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Shelby County Schools. Common Core Modules for Social Studies/History Grades 6-12. Tennessee Department of Education History/Social Studies Grades 6-12. Supporting Rigorous History/Social Studies Teaching and Learning. Module 5 : Culminating Assessment

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Shelby County Schools

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Shelby County Schools

Common Core Modules for Social Studies/History

Grades 6-12

Tennessee Department of Education

History/Social Studies

Grades 6-12

Supporting Rigorous History/Social Studies Teaching and Learning

Module 5:

Culminating Assessment

Text Based Questions

Central Drivers of Instruction

Complex Texts

Overarching Questions


Culminating Assessment

Culminating Assessment

  • Is a summative assessment.

  • Is related to the unit’s overarching questions, texts, and key standards.

  • Provides a guide for the work in the unit.

  • Provides evidence of student understanding and proficiency of the identified CCSS and learning goals.

  • Allows for the construction of new knowledge or an extension of their thinking rather than a regurgitation of what students learned in the unit.

Culminating Assessment

  • Culminating assessments across a year should require a variety of writing genres & modes.

  • Once you’ve decided on a culminating assessment, make a list of what students need to know & be able to do to be successful. Design the unit with that as your guide (backward mapping).

  • Unit texts should be able to support much of what students need to know and be able to do.

  • Develop the culminating assessment with the rubric in mind.

Culminating Assessments: Writing Assignments

A good writing assignment is:

Focused on a single guiding question.

Composed so that the task or invitation to write is clearly visible.

Scaffolded so that students:

Understand the connection to the work that precedes it,

See clearly what is being asked of them, and

Find some help in imagining how to begin the writing.

Text-Based Questions

What Are Text-based Questions and Tasks?

Text-based questions are questions that

  • Are focused on the text

  • Are generally text-specific rather than generic questions that could be asked of any text

  • Do not get students off of the text (e.g., Tell me about a time you went camping…)

  • Require students to re-read the text closely to

    • Draw inferences

    • Develop interpretations

    • Analyze ideas and language

  • May promote convergent (comprehension) and divergent (interpretation/analysis) thinking about a text

  • What are open-ended questions?

    Open-ended, text-based questions:

    • Allow multiple entry points for students. Students are able to answer the question from their perspective.

    • Have more than one possible response that can be supported with evidence from the texts.

    • Provide teachers with a window into students’ thinking and comprehension of a text.

    • Allow students to construct an overall understanding of a text.

    • Mirror the kinds of questions proficient readers ask themselves about a text. Proficient readers rarely concern themselves with the insignificant details that are often the subject of close-ended questions.

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