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Quote Sandwich. Three layers. Quotes should never just be “stuck” in Quotes lend authority to your paper by furthering your position The quote you choose should have significance. LAYER #1 – THE BREAD The top layer should transition into your chosen quotation and flow smoothly.

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Quote sandwich

Quote Sandwich

Three layers


The top layer should transition into your chosen quotation and flow smoothly.

It should include the authority giving the quote and possibly the source

LAYER #2—THE “STUFF” (your quotation)

Be sure the quote is integrated into your text and carefully copy it exactly as it appears in the original source. Enclose your quotation with quotation marks. Don’t forget the citation!

LAYER #3: THE BREAD (again)

Follow the quote with an interpretation; explain how it supports your argument or the point you were trying to make. This is that analysis you keep hearing us use!!


However, the inability of Keats’ Grecian urn to communicate is demonstrated through personification. Although given human attributes, Keats’ Grecian urn stands silently, unable to tell the viewer about the characteristics that appear on it. However, it seems that the urn purposefully holds back information. “Thou, silent form, dost tease us out of thought/ as doth eternity: Cold Pastoral” (4.44-45). Now the urn is personified as a cold creature, indifferent to the questions of the human. In fact, the urn seems to tease the speaker, much like an uncommunicative mate, by withholding information.