Discount and loyalty management fuel cards self service terminals for gas stations
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Discount and loyalty management Fuel cards Self-service terminals for gas stations. EPS Services Presentation. Contents. About us Discount and loyalty management solution Fuel cards Self service terminals for gas stations. About us.

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EPS Services Presentation

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Discount and loyalty management

Fuel cards

Self-service terminals for gas stations

EPS Services Presentation


  • About us

  • Discount and loyalty management solution

  • Fuel cards

  • Self service terminals for gas stations

About us

  • EPS LT, JSC offers electronic payment systems and solutions to their clients. The company has a lot of experience in developing and installing banks’ electronic service solutions, loyalty systems and other unique electronic products.

  • Currently EPS LT, JSC provides electronic services and products and cooperates with partners in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Ukraine.

  • EPS LT, JSC was established in 2009 after the reorganization of JSC “Elektroninės mokėjmo sistemos”

  • Our clients – leaders of their segments: MAXIMA, RIMI, Lukoil, and many others.

Discount and loyalty management solution

Discount and loyalty management

Why should you need it?

  • It is much cheaper to maintain and old customer, that to attract a new one

  • Deployment of discount and loyalty solution increases customers average receipt sum

  • Knowledge of customers habits leads to more efficient direct personal marketing

Discount and loyalty management

What does it enable you to accomplish?

  • Effectively manage, control and plan loyalty programs of your company

  • Provide fast and automatic service to the clients based on set discount and loyalty parameters

  • Possibility to organize loyalty promotions together with partners

  • Gather and provide in-depth analysis of Loyalty Operations

Discount and loyalty management


Discount and loyalty management

Grouping of cards:

  • Cards are grouped according to their prefix

  • Each group can be configured for online authorization

  • Partner cards can be easily added

Discount and loyalty management

Station management:

  • Fuel stations can be grouped for easier administration

  • Each group can have individual loyalty rules

  • Individual stations can be assigned to multiple groups

Discount and loyalty management

Discount parameter management:

  • One set of parameters covers all points-of-sale

  • Several sets of parameters can be planned in advance

  • Full history of used parameters are available for analysis

Discount and loyalty management

Discount scheme: BASIC

  • Fixed discount for fuel and car wash

  • Each card group can have different discount settings

  • Works in offline mode

Discount and loyalty management

Discount scheme: ADDITIONAL

  • Additional discount per individual fuel type

  • Different configuration for any combination of card group and gas station

  • Works in offline mode

Discount and loyalty management

Discount scheme: SPECIAL PRICE

  • Additional discount for any product

  • Configurable per card group

  • Works in offline mode

Discount and loyalty management

Discount scheme: ACCUMULATIVE

  • Discount for fuel and carwash (per card group), that depends on previous month’s usage

  • Special discount applied in offline mode

Discount and loyalty management

Discount scheme: PARTNER

  • Partner’s loyalty system can be integrated to gain additional value

  • Accumulated points on partners card can be redeemed in your system, with different usage coefficient

Discount and loyalty management

  • Additional marketing text can be printed on each receipt

  • Text can be different for any combination card group and gas station.

Discount and loyalty management

Multi-partner loyalty card system

A single card uniting different sectors of the economy that provides possibility to companies-participants promote their services and reward their loyal customers

Discount and loyalty management

A singleloyaltycardunitingdifferentparticipants:

  • Supermarketchains

  • Petrolstations

  • Pharmacies

  • Domesticelectricappliancestores

  • Gyms

  • Clothingshops

  • Clubs, cafes, hotels

  • Auto servicechains

  • Travelagencies

  • Aircarriers

Discount and loyalty management

Strengths of multi-partner loyalty card system:

  • Attractive idea to customer

  • Open system to enroll new participants

  • Synergies from co-operation

  • Marketing co-operation

  • Brand promotion

  • Funds saving

  • Development of the internal interests of companies

  • Joint customer data collection, sharing and analysis

  • Greater customer participation

  • Unified web portal

All participants use same SINGLE loyalty system

Discount and loyalty management

Models of multi-partner card loyalty solutions

MANY independent loyalty programs controlled by each participant operated by 1 system

New participants are added to unified loyalty card

Loyalty cards of new participants becomes a part of

existing loyalty program

Discount and loyalty management

  • Transformation from mono to coalition loyalty


+ Increased number of loyalty program users

+ Increased brand recognition

+ Customer satisfaction

- More complex system administration

- Different participant needs





Loyalty system 1

Loyalty system 5



Loyalty card

Loyalty system 2


Loyalty system 4

Loyalty system 3




Discount and loyalty management

Coalition loyalty

Discount and loyalty management

  • Card Distribution channels

    • Participants’ stores

    • Order via internet

    • Public distribution

  • Communication channels:

    • Receipt

      • Information is printed on the receipt

    • Internet

      • Customer can check his loyalty status via internet

    • E-mail and SMS

      • Customer can be informed on special occasion

Discount and loyalty management


  • Transactioncollectioninterfaces – transaction data gatheringfrom POS, billingsystems, retail data warehouses, etc.

  • Data processingunit - transactionprocessing, bonusaccountissuing, etc.

  • Businesslogics module – bonuscalculationandredemptionrules, inter-participantclearing, settlement.

  • Businessanalytics - reporting, data warehousing

  • Management & Administrationunit – promotionssetupandactivation.

Discount and loyalty management

MONO LOYALTY SYSTEM –owned and operated by one participant

Maintained and managed

by Operator (Participant)

Discount and loyalty management

MULTI PARTNER LOYALTY SYSTEM –owned and operated by one operator managed by each participant separately

Maintained by Operator

Managed by each Participant individually

Discount and loyalty management


Fuel cards

Fuel cards

What are the benefits? (1/1)

  • All-in-one solution from single service provider

  • Unified and flexible system for quick and painless integration of new standards

  • Implements international safety standards and best practices – reducing the possibility of fraud

  • Increased real-time monitoring of debt

  • Attractive and flexible discounts mechanisms

  • Automatic invoice generation and distribution

  • Web-based self-service interface for customers

  • Implementation experience and many years of service solutions to the largest network of petrol stations in the Baltic countries

Fuel cards

What are the benefits? (2/2)

  • A fully functional system can be rolled-out within 4 weeks

  • Serve over 750'000 transactions per month

  • Reducing the number of debt from 11% to 2%

  • Improved loyalty system – increase customer base up to 15% within 6 months

  • Fast and cost-effective introduction of new features

Fuel cards

Management tools - user’s interface

Fuel cards

User administration:

  • Can be managed by operator

  • Different users have different access levels

Fuel cards

Card acceptor (CA) management:

  • Several card acceptors can co-exist in a single installation

  • Each CA can have different policy assigned

  • Custom non-working days are configured per each CA

Fuel cards

Other configuration features:

  • Several fuel suppliers can be registered

  • Product restrictions are configured manually

  • Support for excise calculations

Fuel cards

Customer search:

  • Can be found by searching in different attributes (name, registration code, account number, card number, etc.)

  • Search is performed on replicated data in a separate warehouse, so no overhead load is applied to a host

Fuel cards

Customers data – general attributes:

  • Contact data (address, registration, emails, etc.)

  • Contract details

  • Invoicing settings

Fuel cards

Customers data – additional attributes:

  • Bank account numbers for real-time payment mapping

  • Contact person details

  • Self-service web site login credentials

Fuel cards

Customers data – credit settings:

  • General credit limits and terms

  • Insurance – related data

  • Risk evaluation settings

Fuel cards

Customers data – cards’ management:

  • Allows manual blocking and unblocking of cards

  • Can be integrated with card production module

Fuel cards

Customers data – discount configuration:

  • Accumulative discount scheme with 5 ranges

  • Discounts for foreign/partners cards

  • Discount is applied during invoice generation

Fuel cards

Customers data – additional taxes:

  • Additional billing lines can be applied for certain actions

  • Can be applied manually or automatically

Fuel cards

Reporting tools:

  • 30+ predefined reports

  • 10 additional custom reports

Fuel cards

Main business processes:

  • Issue cards

  • Manage cards during operation

  • Perform authorizations

  • Monitor finances

  • Serve inter-regional cards (clearing)

  • Reporting

Fuel cards

System architecture:

Fuel cards

Card-related tasks:

  • Production of "blank" cards

  • Preparing files for card personalization

  • Generation of PIN-codes (DES/3DES)

  • Entering data about customers

  • Card account generation

Fuel cards

Management tasks:

  • Customers account provisioningandmonitoring

  • Automaticandmanual blocking ofcards

  • Replacing outdatedcards

  • ChangePIN-codes

  • Sale restrictionmanagement

Fuel cards


  • Online – eachtransactionvalidateswith HOST inrealtime

  • Offline – transactions are processed locally in POS based on “black” and “white” lists.

Fuel cards

Online authorization:

  • Request more information about the account balance cards

  • Perform payment

  • Perform refunds or partial payment services

    Validations performed:

  • PIN-code

  • Balance

  • Daily / monthly limits of the account and card

  • Shopping limit

  • The list of goods permitted for sale

Fuel cards

Inter-regional cards support:

  • UTA

  • DKV

  • ESSO

    Extra features:

  • Serve in different currencies

  • Reports about the cash flow for each country

  • Cross-serving of cards with partners and its own network in all countries

Fuel cards

Information output:

  • Invoicing

  • Reports

    • Daily / weekly / monthly log of operations

    • The number of active cards by type for the reporting period

    • The number of serviced transactions

    • Monthly turnover in gas station / shop

    • The list of debtors

    • Many others

  • Self-service web site for customers

  • Email and phone helpdesk

Fuel cards


Self-service payment terminal

for gas stations

Self-service terminals for gas stations

What are the benefits:

  • Cost effective replacement of night shift workers

  • Ideal solution for “cold” gas stations

  • Increased service speed for “fuel-only” customers

  • One terminal can control all pumps in station

  • Easy integration with attended POS software

  • Integrates site controller with support for most fuel-dispensing hardware manufacturers

Self-service terminals for gas stations

Hardware variations

  • Stand alone – rests on the ground and attaches to a wall

  • Internal – to be mounted inside a wall

  • Retro-fit – double sided, to be installed on a foot-stand

Self-service terminals for gas stations

Technical characteristics:

Self-service terminals for gas stations

Supported terminal hardware manufacturers:

  • Wincor/Nixdorf

  • Dresser Wayne

  • Autotank

  • Tusson

Self-service terminals for gas stations

Payment types:

  • Cash (bank-notes only, no coins)

  • Bank cards (VISA, Mastercard, AmEx, etc.)

  • Gift vouchers

  • Change coupons

  • Fuel cards

  • Combined payment (any combination of the above)

Self-service terminals for gas stations

Discounts and loyalty management:

  • Fixed discounts

  • Accumulative discounts

  • Bonus points

  • Differential leveling of discounts

  • Special prices

  • Range discounts

Self-service terminals for gas stations

Additional features:

  • Pre-paid mode – fuel pumps are only activated after payment.

  • Post-paid mode – customer may fill in prior to payment.

  • Pre-set fill in – of the exact specified amount of fuel

  • Sales of electronic products – e.g. GSM prepaid, public transportation tickets, etc.

Self-service terminals for gas stations


  • Via terminalsinterface (touchscreen)

  • Externalsoftwareformixedstations

  • Centralizedmanagementsolutionforthewholenetwork

Self-service terminals for gas stations

Real-time monitoring:

  • Paper level in receipt and/or A4 printer(s)

  • Bill-holder status

  • Atmospherical sensors

  • Tamperdetectors (integrationwithsecuritycompanyispossible)

  • Fueltank status

Self-service terminals for gas stations

User interface

  • Work flow is highly customizable to fit with your companies corporate style and specific business requirements

  • Defaults are perfectforanystandardinstallation

Self-service terminals for gas stations


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