Pos systems and maintenance are you taking proper care of your cash register
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POS Systems and Maintenance: Are You Taking Proper Care of Your Cash Regis... PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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POS Systems and Maintenance: Are You Taking Proper Care of ...

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POS Systems and Maintenance: Are You Taking Proper Care of Your Cash Register?

Just like any other POS equipment you buy, a cash register is more an investment than an expense to your retail business. To make sure this electronic machine creates the most value for your business, it is required to keep it up to par.

Here are a few simple tips every retailer must follow to keep your cash register in tip-top condition and functioning properly.

Clean and DryWhether you have top-notch Samsung cash registers or Casio cash register devices, it is natural for dust and dirt to accumulate inside any machine over time, which can wear down varied parts and affect the function of the cash register.

Use a gas or compressed air duster every once in a while, to remove any debris that may have accumulated on your machine.

Keep your cash register away from environments where liquids and foods are served and avoid handling drinks and other spillable food items directly over the register.

At outdoor events, consider covering the cash register properly with a plastic bag when not in use.

Should water, coffee or any fluid spills on the machine, soak up the liquid as much as you can with a clean, dry cloth.

Repair and Replacement

If you have a cash register that uses ribbons for printing, be sure to stock extra ribbons compatible with your model so as to ensure replacements with minimal downtime.

In case your cash register uses ink to print for printing purpose, you’ll need stock up on thermal cash register rolls in order to avoid mechanical failures when your machine runs out of printing paper.

In addition to these tips, it is advisable for retailers to have a maintenance and repair plan in place by a reliable electronic service provider. This will help ensure that your equipment receive proper care on a regular basis and you avoid expensive repair bills on your machine.

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