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The Organization. The Bridge Center of Buffalo 3362 Sheridan Drive Amherst New York 14226 Phone: (716) 834-4222 What is Bridge?. a partnership card game using a standard deck of 52 cards, dealt equally among four players

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The organization
The Organization

The Bridge Center of Buffalo

3362 Sheridan DriveAmherst New York 14226Phone: (716) 834-4222

What is bridge
What is Bridge?

  • a partnership card game using a standard deck of 52 cards, dealt equally among four players

  • players bid in a coded language to describe their hands to their partners and then play to make their contract of tricks

    A card holder A “bidding box,” used by players to make

    called a “board.” bids at the table.

  • Generally, one suit is determined as “trump,” which led to the expression, “Play your trump card.”

  • Duplicate Contract Bridge, in which each competitor or team plays identical hands under similar conditions, is the main form of competitive bridge.

    A “traveler,” used for scoring

The bridge center of buffalo inc
The Bridge Center of Buffalo, Inc.

  • Purpose/Mission:

    • To conduct duplicate contract bridge games sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL).

    • To promote and stimulate interest in the game of bridge mainly by conducting educational programs.

    • To encourage the highest standards of conduct and ethics by its members, and to enforce such standards.

How we became involved
How We Became Involved

  • Board of Directors inquired about updating website through a member email survey

    • Solicited feedback from bridge players who access website

  • Bridge Center has very limited resources, so Eug. proposed LIS student help

  • B.o.D. and students prioritized areas of need and recommended:

    • Larger text size for menu (navigation bar), especially to meet the needs of elderly users

      • Required to keep yellow & blue font color (“vivid”) and white background

    • Add a more personable, inviting feel to webpages, such as by adding pictures

    • Create and post biographies for Mentors and Teachers

    • Create a Bridge Class Registration page & form so bridge students can sign-up directly on the site

Final project group
Final Project Group

  • John Meczynski, Jr.

    • The “techie” of the group 

    • Created homepage template & page styles, class regis. form

    • The “glue”: merged all pages to temporary host site


  • Blodine Francois

    • The “task organizer/time manager” of the group 

    • Created Mentors biographies/pages

      • Photos, tables, links

    • Initiated and Outlined Usability Test Scenarios & Questions

  • Eugene Harvey

    • “liason” btw. group and Board of Directors 

    • Digitized & resized photos of teachers & mentors

    • Created teachers biographies/pages

      • Photos, tables, links

    • Implemented Usability Test

  • All of us

    • Brainstormed & outlined final project work goals

    • Identified & corrected minor errors on all pages (Proof reading)

    • Usability scenarios & statistical results

    • Power Point Presentation

Revision of site features
Revision of Site Features

  • Font Size & Color

    • Size enlarged; color bolded

    • Ems vs. pts.

      • Pts.: “used for designing type for print, but are often unpredictable for displaying text on a computer screen.”

      • Ems: “measurement based on the height of the capital letter ‘M’…and the default font size.”

  • Benefits of Using Ems:

    • Respects users’ font size choices

      • E.g., if a user has “set the browser font size to a higher setting…then your font measurements will be reflective of those choices.” This is especially useful if you are designing a site for users who are more likely to have vision problems.

Revisions cont d
Revisions (cont’d)

  • Page margins

  • Table size based on pixels, not percentage

    • Limits width of table

  • Links

    • Larger font size relative to default font size

    • Rollover changed

      • Made more clear that user is rolling over a link

  • Mentor/Teacher Main Pages

    • Thumbnails (links to indiv. pages)

Revisions cont d1
Revisions (cont’d)

  • Class Registration Form

    • Available for users who want to sign up for lessons

    • Validation

      • Certain fields must be filled out to send form – error given if the form is improperly filled out

      • Certain fields have format restrictions – e.g., email

    • User sent to “success page” upon successful submission

  • Removed unnecessary Javascript

Biography pages
Biography Pages

  • Inform

    • Contact Information

    • Expertise of Teachers & Mentors

    • Days and Times of Sessions

    • Recommended resources and links

  • Organization of Information

    • Tables

      • Divide information into headings and subheadings

      • Create clear format/layout

Biography pages cont d
Biography Pages (cont’d)

  • Create Community

    • Pictures of people

    • Learn about Teachers and Mentors

    • Share Bridge experiences

Usability testing
Usability Testing

  • Developed 9 Multi-part questions & scenarios in 3 areas:

  • Identification and Comparison of Site Features

    • To gauge familiarity with current site, especially the homepage

    • To gather feedback about new homepage

    • Compare and contrast the two pages

    • Clarity & efficiency of site navigation

  • User Expectation of New Sections

    • Navigation buttons are self-evident/self-explanatory

    • Content of new webpages is self-evident/self-explanatory

    • Compare and contrast expectations with “reality” (the actual webpages)

  • Information Retrieval Tasks

    • Clarity of page design

    • Efficiency of information layout/format

    • Clarity and ease of navigation within site

    • Clarity and ease of navigation to/from external sites via internal links

Positive findings
Positive Findings

  • Site Features

    • Overwhelmingly preferred new homepage

      • Larger font size, more centered, less empty/“stark”

      • Major site features unchanged (photo, border, contact info.)

  • User expectations

    • Biography sections exceeded their expectations

      • Loved photos, personal backgrounds, interviews

    • “There is a sense of connection…” “…softens the website, makes it feel more personal.” “…makes the page feel warmer.” “good pictures too”

    • Major work goal: to make site “feel” more personal

  • Information Retrieval Tasks

    • Very little difficulty with most tasks (with one exception)

    • Liked the easy-to-scan table format and the delineation of sections (subheadings, tables, border)

    • Impressed with the easy-to-click links for resources

      • “That’s a nice feature…” “That’s cool…it takes me right there to see it.”


  • Minor Misspellings/“Typos”

  • Resources not clear on Teachers pages

    • Most users were slowed due to lack of clarity of resources - not sure of type of resource (i.e. a book, a website, etc.)

      • “Is that a book? (pause) Yep, I guess that’s a book.” “I wasn’t sure. I’m a very linear thinker.”

      • named a book, but then said, “…but I don’t know if it’s a book.” “I’m not sure if resources means books or not…”

      • “I’m not sure if these are books or not. I think they are…” “Yep, they are…”

  • Class Registration form

    • Canadian users not able to enter alphanumeric zip code due to validation rule

    • Difficulty entering phone number due to limited text field



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