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MDDA. Presentation to Parliament Portfolio Committee on Communications 15 June 2004. Mandate. The MDDA should: “…(C)reate an enabling environment for media development and diversity … which reflects the needs and aspirations of all South Africans

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Presentation to Parliament Portfolio Committee on Communications

15 June 2004


The MDDA should:

  • “…(C)reate an enabling environment for media development and diversity … which reflects the needs and aspirations of all South Africans

  • “ Redress exclusion and marginalisation of disadvantaged communities and persons from access to the media and the media industry;

  • “Promote media development and diversity by providing support primarily to community and small commercial media projects…”

    (Preamble MDDA Act)

The mdda team
The MDDA Team

  • Kanyi Mkonza – Chairperson

  • Tony Trew – Board member

  • Libby Lloyd – CEO

  • Annand Chaytoo – Finance Manager

Vision and mission
Vision and Mission


Each and every South African citizen should have access to a choice of a diverse range of media


The MDDA is a development agency that will assist in building an environment where a diverse, vibrant and creative media flourishes and reflects the needs of all South Africans

Vision and mission1
Vision and Mission


  • Grants

  • Leveraging resources and support

  • Conducting and funding research

  • Facilitating capacity building

  • Advocating for media diversity and development


  • Historically disadvantaged groups

  • Historically diminished language and cultural groups

  • Inadequately served communities

Short history
Short History

  • December 2002 Board appointed

  • January 2003 First Board meeting

  • March 2003 KPMG/UXOLO appointed as project managers

  • July 2003 draft regulations published

  • August 2004 CEO appointed

  • November 2003 first call for applications

  • December 2003 Strategic plan adopted

  • January 2004 first decisions on applications

  • April 2004 second round of decisions on applications

Mdda act

  • Board must prescribe detailed selection criteria for community media, small commercial media and research projects

  • Board must prescribe percentages of grant funds to be used for community media, small commercial media, research

  • Board must prescribe the percentage of funds to be used for administration costs

Key principle of regulations
Key Principle of Regulations

  • Regulations should stand the test of time

  • Regulations should not be time bound but broad enough to address changing needs over the next few years.

  • Regulations should encourage sustainability rather than dependency

  • Regulations must ensure good corporate governance by media projects

  • Regulations should be simple to understand and apply

Key research findings
Key Research Findings

  • Rural areas don’t have diversity. Major cities do.

  • Women, elderly, people with disabilities underserved

  • Print 2/3 small commercial

  • Radio 91% community

  • Media predominantly in English

  • Electronic media faces lack of management skills, difficulties in attracting advertising, content not developmental.

  • The print sector faces similar but also difficulties in distribution, high printing costs and verifying circulation

Funding principles
Funding Principles

  • MDDA will be both reactive (respond to applications) and proactive (initiate projects)

  • The MDDA shall actively encourage collaboration between different media groups and with other community entities

Funding principles cont
Funding Principles cont…

  • The MDDA will prioritise support for media in rural areas and/or for audiences not adequately served by other media.

  • The MDDA will where possible prioritise the concept of matching grants

  • The MDDA will encourage gender equity and the participation of all sectors of a community in media – including women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

We will fund
We will fund

  • Core running costs and once off projects for community media projects

  • Once off projects/investments aimed at increasing sustainability of small commercial projects

  • Training and Capacity Building for media projects

  • Research aimed at promoting media development and diversity

We won t fund
We won’t fund

  • Projects controlled by government, political parties or entities which are funding the MDDA.

  • Specific needs that are already adequately met by other donors.

  • New media projects in metropolitan areas of Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town unless they cater for inadequately served audiences.

  • Unlicensed radio or television stations though seed funding may be made available.

  • Conferences and attendance at these.

  • Media earmarked for a foreign audience.

Disbursing grants
Disbursing Grants

  • First Call November 2003

  • Decisions January 2004

  • Decisions April 2004

Different projects supported
Different projects supported

  • 11 Community radio projects

  • 4 community print projects

  • No small commercial electronic projects

  • 4 small commercial print projects

    Total 19 projects R3.6m

Community radio partners
Community Radio Partners

  • Moletjie Community Radio - to build a studio - outside Polokwane

  • Moutse Community Radio (Dennilton), Takalani Community Radio (Eastern Cape), Radio Unique (Eastern Cape), Barberton community radio - Mentoring

  • Radio Mams in Mamelodi and Khathorus Community Radio for running costs

Community radio partners cont
Community Radio partners cont

  • Radio Teemaneng in Kimberley for lightning conductor

  • Radio Vukani Cala Eastern Cape running costs and infrastructure

  • Workers World Production - training on production of labour slots

  • National Community Radio Forum research into establishment of ad agency, convergence, and cheaper signal distribution

Community print partners
Community Print Partners

  • High School Media Project- Just Jy - Cape Town training of students over a year

  • Agenda Feminist Media Project - production of one edition a year for three years and upgrade of computer equipment

  • Amazwi Writers - Hluhluwe KZN - seed funding to establish writers training group and newsletter

  • Nkomazi- the Voice - emergency funding for six months production whilst develop sustainability plan

Small commercial print partners
Small Commercial Print Partners

  • Leseding News - Rustenburg and NW - training and computers

  • Free State News - training and equipment

  • Big News - national magazine for SMME’s - research

  • Genuine Magazine - KZN family magazine - for strategic planning

Other activities 2003
Other activities 2003

  • Still finalising funding agreements with partners

  • Marketing workshops

  • Successful intervention with SARS to save a station

  • Agreement with ICASA

  • Joint actions and research with DoC

Funding 2004 2005
Funding 2004/2005

R7m (government)

Between R9m – R10m print and broadcasting partners

Total R16-R17m

R12m for grants/projects (75%)

Key plans 2004 2005
Key Plans 2004/2005

  • Streamline grant making process

    Disburse funds efficiently

    Procure project tracking system

  • Develop proactive strategies

    Develop plan for audience research

    Explore ways to address distribution, printing, advertising problems

Key plans 2004 2005 cont
Key Plans 2004/2005 cont...

  • Indirect Support

    Marketing workshops with AMF & AMASA

    Explore partnerships for low interest loans

    Revive media funders forum


  • Partnership to encourage critical media thinking amongst school students

  • Develop partnerships to promote reading

  • Draw in skills of funding partners for capacity building

Key plans for 2004 2005
Key Plans for 2004/2005

  • Garner more resources

    - Develop strategy to garner international support

  • Consolidate mentoring plans

    - Develop mentors database

    - Develop mentoring strategy/process

Key plans 2004 20051
Key plans 2004/2005

  • Communicate

    - Keep communicating deadlines for applications through media networks

    - Target communication progressively to under served communities/priority areas through SABC radio, NDA offices, post offices, roadshows

    - Focus on profiling partners


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