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Natural resource stewardship for homeowner associations
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Natural Resource Stewardship for Homeowner Associations. Presented by: (Leader’s Name/Agency). Trees & Natural Resources are Valuable HOA Assets. There are many benefits trees and natural resources provide to your community: Increased Property Values Air Pollution Control

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Natural Resource Stewardship for Homeowner Associations

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Presentation Transcript

Natural resource stewardship for homeowner associations

Natural Resource Stewardship forHomeowner Associations

Presented by: (Leader’s Name/Agency)

Trees natural resources are valuable hoa assets

Trees & Natural Resources are Valuable HOA Assets

  • There are many benefits trees and natural resources provide to your community:

    • Increased Property Values

    • Air Pollution Control

    • Water Quality Protection

    • Stormwater Management

    • Energy Use Reduction

    • Improved Aesthetics

    • View Screening/Privacy

    • Recreation

    • Sense of Place/Identity

    • Wildlife Habitat

    • Educational Opportunities

Do we really have natural resources

Do We Really Have Natural Resources?



Landscape Trees

Natural Basins


Landscape trees benefits

Landscape Trees - Benefits

  • Shade/Cooling/Wind Protection

  • Privacy/Screening

  • Air and Water Quality

  • Stormwater Mitigation

  • Aesthetics/Higher Property Value

Landscape trees responsibilities

Landscape Trees - Responsibilities

  • Maintenance

  • Replacement Planting

  • Monitoring

Woodlands benefits

Woodlands - Benefits

  • Stormwater Mitigation

  • Hillside Stabilization

  • Privacy and Buffering

  • Air and Water Quality

  • Wildlife Habitat

  • Carbon Storage

  • Recreation

  • Higher Property Values

Woodlands responsibilities

Woodlands - Responsibilities

  • Maintenance for Safety Along Trails and at Edges

  • Monitoring for Insects and Disease

  • Storm Damage Correction

Streams benefits

Streams - Benefits

  • Stormwater Mitigation

  • Higher Property Values

  • Recreation

  • Wildlife Habitat

Streams responsibilities

Streams - Responsibilities

  • Erosion Control

  • Maintenance for Blockages

  • Litter and Debris Control

  • Monitoring

  • Pollution Prevention

Wetlands benefits

Wetlands - Benefits

  • Water Quality

  • Stormwater Control

  • Recreation

  • Wildlife Habitat

Wetlands responsibilities

Wetlands - Responsibilities

  • Litter and Debris Control

  • Monitoring for Invasive Plants

  • Pollution Prevention

  • Restoration

Naturalized stormwater basins benefits

Naturalized Stormwater Basins - Benefits

  • Water Quality

  • Stormwater Mitigation

  • Wildlife Habitat

  • Aesthetics

Naturalized stormwater basins responsibilities

Naturalized Stormwater Basins - Responsibilities

  • Maintenance of Slopes and Outlets

  • Maintenance of Plantings

  • Litter and Debris Control

  • Monitoring

Hoas are special

HOAs Are Special!

Hoa concerns and issues

HOA Concerns and Issues

  • Legal Responsibilities

    • Enforce rules

    • Execute contracts

  • Financial Responsibilities

    • Manage funds

    • Set budgets

    • Pay bills

  • Community Responsibilities

    • Monitor contracts for performance/quality

    • Understand and comply with requirements of local and state government

    • Maintain a high quality of life for the Association and residents

  • There is help

    There is Help!

    • Natural Resource Management Expertise

      • County Extension Offices and Agents

      • Certified Arborists and Foresters

      • Soil and Water Conservation Districts

      • Park Districts

    • Rules and Regulations Expertise

      • Municipal Forester

      • City/County Manager

      • Planning Department

    Owner s manual natural resource stewardship for homeowner associations

    Owner’s Manual – Natural Resource Stewardship for Homeowner Associations

    Get started with diy projects

    Get Started with DIY Projects

    • Plant landscape trees

    • Plant tree seedlings or sow wildflower seeds in

      rarely used lawn areas

    • Mulch and water landscape trees

    • Prune small trees

    • Eliminate litter in streams, wetlands, and

      stormwater basins

    • Create a rain garden

    • Erect birdhouses and plant wildlife food plots

    • Review or create new maintenance specifications and monitor all work by contractors

    • Take an inventory of your natural resources

    • Meet with local experts and government staff for advice and planning

    • Conduct education programs and special events for the residents, like an Arbor Day or Earth Day celebration

    Seek professionals when needed

    Seek Professionals When Needed

    • Large Tree Maintenance and Storm Damage Correction

    • Landscape Tree Planting

    • Safety Risk Inspections

    • Invasive Plant Species Control

    • Water Quality Testing

    • Streambank Stabilization

    • Maintenance or any Work on Steep Slopes

    Natural resource stewardship assistance

    Natural Resource Stewardship Assistance

    • Locally

      • (insert presenter’s organization if applicable)

      • (insert city/county agency[s])

      • (insert local university extension office)

      • (insert local soil & water conservation district)

  • Nationally

    • National Arbor Day Foundation

    • International Society of Arboriculture

  • Make natural resource stewardship a priority for your hoa and community

    Make Natural Resource Stewardship a Priority for Your HOA and Community!



    The work upon which this presentation is based was funded in whole or in part through a grant awarded by the Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry, U.S. Forest Service.

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