYSAA materials…page 7
  • Support and RLT Contact information…page 7
sidebar rlt rules of engagement
SIDEBAR: RLT Rules of Engagement
  • RLT role is to support training, collegial review and provide technical support for NYSAA
    • Objective is to build capacity within regions
  • Emphasis on TURN-KEY training
  • Each RLT assigned specific number of days to cover the region
    • must make the most effective use of those days
    • May offer other options or resources
eligibility and participation criteria page 8
Eligibility and Participation Criteria, page 8
  • Definition of Student with a Severe Disability
  • NYSAA Eligibility
  • Participation Criteria

(No Changes)

steps for completing nysaa datafolio new
Steps for Completing NYSAA Datafolio *NEW*
  • NEW Steps Chart…page 9
    • Encourage use of Measured Progress ProFile™ program
    • Recommend more than one Collegial Review
    • Timeline references are provided with steps
    • Details for preparing and administering NYSAA are provided on pages 10-31
section one administering nysaa
Section One: Administering NYSAA
  • Now assess each of five standards in both ELA and mathematics; each of two standards in science and social studies…Step 2, page 10
  • Assessment Tasks provided in Frameworks are required…page 11
  • Each piece of evidence must demonstrate the task on it’s own, no longer considered “in total”…page 11 and 13

Section One: Administering NYSAA (continued)

  • Notations…page 14
  • Recommendations for digital video and/or audio clips…pages 16-17
  • Data Collection Sheets…page 18
  • Level of Accuracy…page 22
  • Role of independence…page 22
data collection sheets
Data Collection Sheets
  • Require supporting evidence
  • Staff initials are required for each date of data
  • Staff key must be completed
  • Avoid using a single step/time segment DCS when Assessment Task includes plural or AND; unless include detailed notation to confirm requirements of task
data collection sheets1
Data Collection Sheets
  • At least three dates of data must be documented, dates can include
    • Baseline data point + 2 or more dates of instruction = 3
    • 2 or more dates of instruction and final data point = 3
    • Baseline data point + 1 or more dates of instruction + final data point = 3

Section One: Administering NYSAA (continued)

  • Verbal and Physical prompts…page 22
  • Content or Construct support…page 23
  • Baseline data point administration…page 21
  • Baseline threshold, Level of Accuracy score must be 74% or below…page24

Section One: Administering NYSAA (continued)

  • Verifying Evidence documentation…page 25
  • Three required elements must be documented on each piece of verifying or supporting evidence…page 25
  • Verifying Evidence labels…page 26 (form in Appendix D)

Section One: Administering NYSAA (continued)

  • Assembling datafolio information…page 27
  • Collegial Review…page 28
  • Checklist…page 28 (form in Appendix E)
  • Heading to scoring…page 29
    • End of data collection: February 7, 2014
    • Datafolios to district residence: February 14, 2014
    • Datafolios to SSC: February 21, 2014
  • NYSAA Teacher Survey…page 29
nysaa timeline for 2013 14
NYSAA Timeline for 2013-14

NYSAA Administration Period Begins

September 30, 2013

NYSAA Administration Period Ends

February 7, 2014

Instruct & Evaluate Progress between Baseline and Final Data Point


Data Point

no later than February 7, 2014


Data Point

September 30 to Mid-November

Should be 15 or more school days between


Section Two: Scoring Criteria

NYSAA Scoring Rubric,

page 32

alignment to grade level content
Alignment to Grade-Level Content

Verifying Evidence Aligned to Assessment Task

Assessment Task Aligned to Extension or AGLI

Rubric, Part II

Extension or AGLI from Grade

Rubric, Part I


Section Three: Effective Practices

  • When referring to students use positive terms, respect student privacy
  • All work and documentation must be authentic
  • Standards-based instructional activities and materials
  • Avoid wholesale administration practices
  • Collegial Review
  • Wide range of instruction and opportunities


  • Appendix A: Measured Progress ProFile™
  • Appendix B: Sample Datafolio
  • Appendix C: Glossary NYSAA terms
  • Appendix D: Forms
  • Appendix E: Checklists
  • Appendix F: Frameworks
  • Last section in spiral: NYSAA DVD Training slides handout
frameworks document
Frameworks Document
  • Frameworks Introduction
  • NYSAA Test Blueprints for each content area
  • Section for each grade
  • Content Glossaries
agli pages revised
  • Simplified language
  • Reduced AGLI choices
  • AGLI coding mirrors ELA and mathematics
assessment tasks revised
Assessment Tasks - REVISED
  • Simplified language
  • Connect to AGLI using 5-digit codes
  • Assessment Tasks must be used as written
  • “POSSIBLE Datafolio Products and Verifying Evidence Assessment Strategies” remain
notes cautions from scoring that still apply
Notes & Cautions from Scoring, that still apply
  • Use the vocabulary from the Assessment Task on the evidence
  • Connection of VE to Task biggest issue in scoring
  • Do not demonstrate an Assessment Task which contains an AND or plural as a single step/time segment on a DCS