Underground sound
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Underground Sound. The Basement Studio. What is Underground Sound?. Recording Studio in a residential basement Indy label for my music Full service sound engineering Personal musical workspace. Trained in Sound Design Trained in classical music Over 400 hours of sound board time

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Underground Sound

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Underground sound

Underground Sound

The Basement Studio

What is underground sound

What is Underground Sound?

  • Recording Studio in a residential basement

  • Indy label for my music

  • Full service sound engineering

  • Personal musical workspace

Why can i do this

Trained in Sound Design

Trained in classical music

Over 400 hours of sound board time

Extensive practice with sound recording equipment

Multiple computer music courses

Music Business major from Radford University with a Business Administration minor

Why can I do this?

Why would i want to

Why would I want to?

  • Control

    • Artistic

    • Legal (rights)

  • More legal control = More money

  • Having your own studio to play in is fun

  • Having access to a studio at odd hours helps the “odd” artist

Operations statement

Operations Statement

  • This recording studio will star mainly by taking on outside recording projects

  • Another main reason is to further my career as both a songwriter and sound engineer

  • If ever my music becomes popular enough I wish to try and make it a private recording studio



  • Worldwide distribution through www.theorchard.com

  • Direct performances to producers and directors in New York (dramatic readings)

  • Direct internet sales to customer through my website.

  • Trade magazine ads for the recording studio

  • Radio ads

The orchard

The Orchard

  • 49 dollars for worldwide physical distribution

    • Retailers such as Wal-Mart, Amazon.com, and both mega and small record stores

  • 99 dollars for both physical and digital distribution

    • Most Mp3 download services in many countries (languages)

The orchard pt 2

The Orchard pt.2

  • You get 70% of the wholesale price you get to set during registration

  • It is a non-exclusive agreement

    • Can distribute to whoever else you want at whatever price you want concurrently

  • There are discounts in the registration cost for multiple registrations

What to be

What to be?

  • Sole Proprietorship

    • Full control

    • Easier taxes than a corporation

    • Free

    • Low administrative complexity

Other business

Other business

  • I will use musicians to record my music in my studio and hire them as independent contractors

    • Don’t have to pay insurance or benefits for employees

    • Becomes contracted musicians job to handle taxes

    • Checked off mostly “Yes’s” as required on the IRS’s contractor check list



  • Specialty homeowners clause to cover the extra equipment

  • Pictures and documentation of the worth of every piece of equipment

  • Health insurance for myself

What s it all going to take

What’s it all going to take?

The expected costs

The Expected Costs

The year 2011

THE YEAR 2011!!!!

Where did the time go?

2011 business expenses

2011 Business Expenses

Home business

Home business

  • Mine is used solely for my business

  • I am in the studio everyday working on my work or being paid to help others record

  • I have taken many pictures of the studio in use

Part of my home

Part of my home…

Learn me good

Learn me good

  • Sound recording conventions

  • Seminars

  • Continually working to gain new experiences

  • Education is deductible

From point a to point b

From point A to point B

Trying to make some

Trying to make some $$$

Time to make an album

Time to make an album

Year 2012

Such cheap studio time

Such cheap studio time…

How many i got

How many I got?

Hit the road jack

Hit the road jack…

Making money yet

Making money yet…?

Underground sound


A glimpse at what might be…

Money flows both ways

Money flows both ways…



Hasn t died yet

Hasn’t died yet…

One last chance for some bling

One last chance for some bling…

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