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Scott Cameron Manager Radiation Protection 2008 International ALARA Symposium

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Scott Cameron Manager Radiation Protection 2008 International ALARA Symposium - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ALARA Performance at OPG. Scott Cameron Manager Radiation Protection 2008 International ALARA Symposium. Overview. Introduction Dose Reduction Initiatives Human Performance Improvements Future Challenges. Dose Reduction Initiatives: Darlington Installation of Submicron Filtration.

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Presentation Transcript

ALARA Performance at

  • OPG

Scott Cameron

Manager Radiation Protection

2008 International ALARA Symposium

  • Introduction
  • Dose Reduction Initiatives
  • Human PerformanceImprovements
  • Future Challenges
dose reduction initiatives darlington installation of submicron filtration
Dose Reduction Initiatives:DarlingtonInstallation of Submicron Filtration
  • HTS bleed filter pore size reduced in steps from 2 uM to 0.45 uM in May/2002 and 0.1 uM in Dec/2003
  • Increased filter replacement rate was driven by dose rate not ΔP
  • Contribution to dose savings: 130 rem for Unit 1 since 2004
dose reduction initiatives remote monitoring
Dose Reduction Initiatives:Remote Monitoring
  • Teledosimetry for dose monitoring and Rx face scan

Remote readout of gamma and tritium levels at airlock (HP)

dose reduction initiatives shielding applications
Dose Reduction Initiatives: Shielding Applications
  • Water wall for on-power Airlock EQ work – 3 rem dose and 4 M$ outage critical path savings
  • Water bag for ECI hot spot shielding
  • Face shielding

Rx Shield Block Data:

Each block weighs 22 lbs with a 7” hole cut out

15 min and 14 mrem to install 35 blocks

Shielding effectiveness: Before shielding – 90 mrem/h, after shielding – 42 mrem/h

dose reduction initiatives decontamination
Dose Reduction Initiatives: Decontamination
  • Application of strippable Decon Gel
  • Example:
  • HX1 room floor Coated and peeled the next day
  • Before – 5000 cpm
  • After - 0 cpm
  • Peeling - 4.5 mrem/h C
internal dose reduction outage tritium reduction alara plan
Internal Dose Reduction: Outage Tritium Reduction ALARA Plan
  • Action Levels established with pre-determined corrective actions
  • Reduce closure plug leakage (CP tightening, PHT low level drain state to reduce static pressure)
  • Install portable dryers (96% capacity factor, 24 drums of D2O, 1200 Ci extracted from vault air)
  • Contain and reduce tritium @ airlocks (H3 <0.1 MPCa outside AL)

Munter Dryer

human performance improvement impact of worker practice
Human Performance Improvement:Impact of Worker Practice
  • Human performance has a large impact on the effectiveness of RPPE:
  • Good RP practice can increase protection factor (PF) by a factor of 2
  • Human performance can be improved by communication and focused O&C’s

1st wave of intense communication

human performance improvement example of worker communication campaign
Human Performance Improvement:Example of Worker Communication Campaign

Communication campaign to emphasize impact of unplugged time on tritium uptake:

Video presentation and posters

Outage handbook

Safety meetings

human performance improvement coaching monitoring follow up
Human Performance Improvement:Coaching, Monitoring & Follow-up

Daily dose monitoring and follow-up of EPD dose and tritium uptake

Action levels:

  • 3 uCi/l or 10 mrem EPD – follow-up with worker/supervisor
  • 10 uCi/l above planned or EPD alarm – department EFDR, SCR
  • 35 uCi/l above planned or 100 mrem above EPD alarm – root cause investigation

Performance management

  • Focused observation and coaching (O&C) by RP staff
  • Interview by RPM and RHP for significant events or repeats
  • RP qualification review of worker and supervisor
alara achievement
ALARA Achievement

Three Consecutive WANO Strengths in ALARA 2007, 2008 WANO:

  • High standards in RP have been set and achieved
  • Robust controls prevent unplanned exposures
  • Extensive ALARA planning, innovative shielding and aggressive tritium reduction
  • Reactor face shielding
  • On-line tritium / gamma system
future challenges 2 reduce dose rate in ht system by 25 by 2011
Future Challenges:2. Reduce γ dose rate in HT system by 25% by 2011
  • Gamma scans identify Co-60 as the dominant source of radiation
  • More than 80% of Co-60 originates from FM stellite ram balls
  • Long term plan: COG joint/R&D project to develop replacement
  • Short term plan: FM filtration improvement – submicron filters & IX