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Using available resources. Karl Hopwood Cyberbullying – What can you do? June 6 th - Kendal. Aims . Consider some of the issues Look at range of resources Consider why this happens Some ideas to use / try in school. Cyberbullying is not a recognised concept.

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Using available resources l.jpg

Using available resources

Karl Hopwood

Cyberbullying – What can you do?

June 6th - Kendal

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  • Consider some of the issues

  • Look at range of resources

  • Consider why this happens

  • Some ideas to use / try in school

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  • Cyberbullying is not a recognised concept.

  • Young people do not tend to use the term and there are strong norms towards “seeing the joke” where online behaviour is concerned.

  • Ippr – behind the screen: The hidden life of youth online

But over 1 3 are worried about cyberbullying on social networks l.jpg
But...over 1/3 are worried about cyberbullying on social networks....

Ofcom media literacy report – May 2008

Plenty of resources l.jpg
Plenty of resources.....

  • www.digizen.orgg
















  • And many many others....

  • 811,000 google hits for cyberbullying

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  • “It depends who it is. If it’s your enemy, you cuss ‘em down and they cuss you back, but if it’s just like your girlfriend or something you just like chat.”

    • Boy 14

The byron review l.jpg
The Byron Review

  • “It’s easier to say horrible stuff about people on the internet. It got really horrible in Year 10. Lots of people were being bullied over the internet. It gets brought into school. When friends do this, it’s horrible. It makes you really upset. You don’t want to go into school again...”

Schools must be proactive l.jpg
Schools must be proactive

  • Get children involved

  • Start at primary

  • Encourage dialogue

  • Make links between on and off line...

Www netsmartz org l.jpg

  • Animations

  • Videos

  • Lesson plans

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  • Provide a stimulus for discussion face...”

  • Why is this not acceptable?

  • So why do people still do it?

  • What can we do?

  • Make the link between on and offline as strong as possible – constantly reinforce....

  • Think before you post....

Orange l.jpg
Orange face...”

Adina s deck l.jpg
Adina’s Deck face...”

What about teachers l.jpg
What about teachers? face...”

  • Teacher baiting

  • Rate my teacher

  • Hate sites

  • Fake profiles

  • Etc.

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Positive uses l.jpg
Positive uses? face...”

“I'm in the 7th grade. I'm 13. I'm not a cheerleader. I'm not the president of the student body. Or captain of the debate team. I'm not the prettiest girl in my class. I'm not the most popular girl in my class. I'm just a kid. I'm a little shy. And it's really hard in this school to impress people enough to be your friend if you're not any of those things. But I go on these really great vacations with my parents between Christmas and New Year's every year. And I take pictures of places we go. And I write about those places. And I post this on my Xanga. Because I think if kids in school read what I have to say and how I say it, they'll want to be my friend.”

Why youth heart social networking sites – danahboyd

Http www teachernet gov uk wholeschool behaviour tacklingbullying cyberbullying l.jpg

Www teachtoday eu l.jpg

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Thanks for listening.....