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New Media Management. State of the art for now. Overview. The philosophy of New Medi a Management in the Newhouse School. The complexity of the space. The imperative of technology. Get to the point. This is a ‘Do Not Walk’ sign. This car will hit you. DZH 7092. Select readings.

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New media management

New Media Management

State of the art for now


  • The philosophy of New Media Management in the Newhouse School.

  • The complexity of the space.

  • The imperative of technology.

How to read a book
How to read a book

  • First pass, read the first sentence of each paragraph in a chapter; this will give you a sense of the direction the author is taking to prove his/her point. (10 minutes)

  • Ask yourself, what is the core issue s/he is dealing with? (10 minutes)

  • Think critically about assumptions and conclusions the author makes. Write a sentence to argue. (15 minutes)

  • Answer: What forces increase the probability of preventing/ensuring success? (20 minutes)

  • Read thoroughly for details and insight. Linger on the diagrams and derive a narrative. (120 minutes)

  • Jot down a prediction for what comes next. (5 minutes)

  • Total time: 3 hours

The deliverables
The deliverables

  • Presentation of the core ideas

    • adhere to the Pareto Principle

    • discern the regulatory signals

  • One page summary of the core ideas.

    • Get to the point.

    • Write a well-formed critique/counter if you have it. Include a current example.

Every company is a medi a company
Every Company is a Media Company

  • They communicate with their customers over multiple channels using many platforms.

  • They don’t have a mass, undifferentiated audience, and they have to discern their audience with data.

  • People have preferences and histories.

There are large scale forces at play
There are large scale forces at play

  • Economics of long cycles

  • The life of capital.

  • There is a dynamic relationship between capital, scale, and innovation.

  • The legal / regulatory system’s role in economic viability.

  • The dynamics of digital networks.

  • The dynamics of networked disruptive enablers.

The basics of the technology
The basics of the technology

  • The client-server technology stack

  • The Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) is composed of 7 layers:

    • Application Layer | dynamic data

    • Presentation layer | fixed data

    • Session Layer | enabled data

    • Transport Layer | tcp software

    • Network Layer | configured hardware (IP)

    • Data Link Layer | switches, bridges, ethernet

    • Physical Layer | servers, circuit boards

  • Order is crucial; each layer is made possible by the one below.