By nicole bhumika natasha niharika mark ronak group 6 grade 6 vidya niketan school
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By Nicole , Bhumika, Natasha , Niharika, Mark, Ronak Group 6 Grade 6 Vidya Niketan School PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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INTEGERS. By Nicole , Bhumika, Natasha , Niharika, Mark, Ronak Group 6 Grade 6 Vidya Niketan School.

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By Nicole , Bhumika, Natasha , Niharika, Mark, Ronak Group 6 Grade 6 Vidya Niketan School

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Nicole , Bhumika, Natasha , Niharika, Mark, Ronak

Group 6

Grade 6

Vidya Niketan School

In the 16th century GirolamoCardanon, a famous Italian mathematician and physician, for the first time described negative numbers as fictitious and accepted the possibility of them being the solutions to equations.

He described this in his famous book ‘ArsMagnia’ which was published in 1545.

History of Negative numbers

Rules that exist for performing operations with integers

  • Addition and subtraction rules

    Same sign keep and add

    Different signs, subtract

    Take the sign of the bigger absolute value

    Then you will be exact !

Multiplication and division rules

SPON works !

S = same signs P = positive

O = opposite signs N = negative

Same signs positive , opposite signs negative

Integers in sports

  • Integers are used in many indoor and outdoor games.

    Here is an example:

    Gita is leading by 8 points.

    The board game is coming to an end.

    Rohit asks a question.

    Gita answers it correctly and she gets +1!

While Gita is taking a break, the score keeper catches Rohit cheating.

Rohit gets -1.

In hockey,

Team Fireball scores a goal!

They get +1so Team Dragon gets -1.

Now Team Fireball gets -1 as Team Dragon scores a goal +1.

Integers in weather and distance

  • Weather

    when the temperature is above 0,it is represented by + sign.

    when the temperature is below 0,it is represented by – sign.

Temperature at different places

Directed numbers

Many of the numbers we use represent situations which have directions.

These numbers are called directed numbers.

Once a number is chosen as positive(+), the opposite is chosen as negative(-).

Directed numbers are used in Mathematics, engineering, business , and sciences.

If a directed number is a whole number , it is called an integer.

  •  If 40km due East = +40

    40km due west = -40

    30m above sea level= +30

    30m below sea level= -30

    29m due North= +29

    29m due south= -29


If the budget exceeds a certain amount then it is negative(-).

If costs are within the budget, then it is positive(+).

For example:

  • Katy’s parents have given her a budget of Rs. 50.

  • Katy happily picks many dresses .While she is at the counter she realizes that she had exceeded her budget by Rs.20 represented by (-20) .So she had to return few dresses.

Katy’s shopping experience

Learning Experience

  • We have learnt integers in a very fun and interesting manner.

  • The teacher has taught us to use integers in our day to day life, through many activities .

  • We learnt integers with visuals and through a rhyme, which makes it interesting and easy to use.

  • We wrote down what we wanted to learn and what we learnt and what we know through a KWL chart.









We would like to thank you all for watching our presentation.

We would also like to thank Bhagya ma’am for giving us this opportunity .

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