2013 14 new york state alternate assessment
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2013-14 New York State Alternate Assessment. NYSAA Administration Training for AATNs and SSCs Overview of NEW NYSAA & Materials September 18, 19, 20, and September 25 and 26, 2013 Office of Assessment, Standards and Curriculum. Introduction.

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2013 14 new york state alternate assessment

2013-14 New York State Alternate Assessment

NYSAA Administration Training for AATNs and SSCs

Overview of NEW NYSAA & Materials

September 18, 19, 20, and September 25 and 26, 2013

Office of Assessment, Standards and Curriculum


  • This presentation is intended to provide an overview of materials and highlight changes

  • Department’s expectation is that trainers, teachers and administrators will carefully review

    • 2013-14 NYSAA Administration Manual

    • 2013-14 NYSAA Frameworks, Appendix F

    • DVD training program

    • Guided Practices

Note revisions posted

  • NYSAA Sample Datafolio – discrepancy between ELA Ext 1 DSS and VE; ELA Ext 5 DSS and VE

  • Grade 8 Frameworks (pg. 41) – discrepancy in AGLI coding for Standard 4, Key Idea 3 (AT codes were correct)

  • Forms Appendix – Grade 8 Science, AGLI 2 DSS form revised


As we approach the coming year
As we approach the coming year…

Things to keep in mind:

  • This is the next evolution of the alternate assessment

  • NYSAA is a small portion of the overall picture of a student’s knowledge, skills and understanding

  • Administrative requirements have been streamlined

    • Clarified and simplified language and expectations

    • Reduced clerical work

    • Simplified choice components

Introduction pages 4 7
Introduction, pages 4-7

  • Information about the why, who and how

  • Overview of the new NYSAA test design

    • Essence

    • Extensions, five for ELA and mathematics

    • Level of Complexity

      NOTE: May impact student’s overall score

    • Baseline and final data points

  • Similarities and Differences for NYSAA

Introduction pages 4 7 continued
Introduction, pages 4-7 (continued)

  • Age Ranges for the 2013-14 NYSAA, updated birth date chart…page 6

  • NEW: Mandatory Reporting of Testing Improprieties by Adults, Office of Test Security…page 7

  • NYSAA materials…page 7

  • Support and RLT Contact information…page 7

Sidebar rlt rules of engagement
SIDEBAR: RLT Rules of Engagement

  • RLT role is to support training, collegial review and provide technical support for NYSAA

    • Objective is to build capacity within regions

  • Emphasis on TURN-KEY training

  • Each RLT assigned specific number of days to cover the region

    • must make the most effective use of those days

    • May offer other options or resources

Eligibility and participation criteria page 8
Eligibility and Participation Criteria, page 8

  • Definition of Student with a Severe Disability

  • NYSAA Eligibility

  • Participation Criteria

    (No Changes)

Steps for completing nysaa datafolio new
Steps for Completing NYSAA Datafolio *NEW*

  • NEW Steps Chart…page 9

    • Encourage use of Measured Progress ProFile™ program

    • Recommend more than one Collegial Review

    • Timeline references are provided with steps

    • Details for preparing and administering NYSAA are provided on pages 10-31

Section one administering nysaa
Section One: Administering NYSAA

  • Now assess each of five standards in both ELA and mathematics; each of two standards in science and social studies…Step 2, page 10

  • Assessment Tasks provided in Frameworks are required…page 11

  • Each piece of evidence must demonstrate the task on it’s own, no longer considered “in total”…page 11 and 13

Section One: Administering NYSAA (continued)

  • Notations…page 14

  • Recommendations for digital video and/or audio clips…pages 16-17

  • Data Collection Sheets…page 18

  • Level of Accuracy…page 22

  • Role of independence…page 22

Data collection sheets
Data Collection Sheets

  • Require supporting evidence

  • Staff initials are required for each date of data

  • Staff key must be completed

  • Avoid using a single step/time segment DCS when Assessment Task includes plural or AND; unless include detailed notation to confirm requirements of task

Data collection sheets1
Data Collection Sheets

  • At least three dates of data must be documented, dates can include

    • Baseline data point + 2 or more dates of instruction = 3

    • 2 or more dates of instruction and final data point = 3

    • Baseline data point + 1 or more dates of instruction + final data point = 3

Section One: Administering NYSAA (continued)

  • Verbal and Physical prompts…page 22

  • Content or Construct support…page 23

  • Baseline data point administration…page 21

  • Baseline threshold, Level of Accuracy score must be 74% or below…page24

Section One: Administering NYSAA (continued) Administrative Error

  • Verifying Evidence documentation…page 25

  • Three required elements must be documented on each piece of verifying or supporting evidence…page 25

  • Verifying Evidence labels…page 26 (form in Appendix D)

Section One: Administering NYSAA (continued) Administrative Error

  • Assembling datafolio information…page 27

  • Collegial Review…page 28

  • Checklist…page 28 (form in Appendix E)

  • Heading to scoring…page 29

    • End of data collection: February 7, 2014

    • Datafolios to district residence: February 14, 2014

    • Datafolios to SSC: February 21, 2014

  • NYSAA Teacher Survey…page 29

Nysaa timeline for 2013 14
NYSAA Timeline for 2013-14 Administrative Error

NYSAA Administration Period Begins

September 30, 2013

NYSAA Administration Period Ends

February 7, 2014

Instruct & Evaluate Progress between Baseline and Final Data Point


Data Point

no later than February 7, 2014


Data Point

September 30 to Mid-November

Should be 15 or more school days between

Section Two: Scoring Criteria Administrative Error

NYSAA Scoring Rubric,

page 32

Alignment to grade level content
Alignment to Grade-Level Content Administrative Error

Verifying Evidence Aligned to Assessment Task

Assessment Task Aligned to Extension or AGLI

Rubric, Part II

Extension or AGLI from Grade

Rubric, Part I

Section Three: Effective Practices Administrative Error

  • When referring to students use positive terms, respect student privacy

  • All work and documentation must be authentic

  • Standards-based instructional activities and materials

  • Avoid wholesale administration practices

  • Collegial Review

  • Wide range of instruction and opportunities

Appendices Administrative Error

  • Appendix A: Measured Progress ProFile™

  • Appendix B: Sample Datafolio

  • Appendix C: Glossary NYSAA terms

  • Appendix D: Forms

  • Appendix E: Checklists

  • Appendix F: Frameworks

  • Last section in spiral: NYSAA DVD Training slides handout

Appendix f frameworks

Appendix F, Frameworks Administrative Error

Frameworks document
Frameworks Document Administrative Error

  • Frameworks Introduction

  • NYSAA Test Blueprints for each content area

  • Section for each grade

  • Content Glossaries

Frameworks to frameworks
Frameworks to Frameworks Administrative Error

Extensions and assessment tasks
Extensions and Assessment Tasks Administrative Error

Cdos information
CDOS Information Administrative Error

Science and social studies
Science and Social Studies Administrative Error

Agli pages revised
AGLI Pages – REVISED Administrative Error

  • Simplified language

  • Reduced AGLI choices

  • AGLI coding mirrors ELA and mathematics

Assessment tasks revised
Assessment Tasks - REVISED Administrative Error

  • Simplified language

  • Connect to AGLI using 5-digit codes

  • Assessment Tasks must be used as written

  • “POSSIBLE Datafolio Products and Verifying Evidence Assessment Strategies” remain

Notes cautions from scoring that still apply
Notes & Cautions from Scoring, that still apply Administrative Error

  • Use the vocabulary from the Assessment Task on the evidence

  • Connection of VE to Task biggest issue in scoring

  • Do not demonstrate an Assessment Task which contains an AND or plural as a single step/time segment on a DCS