Clarissa simplified
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Clarissa Simplified. By DSTE. This is the story of a perfect little angel named Clarissa…. And a plotting rake named Lovelace. Clarissa writes letters to her friend the saucepot, and Lovelace writes to his brother rake. His name is Belford, and he has a heart. . Anna.

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Clarissa Simplified

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Clarissa simplified

Clarissa Simplified


This is the story of a perfect little angel named clarissa

This is the story of a perfect little angel named Clarissa…

And a plotting rake named lovelace

And a plotting rake named Lovelace.

Clarissa simplified

Clarissa writes letters to her friend the saucepot, and Lovelace writes to his brother rake. His name is Belford, and he has a heart.


Clarissa simplified

Lovelace stops by to court Clarissa’s sister, but he becomes much more interested in Clarissa. Big Sis won’t admit she wanted Lovelace, but she did. Also, she’s always been jealous because Clarissa’s such a perfect little angel.

Clarissa simplified

Clarissa’s brother, the sword, comes back from Scotland to find Lovelace courting his sister. He’s filled with anger and violence and has an unrelenting need to control people. Also he hates Lovelace.

Clarissa simplified

Lovelace and Clarissa’s brother get into a duel. With swords. Because everyone carried one back then, which was very safe. Clarissa’s brother loses, but Lovelace doesn’t kill him.

Clarissa simplified

For some weird reason, Clarissa’s family is convinced that she will marry Lovelace unless they marry her off to someone else first. Clarissa has refused every previous suitor. She would rather stay single and pure.

This is Clarissa’s father and mother

I’m a bit trodden upon…

I am all powerful! All must obey!

(She’s also got an aunt and a couple of uncles, but they’re not all that important)

Clarissa simplified

Lovelace continues to pursue Clarissa. This makes her family mad. They insist she marry the man they’ve chosen for her. She doesn’t like him. At all.

I only answer his letters to be polite.

I will have her!

Clarissa simplified

You will marry him!

I’d rather not…

Naughty girl! You must obey your father! (Even though this was all my idea)

I can’t marry a man I hate. But I am a good girl, really!

Clarissa simplified

Clarissa’s family punishes her by forbidding her to write letters, even to her bestest friend in the entire world, receive visits, or leave the house.

I can’t even go to church! Isn’t that the most tragic thing you’ve ever heard?

Clarissa simplified

But I’d be miserable forever!

Marry him!

You must obey!

I’m sorry

You love Lovelace, don’t you? Admit it!

20 letters later….

Clarissa simplified

Marry him!

I, Joseph Lemon, servant to Clarissa’s family, will keep the entire family turned against her. Because I believe you completely when you say that it will be the best thing for Clarissa in the end!

Scheme Scheme


Clarissa simplified

And so it continues. On and on and on and on… Volume 1 ends. 30 more letters pass. Lovelace threatens violence to her family if she stops writing to him in secret.

Clarissa simplified

Over a month later…

I will help you escape, Clarissa. You can stay with any of the ladies of my family, and I will only see you if you want me to come! (I’m lying, but you don’t know that)

You will marry him on Wednesday whether you like it or not!

What should I do? I’m so conflicted!

Clarissa simplified

She agrees to meet with Lovelace, but, at the last minute, she decides to tell him she can’t go after all.

It’s wrong to run away from home, no matter what!

Oh, no! Did you hear that? They’re coming! They’re going to catch us together! There will probably be a duel, but I promise that I’ll try not to kill too many of your family members…

Clarissa simplified

And so, frightened out of her wits, Clarissa runs out the gate. And once she’s out the gate, she has no choice but to climb into the carriage with Lovelace.

I’m a terrible, terrible person! Anything that happens now will be all my fault!

And so the real plot gets started five letters into volume 3

And so the REAL plot gets started… Five letters into Volume 3.

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