Firing up dvts over ipv6
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Firing Up DVTS over IPv6 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Firing Up DVTS over IPv6. Bill Cerveny. What is DVTS?. “Digital Video over IP” Videoconferencing over IPv6 or IPv4 with preference for IPv6 A product of the Wide Project Operating Systems Supported. FreeBSD NetBSD Linux

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Firing Up DVTS over IPv6

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Presentation Transcript

Firing Up DVTS over IPv6

Bill Cerveny

What is DVTS?

  • “Digital Video over IP”

  • Videoconferencing over IPv6 or IPv4 with preference for IPv6

  • A product of the Wide Project


Operating Systems Supported

  • FreeBSD

  • NetBSD

  • Linux

  • Windows 2000 and Windows XP (IPv4 only as of Jan 10, 2002)

  • MacOS X -- incomplete; IPv4 seems to work; IPv6 stuff incomplete

Tested Operating System Environments

  • Linux

    • Must use specific Linux kernel and configuration

    • Used Debian Linux, but any Linux variant should be OK

    • Firewire configuration on desktop easy, but challenging on laptop PC

    • Once working, everything looked obvious

    • Gory details at end of presentation

Tested Operating System Environments

  • MacOS X

    • Wasn’t able to build without significant modification; port incomplete

DV Camcorder

DV Camcorder

Desktop or

Laptop PC

Desktop or

Laptop PC

Tested Configuration

This shows video/audio flow

Going one direction only. For

Both directions, duplicate this

Going in opposite direction.

Firewire Link

15-30Mbps IPv6


15-30Mbps IPv6


Composite Video

Video Content

Firewire Link

Network Traffic Generated

  • By default, 32Mbps IPv6 or IPv4 traffic is generated in each direction (30 frames per second)

  • Can reduce frame rate to 15 frames per second to reduce bandwidth to about 16Mbps without noticable degradation in video performance

Bandwidth Stats from Test Between Chicago and Armonk, NY

  • Abilene (mix of IPv4 and IPv6 traffic)

Bandwidth Stats from Test Between Chicago and Armonk, NY

  • Armonk IPv6 Router Stats - FastEthernet Interface

Armonk, NY IPv6 Router Stats - Tunnel

Cost of DVTS -- Wide Estimate

DVTS Cost - My Experience


  • DVTS Main Page -

  • DVTS Presentation to Internet2 IPv6 Workshop in Los Angeles -

Linux Configuration Notes

  • Configured on Debian Linux, 2.4.12 kernel.

  • Turned on IEEE1394 (and IPv6) support in Linux kernel

  • DVTS source code looks for IEEE1394 kernel source code at /usr/src/linux/drivers/ieee1394

  • Must install libraw1394 libraries

Kernel configuration - 1 of 3Turning on “Experimental” Code

Kernel configuration 2 of 3Enabling IPv6

Kernel configuration 3 of 3IEEE1394 Options

Personal Linux/Hardware Compatibility Notes

  • What works:

    • IBM Thinkpad T21 and 600E

      • Western Digital IEEE1394 Cardbus card (WDAD0003-RNW)

      • Sony DCR-PC9 Camcorder (also DCR-PC3 and DCR-PC7)

      • Sony A/D Converter

    • Dell 400Mhz GX1

      • Pinnacle PCI IEEE1394 card

      • Orange Micro IEEE1394/USB PCI card (USB not tested)

      • Siig PCI card

      • All Firewire devices listed above

Personal Hardware Compatibility Notes

  • Doesn’t work:

    • Siig 2-port Cardbus card (NN-PC2012)

    • Dazzle Hollywood A/D Bridge


  • Don’t try to use ohci1394 stuff in pcmcia-cs source code -- it doesn’t work and developers don’t intend to fix it (I wasted a lot of time troubleshooting it, before I gave up)

  • If you are using a Cardbus IEEE1394 card and Linux freezes, you must remark some ohci1394 initialization code (this seems to be a laptop memory problem)

Final Note about DVTS (IMHO)

  • You have to get past source code and hardware configuration problems, but once you do this, DVTS seems easy and straightforward.

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