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Welcome. Mohammad Akhtaruzzaman. Assistant teacher English. Safura Khatun Girls High School. Karimpur,Narsingdi Sadar.Narsingdi. CLASS – EIGHT. Subject-English Language. A woman is walking. A boy is feeding his cow. A child is reading. A man is in the jungle.

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Mohammad Akhtaruzzaman

Assistant teacher English

SafuraKhatun Girls High School



Subject-English Language

A woman is walking

A boy is feeding his cow

A child is reading

A man is in the jungle

Today our lesson is “The Man Who Wanted to Live Alone”

Learning outcomes:-

By the end of the lesson the students will be able to-

1.Practise their listening skill through the discussion with the teachers and themselves.

2. Practise speaking skill through talking about pictures.

3. Develop their reading skill through matching information transfer from the box.

4.Practise their writing skill by exercise

Read the text silently about five munities

Meaning the words and it’s synonymous-

Quiet -


Alone -

Living single

A man is thinking silently

A woman sits on a chair

Quarrel -




A scientist has discovered a computer

They are quarreling

Combined -


The children are eating their foods together.

Ruplal was a young poor man. His village was near the jungle.

The village people were always quarreling with others.

He did not like it. So, he decided to leave his village.

He left his village and went to the jungle. There he lived peacefully. But there he felt some problems too.

Group Work peacefully. But there he felt some problems too.

Ruplal lived in a small village near the jungle. The villagers always quarreled with other. He did not like it. He wanted peace everywhere. So, he thought that he left the village.

What do you mean by living alone ? Now write a short paragraph about Ruplal.

Evaluation peacefully. But there he felt some problems too.

Questions :-Match the words from the box

1. Living alone -

2. Close at hand -

3. Young -

4. Gather -

5. Mad -

Home work peacefully. But there he felt some problems too.

Write a short paragraph about live alone.