24 hour museum sector rebuild consultation
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David Dawson Head of Digital Futures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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24 Hour Museum sector rebuild consultation David Dawson Head of Digital Futures Netful of Jewels The new network will be a personal cultural medium for the age of personal learning.

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24 hour museum sector rebuild consultation l.jpg

24 Hour Museumsector rebuild consultation

David Dawson

Head of Digital Futures

Netful of jewels l.jpg
Netful of Jewels

  • The new network will be a personal cultural medium for the age of personal learning.

  • People want museums to provide collection related information and they want interactive, participative services, too. Both are essential to the digital museum.

  • Museum resources of all kinds must be linked to those from libraries, archives, universities and other arts, humanities and science institutions worldwide.

24 hour museum l.jpg
24 Hour Museum

  • new funding from DfES, through MLA to develop as a ‘cultural sector broker’

    • search service to enable teachers and schools to more easily find out about educational opportunities offered to them by cultural sector organisations

    • enable teachers to find out the education resources that are available to them from the cultural sector, such as online content, educational workshops and visits to exhibitions

  • open source, open standards

  • able to support web services / Web 2.0

Cultural sector broker l.jpg
Cultural Sector Broker

  • what does this mean?

  • how could we create it?

  • we have many components already …

    • 24 Hour Museum

    • Cornucopia


    • People’s Network Discover Service

    • A2A , Archives Hub etc

    • plus ???

Cornucopia l.jpg

  • online database of museum collections

  • system for collection descriptions – different interfaces for different user communities

    • Cecilia – music libraries

    • Inspire – cross-sectoral library collections

    • Subject SpecialistNetworks

      • Egyptology

Michael l.jpg

  • Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage now 14 countries across EU

  • European portal in development

  • digital collections

    • websites

    • online learning resources

    • databases

    • CD / DVDs

      the ‘missing bit’ of a collections description service that complements Cornucopia

People s network discover service l.jpg
People’s Network Discover Service

  • harvests other databases (OAI, web services)

    • MICHAEL and Cornucopia

    • PAS, BL Collect Britain, Fitzwilliam

    • more to come - a condition of Renaissance / Designation Funding

  • being used as basis for other projects

    • 20th Century London

    • NE ‘Single Point of Access’

  • access to object / item level content

Putting the components together l.jpg
Putting the components together

Presentation services







Object level records