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Finance Forum. 30 November 2011. Welcome. Peter Shipp. Green Funds (Carbon Fund & Green Loan) Making the most of Green Funds. Wayne Ford Associate Director – Facilities Planning Facilities and Services Divisions. Environmental Management Plan Targets.

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Finance Forum

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Finance forum

Finance Forum

30 November 2011



Peter Shipp

Green funds carbon fund green loan making the most of green funds

Green Funds (Carbon Fund & Green Loan)Making the most of Green Funds

Wayne Ford

Associate Director – Facilities Planning

Facilities and Services Divisions

Environmental management plan targets

Environmental Management Plan Targets

Reduce energy and neutralise greenhouse gas emissions :

10% by 2010

15% by 2012

20% by 2015

35% by 2020

Reduce total water use ;

30% by 2015 50% by 2020

Remove potable water from landscape irrigation :

50% by 2012 100% by 2015

Reduce material waste by ;

Reducing waste to landfill 40% by 2015 and 70% by 2020

Finance forum

  • Financial Challenges - Electricity

Projected Electricity Costs

  • Without implementing mitigating strategies, annual costs of electricity will increase from $8.5m to over $23m by 2020; a material impost to operating budget.

Annual cost of electricity will increase almost 2.8× by 2020

Finance forum

  • Financial Challenges - Gas

  • Projected Gas Costs

    • Based on commodity price forecast from 2008 White Paper

    • Gas price will also increase, however at a lower rate than that of grid supplied electricity

Annual cost of natural gas will double over the next decade

Challenge of growth

Challenge of growth

Green fund challenge

Invest wisely to achieve substantial energy savings, or face cost increases of up to $17m per year by 2020

While continuing to deliver world-class research and teaching facilities




  • Green funds – Carbon Reduction Fund and the Green Loan Fund.

    • Strategic investment in ANU infrastructure, more than external off-sets

  • Backed up by all-of ANU engagement in sustainability practices

Finance forum

Differentiating the funds

Types of projects

Types of projects

Upgrading insulation

Shading or double-glazing

Harvesting green energy

Improving efficiency

Using recycled water

Saving water

Application process

Application Process

  • Application form

    • Available at

    • Applications welcome any time

      • Assessment of large projects staged to ensure competitive process

  • Assistance available


    • F&S Sustainability Office

  • Approval

    • College Manager/Director

Assessment criteria

Assessment Criteria

  • Benefit to whole-of-ANU

  • Fair attribution

  • Outcome certainty

  • Communications outcomes

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Congruence with ANU 2020

Decision process

Decision Process

  • Green Fund Management Board

    • Chaired by Director F&S;

    • Representation from F&BS & Colleges (Law, Asia Pacific) & one position unfilled;

    • Review and approve applications for both funds

  • Assessment

    • Assessment by Sustainability Office

    • Final decision by the Board



Finance forum

Application form in full

Finance refresh upgrade program

Finance Refresh Upgrade Program

Peter Rietdyk

Fmis refresh program phase 1 april 2011 june 2012

FMIS Refresh Program Phase 1 (April 2011- June 2012)

  • Application & Infrastructure Upgrade

  • TM1 Budgeting Stage 1 (formerly iMIS Planning)

  • Purchase 2 Payment (P2P) process review

  • Reporting Structures Review

  • Receipting Upgrade

  • OCR rollout

Application upgrade

Application upgrade

  • Peoplesoft upgrade from v8.8 to v9.1

  • Previously released in 2003 (v8.8)

  • New version will include access to support, updates, patches & security fixes

  • Current progress: Analysis, Design, Build, Test, Implement, Close Down

  • Status: Green

Tm1 budgeting stage 1

TM1 Budgeting Stage 1

  • Management and analytic tool that will leverage IBM TM1 product

  • Stage 1 delivered expense budgeting functionality

  • Current progress: Stage 1 delivered

  • Current progress: Post delivery clean-up

Purchase 2 pay p2p

Purchase 2 Pay (P2P)

  • Review purchase to payment for ANU transactions

  • Aligned with Peoplesoft v9.1 functionality

  • Current progress: On hold until February

Receipting upgrade

Receipting Upgrade

  • Upgrade of OneStop product for receipting and cashiering. Processing online payments

  • Reporting via Peoplesoft, web functionality, .net, improved conferencing and portal access

  • Current progress: Deferred to July 2012

  • Developing interim conference reporting functionality. Looking for skilled resource

Reporting structures review

Reporting Structures Review

  • Review possible changes Chart of Accounts/General Ledger (GL) interface

  • Backend of TM1 Budgeting

  • Current progress: No started

Optical character recognition ocr

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Software to enable OCR supplier invoices & automation of Accounts Payable (AP) processing.

  • Current progress: Pilot, Analysis, Design, Build, Test, Implement, Close Down.

  • Status: Not started

Communication structures

Communication structures

  • Current structures: Status Reporting, meetings, management (escalation) structures.

  • Comms forum outcomes



Ledger integrity and to capitalise or not to capitalise

Ledger Integrity and“To capitalise or not to capitalise….”

Melissa Abberton and Linda Puah

Statutory management reporting

Ledger Integrity

Statutory & Management Reporting

Processing vouchers

Ledger Integrity

Processing Vouchers……

5836 = Temp Agency Fees

Finance forum

Ledger Integrity

Description = Agency Fees

5836 = Temp Agency Fees

Finance forum

Ledger Integrity


Site Services-Electricity

Finance forum

Ledger Integrity

Further investigation revealed that this is expense was for a consultancy!

Levy for What?


Site Services-Electricity

And its not just on the expense side

Ledger Integrity

And its not just on the Expense Side…..

What publication & how many?

The natural account tells you this much…….

9325 = Sales – Publications and Print

And how to the journal

Ledger Integrity

And how to the journal………

8984 =

IntSales-Infrast/Indirect Costs

What exactly is being transferred?

Finance forum

Ledger Integrity

The long description for this journal is “Transfer expenditure to ensure costs are within budget guidelines from ANSTO”. Apart from being vague on which costs and for what, this is unlikely to hold up in audit?

Whose airfare costs and to where and when?

So why is it important

Ledger Integrity








Some key messages

Ledger Integrity


  • Make the description countWHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHY

  • You don’t need to repeat the name of the natural account in your descriptionIT TAKES UP VALUABLE SPACE

  • If expensing equipment purchases always indicate the number of pieces purchased

    and finally………………….

Some key messages1

Ledger Integrity



Which is why……



Statutory management reporting1

To Capitalise or Not to Capitalise……

Literally a Million Dollar Question.

Statutory & Management Reporting

Capitalisation principles

Capitalisation Principles

What is Capitalisation?


The general anu principles

The General ANU Principles:


If a piece of PPE is < $5,000 expense


Capitalise all new buildings


If it costs< $20,000 expense

So what would you do with this

So what would you do with this………

An irrigation system at one of the University’s remote sites had broken down and was replaced.




  • What is the cost?

  • What was it replaced with?

Capitalisation of buildings

Capitalisation of Buildings

All new Buildings

Capital improvements e.g. air conditioning, fire control

Refurbishment/Rehabilitation which extends useful life of the building

So What to Capitalise?


And what does a piece of equipment mean

And what does a “piece” of equipment mean…..

An audio and DVC conferencing system was purchased and installed in one of the University’s buildings. There were a number of components ranging in price form $300 to $8,500




  • Do the pieces of equipment operate independently of each other?

Capitalisation of equipment

Capitalisation of Equipment

NO: normal repairs and maintenance

What to Capitalise?

  • YES: Upgrade which prolongs useful life of asset

  • YES: New component which enhances functionality of asset


The most important message

The Most Important Message……..



Please contact F&BS by emailing a detailed query to

Special purpose funds

Special Purpose Funds

Lorraine Piper and Amanda Walker



  • 2011 sessions offered covered following topics:


    ARC/NHMRC end of year reporting

    Joint Research/Finance Admin training

    Funds Provider Statements instructions available on SPF website

  • Details can be found at SPF website:

2011 end of year reports

2011 End-of-Year Reports

Timetable for distribution of ARC/NHMRC statements

  • Externally-led statements – late Jan-early Feb (need to be received by external institutions by 29 Feb 2012)

  • Centres of Excellence – due to need for consolidation of multiple statements – early Feb

  • Balance of ARC/NHMRC statements – early to late Feb

Eligible expenditure



    Link on SPF website will go through to NHMRC website

  • Special attention needs to be given to 2011 statements for expenditure on travel, conference, subscriptions, equipment, hospitality/catering, memberships & administration costs

  • Unless requested in the budget/revised budget, costs will need to be removed from the project and funded from another source

Eligible expenditure1


  • ARC

  • Special attention needs to be given to 2011 statements for expenditure on travel, conference, subscriptions, equipment, hospitality/catering, memberships & administration costs

Eligible expenditure2


  • ARC continued

  • ANU is to provide basic facilities including, but not limited to:

    • Office accommodation

    • Workshop services

    • Standard reference materials

    • Computers (including laptops) and computing facilities

    • Office expenditure including photocopiers, phones, mail, internet services

Eligible expenditure3


  • ARC

  • Ineligible expenditure is identified in the Funding Rules & Funding Agreement for the specific scheme and the year of award

  • Available on the ARC website

  • Documentation on salary shortfall calculations is currently being prepared on should be available on the SPF website prior to 2011 End-of-Year reports being distributed

Eligible expenditure4


  • Non ARC/NHMRC funded projects

    • Eligible expenditure will be determined by the contractual requirements of any given project

    • Projects that have been awarded under the Competitive Grants Scheme list will frequently have Funding Guidelines associated with them. They form a part of the contractual requirement for that project.

A 133 audit


  • Compliance & financial audit of US Govt grants where ANU has spent $US 500K during the financial reporting year (2011)

  • Will require identification of relevant grants including those subcontracted through other institutions – prepared at University level

  • Samples tested will be taken across the University

A 133 audit1


  • To be conducted independently by qualified audit firm

  • Need to ensure that only eligible expenditure has been charged to the projects

  • Need to ensure that the contractual requirement to remit interest earnings to the US has been met

A 133 audit2


  • Need to ensure compliance with the funding body’s guidelines e.g. time sheets, use of US airlines for international travel, reporting requirements

  • US govt grant note will still be included in the ANU’s final accounts

  • Anticipated that the audit will take place during the first quarter of 2012

Q fund statements

Q Fund Statements

  • Research Office & SPF working towards integration of ARIES & ESP data for statistical purposes

  • Aim is for a one to one relationship between ARIES ID & GLC

  • Many older ARIES projects have been recorded in Discretionary Q funds as subprojects

Q fund statements1

Q Fund Statements

  • Current project being undertaken to close as many as possible ARIES records with project end dates prior to 1 April 2011

  • REMINDER: Costs related to contract-based Q funds should be reflected in those projects (including relevant salary costs). Once all costs have been applied to the project any balance (profit) should be moved so the project can be closed.

Q fund statements2

Q Fund Statements

  • Contract-based Q Funds SHOULD NOT be used for discretionary expenditure

  • Review of Q funds with old end dates on ARIES will be an annual process for SPF

  • Activity should assist Colleges in identifying their true discretionary funds for the annual budget process

Finance forum



2011 annual financial statements zachary ong

2011 Annual Financial StatementsZachary Ong

Systems and processing timetable

Systems and Processing Timetable

2 DAYS TO GO! (roughly)

Systems and processing timetable cont d

Systems and Processing Timetable (Cont’d)

Systems and processing timetable cont d1

Systems and Processing Timetable (Cont’d)


- Well, not just yet!

3.5 Days!

Other items

Other Items

  • Encumbrances

  • Completeness of AFS Packs

  • Supporting Documentation

  • Review…



2012 recurrent budget setting melissa abberton and mark baker

2012 Recurrent Budget SettingMelissa Abberton and Mark Baker

2012 budget timetable

2012 Budget Timetable

Similar to previous years

  • Performance data provided to ANU Colleges - September

  • Initial meetings with College Deans - October

  • Plenary meeting with College Deans - 24 November

  • Finance Committee – 25 November

  • Council – 2 December

  • Draft budget allocations advised mid-December

  • Final advice to Colleges by 13 January 2012

2012 budget context

2012 Budget Context

  • Started to align $ incentives (funding drivers) with ANU by 2020

  • Change in (some) allocation treatments – off-the-top amounts

  • Approval now required to spend down on R-ledger cash balances

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2012 budget process

2012 Budget Process

  • Achievement of individual ANU College Plans

  • Performance data – academic activity, by individual, including U/g and P/g teaching loads, PhD supervision load and completion rates, service, publications, HERDC income

  • Completion rates for Staff Statement of Expectations

  • Staff renewal plans

  • Manage sub-optimal performance

New for 2012

New for 2012

  • Higher Education Indexation Factor allocated at 2.89%

  • HECS/CGS funded target includes a 3% increase over 2011 actuals

  • DTF/ISF income projected at (3.4% load 5% fee) $134 million

  • RTS Low-Cost HDR funded at $21,000 & High-Cost at $33,664

  • Off-the-top Deductions – Q94 + music + library + languages + IT infrastructure

  • Move from per EFTSL charge to flat rate overhead recovery for ISF and DTF

  • 5% of National Institutes Grant allocated on performance (to increase in subsequent years)

2012 projected income draft

2012 Projected Income (DRAFT)

2012 draft allocations

2012 Draft Allocations

2012 draft allocations1

2012 Draft Allocations

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2012 operating allocations

2012 Operating Allocations

The next steps

The Next Steps

  • Seek Council approval of Draft 2012 Recurrent Budget, 2 Dec 2011

  • OVC & F&BS site visits to discuss 2012 budget changes

  • Draft 2012 income allocations advised mid-December

  • Final advice to ANU Colleges by 13 January 2012

New budget advice sheet presentation

New budget advice sheet presentation

New budget advice sheet presentation1

New budget advice sheet presentation

F bs survey

F&BS Survey

  • All finance staff are encouraged to complete this survey.

Questions issues


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