The hunger games
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The Hunger Games. Chapters 13-16. The Fire.

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The hunger games

The Hunger Games

Chapters 13-16

The fire
The Fire

  • “This was no tribute’s campfire gone out of control, no accidental occurrence. The flames that bear down on me have an unnatural height, a uniformity that marks them as human-made, machine-made, Gamekeeper-made. Things have been too quiet today. No deaths, perhaps no fights at all. The audience in the Capitol will be getting bored…” (173).

The real sport
The Real Sport

  • “The real sport of the Hunger Games is watching the tributes kill one another. Every so often, they do kill a tribute just to remind the players that they can” (177).

Government control
Government Control

  • Where do we see examples of government control?

An alliance
An Alliance

  • Why would Rue help?


  • What are they?

  • What is a Jabberjay?

  • Why were Mockingjays created? (42)

  • What’s a Trackerjacker?

Dropping the hive
Dropping the Hive

  • Good consequences?

  • Bad consequences?

  • First kill:


  • What do we learn about him?

  • What will be the consequences of his actions?

  • How does he show compassion?

Rue and katniss
Rue and Katniss

  • What happens to their relationship?

  • What do we learn about Rue’s district? 202-204

Evening the playing field
Evening the Playing Field

  • How do Katniss and Rue decide to even the playing field?

  • Why is this plan effective?


  • The government genetically engineers animals for the purposes of spying/fear/government control

  • Take a look at the description of a mockingjay on pages 42-43

  • Design your own muttation

  • Name it, describe it, draw it, and list how it would be beneficial to the government