Ccss appr slo lma
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CCSS/APPR/SLO/LMA. A Summary. A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. ~ Winston Churchill. APPR. Teacher Evaluation 60 points (observation*/goal setting)

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Ccss appr slo lma


  • A Summary

Ccss appr slo lma

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

~Winston Churchill

Ccss appr slo lma


Teacher Evaluation

  • 60 points (observation*/goal setting)

  • 20 points (State Growth Measure/Student Learning Objective [SLO] or goal setting process)

  • 20 points (local assessment)

    *Observations based on New York State Teaching Standards and rubric selected by district.

Ccss appr slo lma


*Will provide the Comparable Growth Measure (CGM) for any teacher who will not receive a CGM from the state.*Can be used for local assessment.*Reflect the most important learning of a course.*Should be comparable for all teachers teaching the same course.*Is specific and measurable.*Based on prior student learning data.*Aligned to standards.

Ccss appr slo lma

For those classes that do not have a state assessment and are not “associated with a state assessment or a Regents,” develop/identify a district-wide assessment and set an SLO for that assessment. Ex. HS Calculus, MS Band, World Languages.In many cases one SLO will be sufficient. However, it may be necessary to have more than one SLO. The SLO must address 50 % of a teacher’s total enrollment. For example, if a teacher has 150 students (50 students in French 1, 50 students in French 2, 50 students in French 3), she will 2 SLOs.

Who will need an SLO?

Ccss appr slo lma

1~Identify student population served.2~Identify learning content, based on standards.3~Interval of time: half-year/year.4~Evidence: assessments or products.5~Baseline: starting point for students.6~Target: Expected outcomes by end of instructional period.7~HEDI Criteria: ranges of student performance and range of points related to ratings.8~Rationale: Why is this learning important?

  • What comprises an SLO?

Appr local assessments

20% Locally Developed Measure of Achievement

We can use the SLO as the local measure of achievement, but it must be used in a different way (i.e. CSE students, ESL, etc.).

APPR/Local Assessments

Appr local assessments1

What should our students know/be able to do for each grade level/course we teach?

Should we use a performance-based task or a traditional assessment?

Assessments and scoring bands for the Local Measure of Assessment are negotiated with teachers.

APPR/Local Assessments

Slo and local measure

Key concepts:

SLO: Must be approved by District

Local: Negotiated with teachers



Aligned with (national/state) standards

SLO and Local Measure


Regional Exams

AP Exams

Final Exams

Part of Exam for SLO/Part for LMA


Performance task

Goal Setting/Skill Getting


What could the summative assessments look like for the slos and lmao

What could the summative assessments look like for the SLOs and LMAO?

What do we need to do to continue our work from here

What do we need to do to continue our work from here?

We can start thinking about options that address the requirements for APPR, the standards, and the goals we have for our courses.

Resources for appr slos local measure

Resources for APPR/SLOs/Local Measure

  • NYS Evaluation Plans Guidance Memo

  • NYSUT TED Handbook

  • NYSUT APPR PowerPoint

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