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TRANSPORTATION TUESDAY. VEHICLE CARE BE AWARE !!. Reliable vehicle care = Safety and Dependability. WARNING LIGHTS/SIGNALS. 1. Oil Pressure Light/Gauge: Warning light or oil pressure below 10 p.s.i. 2. Temperature Light/Gauge: Overheating - coolant

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Reliable vehicle care = Safety and Dependability


1. Oil Pressure Light/Gauge: Warning light or oil

pressure below 10 p.s.i.

2. Temperature Light/Gauge: Overheating - coolant

low, a leak, broken hose/belt, blocked air flow

to radiator.

3. Brake light: Parking brake engaged/brake fluid


4. Battery/Generator Light: Electrical problem -

you could end up with a dead battery.

Do not drive with above warnings!

A Certified Technician should check before serious damage results.


Squeaking/Grinding Brakes: Chirping noise while

driving, that lessen while braking, vehicle may

need new brake pads or linings.

Burning Oil Smell: Possible oil leak, which could

result in engine damage or even a fire.

Vehicle Feels Unstable: Low tire pressure – leak

or under inflation.

Steering Shudders While Braking: A hint – the

front end is possibly out of alignment.

Leaks Under Car: May not cause immediate

failure, but could prove costly later.

Vehicle Maintenance – Oil/Fluids

  • Engine Oil/Filter: 5000 kms./3000 miles/3mths.

    Also depends on kms. driven, climate & the car

    itself! Recommend Oil filter with oil change.

  • Engine Coolant: Make sure to add coolant to

    the reservoir - not the radiator cap!

  • Brake Fluid: Check for the kind of brake fluid

    recommended for your vehicle. Usually the

    level drops with increased mileage.

Consult the Owner’s Manual for Correct Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance – Oil/Fluids

  • Windshield Wiper Fluid: Is used faster than you think – good idea to keep some in your car.

  • Transmission Fluid: If your car has an automatic transmission, check after driving for about a half

    hour to warm it up, then:

    A- make sure the car is on a level surface

    B- locate transmission dipstick, check level, add

    only if level is low. Too much fluid could cause

    leaks or shifting problems.

  • Power Steering Fluid: Do not overfill - Check level as for Transmission Fluid.

Maintenance Checks

  • Belts: With the engine off, check belts for deep cracks or missing chunks.

  • Hoses: Check connections & hoses for loose

    contacts/leaks - replace distorted hoses.

  • Battery: Make sure battery terminals are snug and free of corrosion, clean these with baking soda and water. Batteries wear out with age.

  • Spark Plugs: Plugs should be replaced at

    intervals - as per the Owner’s manual.

Maintenance Checks - Tyres

Tyres are the contact between your vehicle and

the road.

  • Check cold tyre pressure frequently (at least every two weeks) and always before journeys, not forgetting the spare tyre!

  • The correct pressure value given by the vehicle manufacturer, can be found in the log book.

  • Both under-inflation and over-inflation can negatively affect your tyre performance.

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