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MFG FY11 Product Review . Autodesk Confidential VAR Non Disclosure Agreements. Autodesk Inventor 2011. Ease Of Use Enhanced Visualization Simulation. “Ease Of Use” Project Overview.

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MFG FY11 Product Review

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Presentation Transcript

MFG FY11 Product Review

Autodesk Confidential

VAR Non Disclosure Agreements

Autodesk Inventor 2011

  • Ease Of Use

  • Enhanced Visualization

  • Simulation

“Ease Of Use” Project Overview

  • Improve Productivity and Ease of Use for 80% of Part Modeling work practices (Sketch, Extrude, Revolve, Hole, Fillet, Chamfer, Work Features, Move Face)

  • Leverage Autocad sketching workflows

  • Streamline access to common commands

  • Enhance command interaction

  • Optimize Assembly Component Placement

    • New “Assemble” command

  • Modernize & Streamline Inventor’s User Interface

  • Enhanced Sketching

    • Specify dimensions while you sketch

    • Create dimensions while you sketch

    Quick Access to Frequent Commands

    • “Contextual Toolbar” appears when clicking on:

      • Faces

      • Edges

      • Sketches

    In-Canvas Feature Controls

    • Reduce mouse mileage and easily explore design

      • Extrude

      • Revolve

      • Hole

      • Fillet

      • Chamfer

      • Move Face

      • Work Plane

    Realistic, Boolean Feature Previews

    • See the feature result before committing

      • Extrude

      • Revolve

      • Hole

      • Fillet

      • Chamfer

      • Move Face

    Inventor 2010

    Inventor 2011

    Inventor 2010

    Inventor 2011

    Preview Example: Extrude (Intersect)

    Inventor 2010

    Inventor 2011

    Inventor 2010

    Inventor 2011

    Preview Example: Hole

    Inventor 2010

    Inventor 2011

    Inventor 2010

    Inventor 2011

    Preview Example: Fillet & Chamfer

    Inventor 2011

    Inventor 2011

    Inventor 2010

    Inventor 2011

    New (access to)Work Features

    • Clear display of all Work Feature creation methods

    • Selections filtered to assist creation of specified type

    Part Deformation with ‘Move Face’

    • Tweak model by manipulating existing geometry

    • Fillets re-blend automatically

    • Captured as a feature in the browser

    Inventor Assemblies in a Snap

    • New “Assemble” command streamlines component assembly

    • Easily reposition fully constrained components

    • Manage constraint conflicts with Improved Assembly diagnostics

    Autodesk Inventor 2011Enhanced Visualization

    Industry Leading Visual Experience

    What we did!

    Replaced our legacy graphics system with the new Autodesk graphics platform

    Inventor 2010

    Inventor 2011

    Inventor 2011 – Visual Experience - Goals

    • Improved the out of box visual experience

    • Provides easy to use visual effects

    • Improves modeling experience

    Industry Leading Visual Experience

    What changed!

    • Visual styles

    • Lighting styles

    • New

      • Ground Plane

      • Shadows

      • Reflections

    Simple & Grouped

    Industry Leading Visual Experience

    • Visual styles

    Inventor 2011

    Inventor 2010

    Providing a simple extension to what you already use

    10 preset


    3 preset


    Industry Leading Visual Experience

    • Lighting styles

    Inventor 2010

    Inventor 2011

    Providing a simple extension to what you already use

    Industry Leading Visual Experience



    Ground Plane

    Image based lights

    An interesting combination of IBL with the Illustration Visual Style

    Common Material Appearance Library

    • Shared across Autodesk products

    • Similar user experience across Autodesk products

    iLogic Enhancements

    iLogic integration

    • Incorporated ilogic Parameters into core inventor parameters table

    • Integrate help

    • Dock able rule browser

    • iLogic add-in installed as part of inventor (Not for Inventor LT)

    Expanded Functionality

    • Rules functions for Drawings - approx 20 new functions

    • View positions and spacing

    • Sheet size control

    • Restore Balloons

    • Additional Event types to drive rules

    • Feature component suppression Change

    • Vault awareness (retrieving parts to the workspace)

    • iLogic copy design - on labs

    • If the rules are related to design parts filenames the rules get broken.

    iLogic Rules fundamental

    • Rules strategy write out plain English first (or other language)

    • Rules limitation - limited to what inventor can do

    • Rules naming - use unique descriptive names

    • Rules length - as short as possible

    • Rule content - limit the scope

    • Rule quantity - more is better

    • Rule readability - meaningful names for variables, parameters, features and components

    • Rule Order - the order of the rules in the browser can effect the outcome

    • Rule structure - assembly rules drive assembly things, part rules drive part things

    • Rule language -

    iCopy and Drawing Enhancements

    iCopy Enhancements

    • iCopy enhancements - bring iCopy up to production standards.  Involves changes to both iCopy and core Inventor

      • Support for line & plane inputs

      • Assembly feature browser node for iCopy objects

      • Support for feature patterning

      • File name control

      • Make Frame Generator, DACCs work well with iCopy (still under evaluation)

      • Enhance adaptivity

    • Architectural View Scale

    • Architectural Units - support fractional units in Inventor modeling

    • Architectural Drawing Sheet Sizes

    • "Static" Flag for Rotating/Scaling Blocks

    • API for Blocks

    Customer goal

    • Create a pattern of assemblies as quickly and easily as possible. Each assembly may vary slightly from other assemblies in the pattern.

    Canopy design – trusses

    Ladder design – rungs

    Conveyor design – supports

    Example customer use cases

    Model the design intent

    Build geometric representation that will determine the shape for each assembly

    Build an adaptive assembly model

    Build an assembly that can change shape based on changing geometry inputs in each situation

    Pattern the adaptive assembly

    Use geometric representation to copy and adapt the assembly


    AEC Exchange - Search

    • Goal: Improve the user experience in navigating component types during AEC exchange

    • Solution:

      • Search capabilities

    Architectural Unit Support

    • Support for inch fractional and architectural units in modeling environments

    • Four pieces to solution

      • Parameter Display Type

      • Input String Retention & Type Setting

      • Parameter Unit Override

      • Tolerances

    • Support leading zero

    Fabrication Drawings

    • Import Blocks

    • Dynamic and Static Blocks

    • Style Library Updates

    • Architectural Scale

    • Replace Model Reference

    • Chain Dimension Type

    • Hatch Updates

    • Application Options for Fabrication

    Other Enhancements

    • Windows 7

    • Catia V4 Import

    • Performance Large Assembly

    • Performance Shrinkwrap

    • Support ACAD constraints during DWGIN

    • ….

    Autodesk Inventor 2011Simulation



    AIP + Algor + Moldflow =

    4% of the market



    MFG Simulation Suite

    Inventor R2011: Frame Analysis

    Inventor R2011: Guide Tool

    Inventor R2011: Guide Tool

    • Assistance for Loads, Constraints, Contacts, and Results (not Mesh)

    • Context-aware

    • Familiar UI

    • Access from Ribbon & right-mouse menus

    Inventor R2011: Model Simplification


    25850 -> 9833



    11407 -> 4794


    Inventor R2011: Model Simplification

    Inventor R2011: Enhancements

    • Meshing

      • ASM based (not Parasolid)

      • Automated part healing

      • Thin Extrusion allowance

      • Contact Area

    • Dynamic Simulation

      • Mechanism Status during Sim

    Inventor R2010 Subscription

    • Materials

      • Expose all materials in browser

      • Multi-select support for overrides

    • Label UI Overhaul

    • Single File Reports

    Autodesk Algor R2011

    Autodesk Algor R2011

    Autodesk standards for UI

    • Autodesk common navigation tools

    • Network install push

    • Ribbon (Labs)

    CAD Interoperability

    • Other CAD

      • UG & CATIA import

      • 3D DXF - DWG Import improvements

    • Inventor

      • AIP to Algor

      • Fix interop defects

    Inventor – Algor Interop Demo


    • Moldflow Interop

    • Fusion Interop - Demo

    • Fatigue Wizard

    • Piping Design Tech Preview

    Fusion Interop Demo

    Piping Design Technology Preview

    • WHY

      • ASME and European piping code compliance

      • Calculates gross deflections and stresses

    • WHO

      • Mechanical Engineers

      • Piping Engineers

    • WHERE

      • Plant Design

      • Building design

    Piping Design

    Autodesk Inventor 2011 Tooling

    Key Enhancements

    • Unique Instance Support

    • Core/Cavity Creation Robustness

    • Performance & Capacity Optimizations

    • Dynamic Simulation of Mold

    • Expanded Mold Base & Component Library content

      • Imperial/Inch

      • Meusburger

    • Moldflow enhancements

      • Results Display Overlay

    • Support for DWG output

    • File naming

    • Documentation Enhancements


    Mold Design

    Unique Instance Support

    • Unique core/cavity, insert, and core pin instances in pattern allowing for instance-specific detailing.

    • Allows unique instances to be created with mold aspects – gates, runners, cooling channel

    Core/Cavity Creation Robustness

    • Mold-specific functionality has been introduced to improve the robustness of core/cavity creation with context sensitive error checking and reporting.

    • Users will be able to automatically generate the core/cavity for a broader range parts, whether native Inventor or imported and when it fails have bad geometry identified.

    Performance & Capacity Optimizations

    • Identify and address areas to improve key workflows.

    • Improvements:

      • Mold Assembly Open performance – 69%

      • Mold Assembly Open capacity – 53%

      • Browser Switch performance – 85%

      • Gate Location Edit performance – 52%

    Dynamic Simulation of Mold

    • Automatically incorporate kinematic constraints and pre-defined positional representations for mold base assembly.

    • Range of motion can now be simulated for a mold base assembly allowing the user to examine the mold base components for clearance and interference.

    Expanded Mold Base & Component Library

    • Imperial/Inch content and Meusburger catalog coverage has been expanded; content can be filtered by sub-category.

    • Customers working in Imperial/Inch units and/or from the Meusburger catalog now have more content to reference during design; sub-category filtering facilitates easier selection.

    Moldflow Enhancements

    • Display air traps and weldlines overlaid on results.

    • Allows the user to view air trap and weldline indicators with other results to gain a better understanding of their cause.


    Support for DWG Output

    • Allow drawings to be generated in DWG format as well as IDW format.

    • Users can now directly specify drawings to be generated in DWG format so that they can interoperate with AutoCAD and other applications which use DWG format.

    File Naming

    • Provides a way, which is consistent with Inventor, that allows users to specify filename/location for all parts created

    • Users can now apply their own naming to mold parts generated during design rather than relying upon default names.

    Documentation Enhancements

    • AIT Tooltips

    • AIT Help integrated with AIP Help

    • 5 existing tutorials added to their own Tooling tab

    • 2 New AIT tutorials

      • Resolving Design Issues

      • Kinematics

    • 1 new AIT Skill Builder

    Autodesk® Inventor® FusionTechnology Preview

    Parametric and direct modeling

    will both remain relevant

    Why both?

    Because customers shouldn’t have to choose.

    When Customers Need Parametric Modeling

    • Knowledge capture allows reuse over life cycle

    • Iterative optimization of design

    • Product family configurations

    When Customers Need Direct Modeling

    • Modification of non-native data

    • “What if” scenarios and unique design changes

    • Rapid expression of design ideas

    Autodesk delivers direct ANDparametric modeling with Inventor Fusion technology

    Inventor Fusion Technology

    Standalone technology preview delivers:

    • Unrivaled ease of use

    • Rapid design changes without limitations

    • Modify Non Native Data

    • Seamless direct and parametric workflows with a single digital model*

    *Note: must have Inventor 2010 subscription to utilize

    Seamless direct and parametric workflows

    • The freedom of direct modeling with the ability to exercise control over change

    • Automatic creation, deletion or modification of features necessary to accommodate changes

    • Changes update the parametric model's feature history, ensuring critical design intent is maintained

    Technology Preview 2 Overview


    • Snap bar improvements

    • Improved feature Boolean logic

    • Press/pull workflow improvements

    • Improved look at behavior when working with sketches and sketch based features

    • Improved sweep path behavior

    • Sweep along spline

    • Loft

    • Face draft

    • Improved move triad reorient

    • Selective feature recognition

    • Chamfer feature recognition

    • Change feature recognition type

    • Dissolve features

    • Fillet corner options

    • Split bodies and general split improvements

    • Pattern occurrence suppression

    • Measure

    • Copy and paste topology across faces and components


    • Polygon

    • Ellipse

    • Project existing sketch curves into new sketches

    • Trim/extend spline and ellipse

    • Copy and paste sketch geometry


    • New assemble command

    • Change constraints to move the first selection rather than treat it as grounded

    • Add ground component to browser menu

    • Constrain to work geometry

    • Constraint folder in the browser

    • Cycle constraint highlight on hover in browser

    • Copy and paste components across documents

    • Paste as new

    • Make occurrence independent from others

    • Component paste allows for placement in 3D graphics

    • Improve center constraint usability

    • Add direction flip for constraints in graphics


    • Cylinder height dimension

    • Edit of angle dimensions

    • Real-time dimension updates

    • Named views remember annotation plane visibility

    • Global dimension precision control

    User Interface

    • Minimize ribbon to panel buttons

    • Simplified ribbon tabs

    • Application menu file thumbnail support

    • New effects and UI display options

    • Option to turn off snap bar UI

    • Improved background gradient

    • Consistent visual style for in graphics UI

    • Marking menu and command cleanup

    • New context menus

    • Selection glyph in canvas

    • Shift middle-mouse-button for rotate

    • Double-click dwg launches Fusion if file was last saved with Fusion

    Data Exchange

    • DWF export

    • STL export

    • Pro/E import and export

    • Catia import and export


    • Physical materials based visualization

    • Ambient occlusion effect

    • Silhouettes effect

    • Improved graphics texture tiling logic

    • Support edges on or edges off visual style

    Technology Preview 3 Overview


    • Vault

    • Deployments

    • Parasolids Import

    • Change Manager 2

    • Localized

    • High Quality Materials and Effects

    • Performance

    • MoldFlow and Algor add-ins

    • In the Inventor 2011 Box

    Inventor Fusion

    • Parametric and direct modeling are both important

    • Customers need both…today

    • Inventor Fusion technology delivers unique capabilities

    • Next step: download at

    MFG FY11 In Context Data Management

    Inventor Publisher

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