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US History Review. Day 4. The primary religious issue of the 1960 presidential election in the United States was the Catholic faith of John F. Kennedy.

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Us history review

US HistoryReview

Day 4

  • The passage of the came to fighting each other during the Cold War was the Immigration Act of 1965 resulted in the elimination of an immigration policy based on national origin quotas

“This administration, today, here and now, declares unconditional war on poverty in America, and I urge this Congress and all Americans to join me in that effort.” -President Lyndon B. Johnson State of the Union Address January 8, 1964

  • The program President Lyndon B. Johnson created to wage his unconditional war on poverty was the Great Society

  • The successful formation of the New Deal (1933-1941), and the Great Society (1965-1968) were similar in that they United Farm Workers indicated that the ideals of thecivil rights movement had influenced the actions of Hispanic Americans

  • The was to U.S. support of Israel (giving them military supplies during the Yom Kippur War) caused the Arab Oil Embargo

  • Region the Federal government during the 20 during the last half of the century saw a decrease in its population due to a decline in factory jobs


  • The the establishment of main significance of the Watergate affair was that it showed that the laws of the U.S. are superior to the actions of the president

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