Cultural landscape of the united states and canada
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Cultural Landscape of the United States and Canada U. S. Capitol building in Washington, DC Capital building in Richmond Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA Site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence

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Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA

Site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence

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Great Plains expansion

Atlantic Coastal Plain

Gulf Coastal Plain

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Los Angeles expansion

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Houston, TX expansion

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Los Angeles, CA expansion

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New York City expansion

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Chicago, IL expansion

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Capital of the United States expansion

Washington. DC

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Vancouver, BC expansion

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Ottawa expansion

Capital of Canada

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Montreal expansion

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Toronto expansion

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Richmond, VA developed where the James River met the fall line. Ships could no longer go upstream so the city of Richmond was established.

Richmond, VA

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Omaha, Nebraska and Sacramento, CA developed because they were on the Transcontinental Railroad.

Sacramento, CA

Omaha, NE

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Pittsburgh, PA developed where three rivers converge. were on the Transcontinental Railroad.


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Quebec City were on the Transcontinental Railroad.

Quebec City developed where the St. Lawrence River narrowed.

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Quebec, City were on the Transcontinental Railroad.


Vancouver, BC



Chicago, IL

Sacramento, CA

N.Y. City


Omaha, NE

Richmond, VA

Wash. DC

Los Angeles, CA

Houston, TX