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clear view of responsibilites,. shared model in leadership,. shared principles and goals,. shared philosophy,. These purposes eliminate the previous contradictions and parallelisms and all the malfunction originating from them. dominance of the protective character. opennes.

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  • shared model in leadership,

  • shared principles and goals,

  • shared philosophy,

These purposes eliminate the previous contradictions and parallelisms and all the malfunction originating from them.

dominance of the protective character


  • towards the protected bodies

  • towards citizens

  • Integrity test

  • Crime detection

  • Protection

Crimes committed by a member or with a member’ s help

or jointly of a protected staff

abuse of office,


misuses of personal data,


forgery of official documents,


Other crimes committed at place of service or committed related to administrative activities (unless the detection of such crimes is within the scope of other organs)

military crimes (except escape, mutiny and threat to combat readiness)

  • Object of monitoring: - protected organs - candidates for professional staff at armed forces - members of regularized staff

  • Initiated by:

  • - resposible commander

  • - the chief of protected organ

  • - minister

  • Declaration – questionnaire – CV

  • 30 days

  • Resolution

  • It examines whether the object of testing fulfils their professional duties in life-like, artificially created situations.

  • It cannot restrict the freedom of decision making of the object of the test;

  • It cannot humiliate the persons and their honesty and reputation cannot be harmed or their physical condition endagered

  • Controlled by Prosecutor’s Office – lawful conduct granted

  • 15 days

  • Up to 3 times a year

  • Resolution

Police servants, public servants of protected organs

Penal Executive Institution

Directorate General for Disaster Management

Police Academy

National Tax and Customs Bureau servants, public servants of protected organs

Office of Immigration and Nationality

Special Service For National Security

Constitution Protection Office

Counter-terrorism Center

Organized Crime Coordination Centres

Regularized number of the personnel of NPS : 500 persons servants, public servants of protected organs

Personnel of the protected agencies and bodies: 96 000 persons

NPS servants, public servants of protected organs

Director General

Directorate of the Protective Service of the Civilian Secret Agencies

DirectorateProtective Service of Law EnforcementAgencies

Directorate of theProtective Service of AdministrativeAgencies


National Tax and CustomsBureauDivision



Special Service for National SecurityDivision

Office of Immigration and Nationality Division


National Directorate of Disaster Management Division

Central Agencies Protection Division

Penal Executive Institutions Division

- co-operation and fostering partnership between the anti-corruption agencies and bodies

- exchange of experience and best practices

- co-operation in special cases

European Partners Against Corruption (EPAC)

European Anti-corruption Network (EACN)

United Nations Convention against Anti-Corruption anti-corruption agencies and bodies– UNCAC

- United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime – UNODC

Group of States against Corruption - GRECO