Survive the pacific
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Survive the Pacific. By Jack Hollister. Your in a falling airplane in the pacific. a. you jump off with a parachute b. you stay on the plane and let it crash .

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Survive the Pacific

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Survive the Pacific

By Jack Hollister

Your in a falling airplane in the pacific.a. you jump off with a parachute b. you stay on the plane and let it crash

You have taken the batteries and heading back to the room with the phone you put the batteries in the phone. a. do you call your house. b. or do you call the police.

your now on the monkey infested island and you’ve managed to build a hut for protection against the  hyper evil monkeys. But now your very hungry.a. do you a eat one of the monkeysb. or do find plant life to eat.

now you’ve fell into a trap, and you’re in a room with now way out but there is a none working cell phone that needs batteries but also in the room is a drill. But the room runs out of air in 5 minutesa. find batteries and put them in the cell phone.b. drill a hole in the roof and get out

your floating in the pacific and you see a sword fish in the water and your starving do you a. kill the swordfish and eat it b. or do you go on

you have found a bundle of bananas but the monkeys are chasing you.a. do you return on running to your cabin. b. or do you try to fend of the monkeys your self

your floating in the pacific and suddenly you see an island but its infested with monkeys.a. do you go on and hope to find a human populated island.b. go to the monkey infested island and hope to find food.

you are asleep floating in the pacific and you crash against a island you get there and get on a plane click here to start again .

you are now approaching a monkey, your only weapon is your bare hands you attack the monkey but the monkeys simply drop a coconut on you head and push you out to sea and your now awake floating on a coconuta. do you swim back to the monkey infested island. b. or do you go  on.

So your floating in the pacific and hoping to find a human populated islandand suddenly you see a swordfish in the water.a. do you kill the sword fish and eat it. (12) b.  or do you let it go and float  on (8)

there was a cabinet you open it and there was a secret door that said supplies you open and see  scuba gear and batteries.a. do you take the scuba gearb. or do you take the batteries

You have just killed the swordfish your now eating and you taste gasoline you throw the sword fish but you scratch it and the fish gets lit and blows up in your face and you die

Ha! Ha!

your fighting the monkeys but they have now ran away with the bananas you chase them down to the beach and you’ve found a kayak and a basket of food and a map you get in the kayak eat some found and head to Indonesia You Live


your dad comes with a plane  and you fly back to your house click here to start again. (1)

The plane crashes on the water  and its slowly sinking and you see that the person next to you has a life jacketa. do you be nice and let him have it(4)b. or do you kill him and take it then jump out and float(7)

Once you’ve drilled the hole water immediately flows into the room and you drown and die.

Ha! Ha!

you have now taken some scuba gear and  you have managed to get out and your now swimming in the pacific and you spot a island and you see a city you have made it to the Philippines, You live


the police have found you  their helicopter but monkeys have hijacked  a police helicopter and brought you to their secret island and gave you bananas so they would have a reason to fight you buta. do you fight them of for the bananas. b. or do you get the rescue plane and now you’ve figured out you have to jump with a parachute at 10,00 feet.

You have made it back to your cabin and you see that their is a bump in your pocket you take it out and the monkeys have gave you a phone a. do you call your dad b. do you order scuba gear.

An eagle bits of the string on your parachute and the impact on the water breaks both your arms disabling you  from swimming up  and breathing thus letting you drown and die.

Ha! Ha!


Power Point by: Jack Hollister

Special Thanks to

Mr. Hevey because he assisted in the making of the PowerPoint

Mr. Selley for making the template

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