Oakwood Place Sexual Assault Referral Centre Essex

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5/16/2012. What is Oakwood Place?. A one-stop facility to provide a comprehensive and coordinated response to all victims of rape and sexual assault in Essex. 5/16/2012. KEY ELEMENTS OF SERVICE DH/HO Revised National Service Guide (2009). 24 hour access to crisis supportAppropriately trained c

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Oakwood Place Sexual Assault Referral Centre Essex

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1. 5/16/2012 Oakwood Place Sexual Assault Referral Centre Essex Liz Plastow, Denise Morrissey, Vanessa Webb, Lindsey Read and Sonia Watts Oakwood Place Partners Essex

2. 5/16/2012 What is Oakwood Place? A one-stop facility to provide a comprehensive and coordinated response to all victims of rape and sexual assault in Essex

3. 5/16/2012 KEY ELEMENTS OF SERVICE – DH/HO Revised National Service Guide (2009) 24 hour access to crisis support Appropriately trained crisis workers to provide immediate support to the victim and significant others Choice of gender (whenever possible) of forensic physician Access to appropriately trained forensic physicians nurses and other practitioners who are experienced in the sexual offences examination of adults and children

4. 5/16/2012 Oakwood Place Dedicated forensic facility with decontamination protocols to ensure forensic integrity Risk assessment of vulnerability; harm; pregnancy; HIV/HEP B Immediate access to PEP/emergency contraception Access to other acute services – mental health; ED Access to follow on support through an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA)

5. 5/16/2012 Oakwood Place Well co-ordinated interagency arrangements including specialist third sector services; safeguarding Agreed care pathways and standards Specialist support for adolescents Access to all irrelevant of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability

6. 5/16/2012 Oakwood Place 30 SARCs nationally DH / HO requirement for one SARC in each Police Force Area by 2012 Catchment area Essex Police Force boundaries Victims living outside of Essex but who are assaulted in Essex access acute services- referred to own area for F/U

7. 5/16/2012 Oakwood Place Opens January 2011 500 + cases Men, women, children Police and self referrals

8. 5/16/2012 Staff team Clinical Director Paediatrician Clinical Co-ordinator Sexual Health Nurse (Adolescent) Administrator ISVA’s Child ISVA Forensic Physicians Crisis Workers Sexual Offence Trained Police Officers

9. The Role Of The SOTO One of the most important roles in the Police Service. Responsible for aspects of victim management from the point of initial report to support through Court Proceedings alongside the ISVA. Responsible for victim care, securing forensic evidence and obtaining detailed evidential account from victim.

10. FACT: The majority of rapes or serious sexual offences are solved because of the investigative skills and abilities of the of the SOTO.

11. Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Support and Advocacy for Male and Female Victims of Sexual Violence.

12. ISVA support Providing support through the Criminal Justice System and beyond. Advocating and helping clients to access their rights. Liaising on behalf of clients with the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service. Helping clients to develop their own support network. Signposting clients on, for long term, specialist support.

13. How we support clients One to one Face to face Telephone Home visits Safe locations Confidential Within and outside of CJS

14. Role of forensic physician Act as agent for the court and gathering medical evidence to assist in the prosecution or defence – should be impartial and objective To provide a therapeutic role and organise medical care to ensure safety and well being of individual Our role is in acute cases (<7days)

15. Usually less than this 2 days in mouth 3 days in the anus 7 days in the vagina 7 days in cervix Remember tooth brush, tampons, pads and knickers, toilet paper 12hrs post digital assault

18. Centre for Action on Rape & Abuse

19. CARA Covers mid and north east Essex Provides support to children, young people and adult women who have experienced sexual violence, either recently or in the past Services include one-to-one counselling, emotional support, advocacy, signposting, awareness-raising There are specialist Child & Family, and Young Persons’ practices

20. CARA CARA will receive referrals for survivors of sexual assault requiring longer-term support We recognise that only a small minority of victims wish to report their assault, certainly in the short-term. SARC will enable victims to get immediate support they need, without pressure to report at that time SARC offers enhanced opportunities for partnership working, particularly between voluntary and statutory agencies

21. Take back control, give choice Treat with respect and sensitivity Debunk Myths & Stereotypes Gather Evidence Support Comprehensive Aftercare

22. 5/16/2012 Contact details Oakwood Place Brentwood Community Hospital Crescent Drive Brentwood Essex CM15 8DR 01277 240620 [email protected] 07951683230

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