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Bidding P o ints Poi n t s ma y be u sed t o sele c t ince n t i v es Category 3 can only be earned once DP P MARKET C A T A L O G Incenti v e s f or. DPP Market Catalog and Points Program Pine Ridge IHS Service Unit. I.H.S. Dia b etes Pr e v e ntio n pro g ram Participants

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P ag e 12

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P ag e 12


Pointsmay beused to select incentives

Category3 can only be earnedonce



  • DPP Market Catalog and Points Program

  • Pine Ridge IHS Service Unit

I.H.S. DiabetesPrevention program Participants


Page 12

P ag e 12

  • Catalogcontainsincentivesto beearnedbyDiabetesPreven-tionProgramParticipants

  • whichincludesbothIntensiveandAf-tercoreparticipants.

  • Howdoyouearnpoints?

  • -

  • Use yourDPPTrackingSheet(located inbackofcatalog)whenyoubegin yourparticipation intheDiabetesPre- ventionProgram.

  • Trackingsheet is usedasawayoftrack- ingpointswhichinclude:

  • Comingtoclasses

  • Participatinginevents

  • UsingyourKeepingTrackBook

  • Losingweight

  • Therearenumberofwaysyoucan earnpoints!

  • Points areredeemableatanytime.


Wha t d o i want

Whatdo I want?

All incentivesserveanimportantservicefor stayinghealthyandmaintainingahealthy weight.

Take a look through thecatalog

Seta goal ( what do I want?)

How manypoints do Ineed to get the incentive?

HowcanI getenoughpointsto getthe incentive?

Remember these incentives listedarefor you(DPPParticipant)andifyouneedhelporwant toearnextra pointsfeel freetospeakwithyour lifestylecoachto see whatyoucan do.

Whatdo I want?

Howmanypoints is it? Howwill Igetmypoints?

Page 3

P ag e 12


Tostay warmwhileexercising whentheweatherischilly.


Tomeetthe150minutes of physical activityweekly.

Points: 20Color:Varies

Points:: 250 Color:Varies


Represent foryourprogramandhelpteach othersaround you’re themessage of hope.

Walking/Jogging shoe

Tomeetthe150minutes of physical activityweekly.

Points: 20Color:Varies Size:Varies

Points:: 150 Color:Varies

Thera-band Points: 20

Heart Rate Monitor Watch To keeptrack ofyourtarget heart ratewhile completing your 150 minutesof physical activityweekly

Points: 75 Color:black


Provides safetyfor walking,running,bike ridingin lowlight.

Points: 10

CookwareSet Tobettermanageyour

portions and packing your ownlunch.

Pine Ridge I.H.S. DiabetesPreventionProgramreserves allrightstochange,modify,orreplaceanyincentives in catalogatanytime.

Points: 75Color:varies

Page 4

Page 9

P ag e 12

DiabetesPreventionProgram HoodedSweatshirt

Tohelpcontinueyour150minutes ofphysicalactivity evenwhenitscold out.

Small DPPGymBag

Smaller for moreconvenienceand willfit yourshoestoweland water bottle.

Points: 20Color:Varies

Points:: 75

Color:Variesincolorsizeand logo

Tomato Planter WithStand

DPP Insulated LunchBag

So you can packyourown lunch AndsticktoyourDPPFatGram andCalorieGoals.

Togrowyour owntomatoes combineitwithacookbookandlearnhowtomakehealthyrecipesusingtoma- toes.

Points: 20

Points: 75

Glass PortionControl PlateSet

Helplearn howmuch you should be eatingat each meal.


Box of Beef JerkySet

Makesagreatgift orhealthy snacktoencourage yourpeers andfamily to eathealthier.

Points: 60

Flavor: varies andincludes 6 flavors

Includes: 2plates, 1 bowl,1 cup.

Points: 20

Exercise step

Tomeetthe150minutes of physical activityweekly

DPP Workout TowelandWater bottle.

Points: 20

Points: 60

Page 8

Page 5

P ag e 12


Tosupplyyou withhealthy meals whenyoucan’tseemto findtheright mealtocook.

Indoor Electric Grill

To help cut fat intakeand stickto thoseDPPcalorieand fat gram goals.

Points: 40

Points: 60

Color: varies


Includesvariousincentives (Nonstick Spray,Seasoning,andother incentives). Tohelpyou withyour healthycooking.


To assist you inlearning to cook healthierandstickto your DPPfat gramandCaloriegoals.

Points: 40

Incentives in basketmayvary.

Points: 60Color:Varies


To carry your fitness clothes for an afterworkwalk.

Basketball indoor/outdoor

Tohelpyou reachyour150minutes ofphysical activityweekly.

Something for everyone toenjoy.

Points: 30Color:Varies

Points: 60

Fitness Dumbbells

Tomeetyour 150minutes ofphysi- calactivityweekly.

Non hoodedDPPSweatshirt Tohelpcontinueyour150

minutes ofphysicalactivity even whenitscold out.

Points: variesbyweight 3lb=30



Points: 60Color:Varies

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