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Learning is a process that we go through when we are born. As soon as we are born the first thing we do is cry, so this is the first thing we learn to do is cry. Than we learn to eat and also move our bodies. We also learn to tell who is our mother and father and our brothers and sister and the rest of the family. We go through different stages until we become adults. Once we reach adulthood we have many thing that we need to do in our life. We need to set goals and objective and try to accomplish all of our goals.


I will define cognition for you because this is what to do every day. Cognition is the mental process of knowing the aspects of awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment. In essences cognition includes all the mental input and output of the brain.


I will define behaviorism because this is another theory that we use every day. Behaviorism is the generalizability of learning principles across species, the importance of focusing on observable events and the blank slate nature organisms.


During our adulthood we start to think of the goals that we set. We start to think of the career we want, and we start to make plans to go to a training program. We decide what is important to learn and where. We think on our beliefs and experience and decide on a good training program we can attend.


Once we have decide on a career we will start to attend classes so that we can get our degree. We will expect to start learning right away. Because we are ready and are full of knowledge. We also want to be able to enjoy the classes and training.


The classes will start and you are ready to share your input with your peers and teacher. Teachers are their to encourage and help with the process of learning. It will not be easy. But your know what you need to know and learn. Sometimes the student will have more experiences then the teacher.


College will not be easy but you will have the time to communicate with the teacher if you have any problems. We are motivated to attend class because we are looking forward to the training. It will take several year for you to finish your degree, but we are able to cope with real life task.


The good thing about attending college is that is doesn’t matter of old you are, you will fit with the rest of the students. Some classes will be hard and some will be easy but you never give up the stay until you complete the program. Because you must remember that is one of your goals to get an education.


To get a bachelor degree you will have to attend four year of college courses. Once you have completed the four years of college you will graduate with a degree in education. You will have a Bachelor degree in Applied Sciences. You will have to take a test to get your teaching certified and once you pass the test you will be able to teach.


Learning is a process of increasing competence to achieve full potential in life. You have reached you goal of becoming a teacher and you are ready to start a new life. It took you four years but you did it. It was not easy to attend college because you had to take many steps to achieve your goal. You learned all you had to learn and you are ready to start teaching.



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