Ancient egypt vocabulary
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Ancient Egypt Vocabulary PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ancient Egypt Vocabulary. Menes. King of Upper Egypt who overthrew the king of Lower Egypt and unified Egypt. Unification. The joining of separate parts, such as kingdoms, into one. . Pharaoh.

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Ancient Egypt Vocabulary

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Ancient Egypt Vocabulary


King of Upper Egypt who overthrew the king of Lower Egypt and unified Egypt.


The joining of separate parts, such as kingdoms, into one.


The title used by the rulers of ancient Egypt . At first the word pharaoh meant “where the king lived”, however after time it was known as the title of the king of Egypt. The first pharaoh is Menes.

Old Kingdom

Lasted from 2700B.C. E. to 2200B.C. E. The time when early pharaohs worked to unify Egypt.


Located in Lower Egypt, Menes made this the capital of Egypt.


Is when they preserve a pharaohs’ body then wrapped them in cloth. It was done to preserve the body by embalming and drying.


Pharaoh who built the Great Pyramid in about 2600 BCE. It took about 22 years to build.


Symbols or signs that stand for words or letters


  • Huge stone structure that were built as tombs, or burial places, for the pharaohs.


  • A kind of paper made from papyrus, a reed plant growing along the Nile River, that the ancient Egyptians used for writing.

Rosetta Stone

  • A group of soldiers found this stone near the city of Rosetta in Egypt. It has the same passage carved in three kinds of writing:

  • Demotic (late Egypt)

  • Ancient Greek

  • Hieroglyphics


  • Making Bread

  • The way a country manages money and resources for the production of goods and services.

Label your blank Map

Nile River

Red Sea


Upper Egypt

Lower Egypt

Why did Egyptians preserve the bodies of the dead through mummification?


  • Steep rapids in a river. (very shallow and rocky) Hard for boats to pass through.

6 Cataracts of the Nile River

Label them on your

map, by drawing a


Why did Cataracts make it

hard for Egyptians to

trade from North to South?

Social PyramidTriangle shaped chart that shows the rank of people in a society

TheWhiteNileFlows North from Lake Victoria

The Blue Nile

Flows northeast out of Lake Tana



  • Group of people who go on a trip for a specific reasons/purpose.

  • Travel up and down the Nile River to trade with other cities.

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