The question
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The Question??? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Question???. What if the government decides to pass a new law that would allow more pollution to end up in the ocean?. Consequence #1.

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The Question???

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The question

The Question???

What if the government

decides to pass a

new law that would

allow more pollution to

end up in the ocean?

The question

Consequence #1

Many marine animals would die, due to all the garbage that they ingest or choke on. It could be as simple as getting stuck in a plastic bag or being unable to breathe due to the thick layer of oil that forms on top of the water.

The question

Consequence #2

If someone sells us polluted seafood substances, then we could slowly become ill and we might die. Owners will probably be forced to stop selling products that contain fish. This will lead fish entrepreneurs to bankruptcy.

You could probably say could bye to all this. (If you love seafood as much as I do then you would know how much this is going to effect us.)

The question

Consequence #3

The polluted water will evaporate into the clouds. Then it will rain acid instead of fresh water. This water could go into the water holes where animals clean and drink from. The acids would kill the animals and plant life thus effecting the food chain heavily.

The question

Action #1

You get a whole lot of people to sign a petition. This could be done by sending one around at school, making a few websites or writing an article in the newspaper that could be signed and sent back to the government.

More Pollution Law


We are writing to tell you that numerous people would like the new law to be removed. This has had so many effects on us as well as our environment, that we can’t mention them all off by heart.


Tamica Atterbury, Kaitlyn Elliot, Luke Hehir, Stuart Finch, Garry Briggs, Luanda Pianta, Jessica Smithies, Benjamin Smithies, Maddy Thomas andJohn Samra.

The question

Action #2

Get more people to recycle. This will reduce the carbon footprint thus leaving a minor chance of the pollution being dumped into the sea. We could also get more people to use solar panels or energy saving lights.

The question

Action #3

Protesting would be a good way to send the message through loud and clear. We could protest somewhere, were local news coverage is taken. We could also protest in front of Julia Gillard’s house.

The question

And this was my slide show.

I hope you had enjoyed It. ;)

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