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Prime Art. What is the difference between a prime number and a composite number?. What is on your card??. Let’s put the numbers where they go?. Now that the class work is done – let’s be creative !!!. I know what you’re thinking WHAT!!!!.

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Prime Art

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Prime Art

  • What is the difference between a prime number and a composite number?

What is on your card??

Let’s put the numbers where they go?

  • Now that the class work is done – let’s be creative !!!

I know what you’re thinking


Your mission today is to create an original piece of art using a Prime number.

Let’s look at some art techniques that you can use on your project and some not so “good” pieces and then yours will look awesome.

Using different values ( shading) to define the number 8.

By Sanchez

Notice how the value (darkness of the shading) gets more dramatic the darker it gets.

This number is outlined by stippling all around a traced number then erasing the outline.

By Me

Do not laugh - you might hurt the artist’s feeling and I might cry.

This is my favorite – stippling to define the number.

This artist is using stippling to do a self-portrait. WOW so many dots.

This number is slightly abstracted and is defined by the use of hatching and cross hatching. One type of hatching is definitely better than different types in the same art piece.

At least I was willing to try to create. No -“I can’t do it” -for me.

Hatching and cross hatching examples.

Curvilinear and hatching are used in this picture. They did a better job than I could have ever done.

Using patterns to illustrate the number. I know I am not so good

Andy Warhol demonstrates patterns

Web site for this art

Patterns – simple pie slices –simple prime numbers

Artist: Wayne Thiebaud

The next few samples are from



Not quite a pattern – but really wicked

This is called biomorphic shapes

Do not limit yourself to the plain form of a number. Be inventive –creative.

And have fun – don’t be afraid


In My

Bag ???

Follow the directions or suffer the untamed voice of the Sanchezator !!

  • Students select your numbers careful there might be more than numbers in there.

Pick up a piece of card stock.

Pick up rulers/pencils/pen.

It’s your time to select a number.


or Safe Bet

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