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Vice President Membership & Public Relations John Kinsman, Lt. Governor Marketing [email protected] Barbara Haskell, Division D Governor [email protected] Introduction.

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Vice President Membership &

Public Relations

John Kinsman, Lt. Governor Marketing

[email protected]

Barbara Haskell, Division D Governor

[email protected]


  • The Vice President Membership and Vice President Public Relations are the third- and fourth-ranking club officer.

  • Both positions are key gaining new members and retaining existing members.

  • You are a member of the Officer team.

  • The VPM is on the Area Council.


Vppr responsibilities
VPPR Responsibilities

  • Promote the club - flyers, newspapers, social media.

  • Update website content:


    • Keep the club’s website up-to-date

  • Notify the media - press releases.

  • 3

Vppr responsibilities1
VPPR Responsibilities

  • Make sure you club can be found!

    • Ensure the club’s meeting location and time are listed correctly on the club’s website, promotional material, and with World Headquarters (on TI website).


Vpm responsibilities
VPM Responsibilities

  • Keep track of guests, new members, and members not attending meetings.

    • Guest book and attendance records.

    • Work with prospective members.

    • Work with Treasurer to process membership applications immediately.

  • Speak with fellow members to determine if their needs are being met.


Both vpm and vppr should
Both VPM and VPPR Should

  • Attend club executive committee meetings.

  • Attend TLI.

  • Arrange for a replacement if unable to attend a club meeting.

  • Prepare your successor for office.

  • Attend at Area Council meetings (VPM).


Both vpm and vppr should1
Both VPM and VPPR Should

  • Inform club of your role as an officer.

  • Greet guests.

  • Periodically report on current membership and public relations campaigns.

  • Help guests wanting to join complete the Application for Membership.

  • Support and encourage your fellow members.


Work together
Work Together

  • Plan and promote membership-building and efforts.

    • Goal of one new member per month.

  • Promote achieving 20 members by year-end (June 30, 2014) or sooner.

  • Starting in spring 2014, a club in good standing must have 8 paid members, including 3 carry-overs

  • Devise and promote TI, District and club membership-building programs.


The club success plan
The Club Success Plan

  • Officers should meet periodically

  • Use the Club Success Plan:

    • Set goals for their term of office.

    • Assign responsibilities to specific individuals.

    • Form committees to help accomplish goals.

  • Periodically review goals and timetables

  • During the area governor’s two visits, review the club’s plan, discuss the club’s progress, and ask for advice or assistance if necessary.


Distinguished club goals
Distinguished Club Goals

  • Two CCs

  • Two more CCs

  • One ACB, ACS, or ACG

  • One more ACB, ACS, or ACG

  • One CL, ALB, ALS, or DTM

  • One more CL, ALB, ALS, or DTM

  • Four new members

  • Four more new members

  • Minimum of four club officers trained during each of two training periods

  • One club membership renewal and club officer list submitted on time

    Membership requirements at year-end (June 30): At least 20 members or a net growth of at least five members.


Distinguished club goals1
Distinguished Club Goals



Why build membership
Why Build Membership?

  • Clubs should be at 20+ members – “charter strength” –to operate optimally.

    • Allows more people to be available to fill meeting and club officer roles

    • No one member is overburdened with responsibilities

    • Meetings are more fun and energetic

    • Guests are more likely to join at good meetings

  • Balances natural attrition


Setting membership goals
Setting Membership Goals

A goal of one new member each month will help keep an influx of new members for a strong, healthy club.


Club membership building contests
Club Membership Building Contests

  • Club Contests

    • Set up a goal/competition for club members

      • For bringing visitors, visitors who join, etc.

    • Track member progress at the meetings, e.g., through a bar chart

    • Reward for members sponsoring new members.


D36 membership building
D36 Membership Building

  • DCP goal 7 by September 30

  • DCP goal 8 by December 31

  • Graced members by December 17

  • Open Houses (support)

  • Open Houses (success)

  • April 2014 renewals


Ti membership building contests
TI Membership Building Contests

  • Smedley Award (August 1 to September 30)

  • Talk Up Toastmasters! (February 1 to March 31)

  • Beat the Clock! (May 1 to June 30)

  • It’s simple—add five new, dual or reinstated members to your roster.

  • Qualifying clubs earn a special discount code for 10-percent off their next club order (and a ribbon for your banner).


Membership building steps
Membership-building Steps

Step 1: Find Prospective Members.

  • Work with VPPR to publicize meetings/demos.

  • You already know some prospects – invite them.

  • Word-of-mouth is the best advertising.

  • Members should talk with friends, familyand co-workers.

  • On average, 1 in 3 prospects will join.

  • There are resources to help.


Step 2: Make Every Meeting Great.

  • Work with VPE to hold a periodic open house or demonstration meeting geared to building membership! :

    • Planned and advertised in advance

    • Food as a lure

    • Guest packet / guest book

    • Hold mini-meeting

      • TMOD explains all roles and why

      • TMOD sells the program

      • Work brief testimonials in

      • Speeches are not by expert / evaluate to motivate


Step 3 handling a guest visit
Step 3: Handling a Guest Visit

  • Several club members should say hello and spend a few minutes getting to know the guest.

  • Provide promotional literature (guest packet).

  • Collect their contact information (guest book).

  • Member sits with guest during meeting.

  • TMOD/GE explains roles and purposes during meeting.

  • Table Topics Master offers to let Guest participate.

  • At end of meeting, seek their comments.

  • Answer questions.

  • Invite to join / invite back

  • Close the Sale (next slide)


Step 4 closing the sale
Step 4: Closing the Sale

  • Explain why the Guest should join?

    • Build confidence

    • Learn from doing and feedback - unique to Toastmasters

    • Structured program - explain CC and CL

    • It's not just speeches

      • impromptu speaking

      • learning to listen / giving feedback

      • leading meetings / the club

    • Great on resume


Step 4 closing the sale1
Step 4: Closing the Sale

  • Why the Guest should join? (concluded)

    • Cost is minimal

      • tremendous bargain vs. other options

    • We will not throw you in deep end

      • will have a mentor and start you with easier roles

    • Give personal testimonial

  • Invite guest to join

    • explain terms of membership and application

    • all officers must be well-versed in application

  • Follow up if necessary

    • In person >> telephone >> e-mail (last resort)



  • 6- or 8-week class

  • Students get a crash course in basic speaking and leadership skills

  • The Agricultural Research Center Toastmasters Club, in Beltsville has been able to maintain charter strength for going on 50 years with Speechcraft a major part of this accomplishment

  • Over 90% of our club members joined because of a Speechcraft class

  • Existing members get a chance to pass on the great tips they have learned and perhaps earn credit toward AC-Gold awards




For faster service, add and pay for your new members online at

Club Number: _____________________________ District Number: ___________

Club Name: ________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________________

Membership Type:  New  Reinstated (break in membership)  Renewing (no break in membership)  Dual  Transfer from club number /name _______ /___________________

Member Number (if known) ___________


Last Name / Surname / Family Name First Name / Given Name Middle Initial / Name



Step 5: Start New Members Off Right

  • Deliver what has been promised.

  • The how:

    • Coach them to excellence (mentor).

    • Induct them regally.

    • Get them involved.

    • Give positive reinforcement.

  • Use the resources.


Member retention
Member Retention

  • Serve your members – they joined Toastmasters relying on your club and they deserve the best club experience that the officers can plan and implement

  • Toastmasters can be life-changing

  • No Toastmaster left behind

  • Your club will be so much better when you keep your membership level strong

  • “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”


Membership retention
Membership Retention

  • Orient new members

  • Active mentor-mentee relationship for new (and other if needed) members

  • Follow up with members who miss two meetings in a row

  • Understand member motivations/goals (member surveys)

  • Recognize accomplishments

  • Quality and fun meetings

  • Attend to all members during meetings

Membership retention1
Membership Retention

  • Motivate Members

  • Empower Members

  • Provide Leadership Opportunities

  • Gauge Satisfaction:

    • Member Interest Survey (Item 403)

    • New Member Profile Sheet (Item 405)

    • Club Climate Questionnaire (Item 251C)


Resources to help you
Resources to Help You

  • District 36

    • Other VPPR’s

    • Area Governor

    • Division Governor

    • Public Relations Officer (Desiree Payne)

    • Lt. Governor Marketing

  • Toastmasters International

    • Free brochures available

    • Download flyers & customize with club’s information (search for “brand portal”) 28


  • Know your responsibilities

  • Review your Club’s past efforts

    • What worked and what didn’t?

  • Develop a Plan

  • Share your vision

    • Get the club in on the action

    • Get them excited

    • Lead a TEAM

    • 29

Leading motivating and coaching
Leading, Motivating and Coaching

  • The Club’s Membership building and retention is a team effort

  • You lead the team

  • Team members include the other officers and anyone else interested

  • Competent Leader manual credit

    • e.g., organize a membership campaign (assignments 8 + 10)


Team leadership opportunity
TEAM Leadership Opportunity

  • Set realistic and attainable goals.

  • Plan how to accomplish the goals.

  • Delegate tasks as needed.

  • Monitor progress toward goals.

  • Coach team members when necessary.


Motivating teams
Motivating Teams

  • Understand what motivates each person.

  • Focus on the benefit to the individual.

  • Make expectations clear.

  • Recognize their work.

  • Be a leader.


A responsibilityanda privilege