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History of Architecture 47 Week 01. Textbook. Textbook. Textbook. What is ‘modernism’?. Most of us will agree that a modernist work is perceived as ‘difficult’ , and that this difficulty is related to its newness and difference from what we have seen before.

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History of Architecture 47 Week 01

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History of architecture 47 week 01 l.jpg

History of Architecture 47Week 01

Textbook l.jpg


Textbook3 l.jpg


Textbook4 l.jpg


What is modernism l.jpg

What is ‘modernism’?

Most of us will agree that a modernist work is perceived as ‘difficult’ , and that this difficulty is related to its newness and difference from what we have seen before.

D.H. Lawrence “… to read a really new novel will always hurt, to some extent. There will always be resistance. The same with new pictures, new music (new architecture – emphasis added). You may judge of their reality by the fact that they do arouse a certain resistance.”


The word MODERNISM dates to 1737 in the sense of "deviation from the ancient and classical manner" [Johnson, who calls it "a word invented by Swift"].

Week 2 architecture for revolution neoclassical developments l.jpg

Week 2 – Architecture for RevolutionNeoclassical Developments





English vs French Approach to Neoclassicism

Theory of Types in Architecture


Week 3 structural engineering and rationalism l.jpg

Week 3 – Structural Engineering and Rationalism

Iron Industry Developments

Evolution of Bridge Engineering in Iron

Relationship to Railroad Development

Crystal Palace – Paxton

Thomas Telford

Brooklyn Bridge – John Roebling

Split between Architecture and Engineering Widens

Philosophical Underpinning of Rationalism

Eiffel Tower

The Cement Age - Hennebique


Frank Lloyd Wright early use of Concrete

Week 4 an american architecture thomas jefferson victorianism h h richardson l.jpg

Week 4 – An American Architecture: Thomas Jefferson;Victorianism; H.H. Richardson

Jefferson’s Classicism

University of Virginia Campus Design

Virginia Statehouse

Development of Washington D.C.

Benjamin Latrobe

The Roman Idiom: Instrument of Progress

The Industrial Revolution and Victorianism

H.H. Richardson

Week 4 victorianism and the triumph of the superficial h h richardson l.jpg

Week 4 - Victorianism and the Triumph of the Superficial;H.H. Richardson

Period of reign of Queen Victoria 1837 – 1901

Height of INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION in Britain and apex of British Empire.

Gothic Revival Movement in Architecture

Mechanization Takes Command Sigfried Giedion

Growth of Railways

Steam Press = Mass Market for Pulp Fiction


H.H. Richardson

Week 5 arts and crafts movement guimard horta gaudi futurism adolf loos l.jpg

Week 5 – Arts and Crafts Movement; Guimard, Horta, Gaudi; Futurism; Adolf Loos

William Morris


English Free Architecture Movement



Sant ‘Elia


Adolf Loos “Ornament is Crime”

Week 6 mackintosh the glasgow school adler and sullivan chicago school frank lloyd wright l.jpg

Week 6 – Mackintosh , the Glasgow School;Adler and Sullivan / Chicago SchoolFrank Lloyd Wright

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

The Glasgow School



Frank Lloyd Wright’s Early Work

Week 7 german developments van de velde garnier perret l.jpg

Week 7 – German Developments; Van de Velde;Garnier; Perret;





Van de Velde

Tony Garnier and the Cite Industrielle

Auguste Perret

Week 8 werkbund and german expressionism l.jpg

Week 8 – Werkbund and German Expressionism


Peter Behrens and AEG

Philosophical Underpinnings of Expressionism

Bruno Taut

Architecture of the Spirit

Week 09 bauhaus l.jpg

Week 09 – Bauhaus

Walter Gropius

Relationship to Cubism

Peter Behrens (?)‏

Bauhaus Industrial Design

Bauhaus Costume Design

Week 10 gropius and bauhaus the new objectivity l.jpg

Week 10 – Gropius and Bauhaus;The New Objectivity

Philosophical Underpinnings of Objectivism

Week 11 de stijl le corbusier l.jpg

Week 11 – De Stijl. Le Corbusier

Piet Mondrian

Gerrit Rietveld


Le Corbusier

Esprit Nouveau (New Spirit)‏

Regulating Lines

Golden Section

Machine Aesthetic of Purism

Grounded in Neo-Platonic Philosophy

Maison Domino

Villa Stein at Garche

‘Five Points’

Villa Savoye

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