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HISTORY OF AICUF. 1924. Catholic Young Man Guild (CYMG) It’s humble Commencing at St. Joseph’s College, Trichy . Fr. Carty, S. J. guided this CYMG A Magazine ‘The Rally’ was started. Fr. Carty SJ Founder of AICUF. 1929.

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History of aicuf


History of aicuf


  • Catholic Young Man Guild (CYMG)

  • It’s humble Commencing at St. Joseph’s College, Trichy.

  • Fr. Carty, S. J. guided this CYMG

  • A Magazine ‘The Rally’ was started.

Fr. Carty SJ

Founder of AICUF

History of aicuf


  • Catholic Young Man Federation (CYMF)The CYMG and the MYCL (Malabar Catholic Youth League)(Founded by Fr. Honore, S. J. in 1915) federated to form the CYMF

History of aicuf


  • The birth of South India Catholic University Federation (SICUF)

  • It was created after the model PAX ROMANA

  • (IMCS – International Movement of Catholic Students)

History of aicuf



  • Catholic Students Union

  • New Man Association

History of aicuf



  • The CBCI (Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India)

  • Officially recognized it as the Catholic University Movement for India.

1952 june

1952 (June)

The New National Director,

who gave a new stand to AICUF

Fr. Ceyrac SJ

1952 december

1952 (December)

  • The First AICUF National Congress was held in Madras with the theme “Unity”.

  • 2700 delegates from all over India participated.

1953 may

1953 (May)

  • The First National Leadership Camp was held in Mysore.

History of aicuf


  • National Secretariate shifted fromTrichytoLoyola College, Chennai.

History of aicuf


  • First AICUF Constitution - CSU Constitution

  • The Federation was divided into 9 Regions.

  • The First SOCIAL WORK CAMP was held.

History of aicuf


  • The Second National Congress was held in Bangalore with its theme, “Towards a Better World”

  • 2800 delegates attended the congress.

History of aicuf


  • The Third National Congress was held in Bombay

  • 2500 delegates attended the Congress

  • The theme was “Problems of Student Milieu” as its theme.

History of aicuf


  • Fourth National Congress was held in Ernakulum

  • 3000 delegates attended the Congress.

  • “Students and Social Justice “was the theme

History of aicuf


  • First National Convention in Madras.

  • The theme was “National Responsibility and Commitment”.

History of aicuf


  • Fr. Lawrence Colaco, S.J., was appointed National Director of AICUF.

  • The Present National Secretariat AICUF House was acquired.

  • The Constitution was revised and Federation was divided into 14 Regions.

History of aicuf


  • Second National Convention in Madras with theme “The India we want”.

1970 may

1970 (May)

  • The First National Consultation in Bangalore initiated the new orientation by a through study of AICUF’s function and role in the society.

1970 june

1970 (June)

  • Fr.Claude D’ Souza. S.J. was appointed National Director of AICUF.

  • Two ex-AICUF-ers joined the National Team as Full-Timers.

1970 december


  • National seminar on ‘Marxism and Christianity’ was held at Poonamallee, Madras.

  • Poonamallee declaration “We were born into an unjust society and we are determined not to leave it as we have found it”.

1972 august

1972 (August)

  • Project Know India (PKI) was born, when the central committee members made a critical evaluation of the AICUF Programmes.

History of aicuf

  • National Seminar on “Egalitarian Society” by the students involved in the PKI.

  • In order to evoke greater theological reflection on the historical situation of man and society and to elicit deeper motivation to strive for human freedom, training sessions for advisors were introduced.

History of aicuf


  • National Documentation Centre was started

History of aicuf


  • Serendipity sessions were started for grasping the Gospel values through the discovery method at individual and group levels.

1977 july


  • The AICUF Documentation Service began sending relevant cyclostyled materials on a regular basis to the advisors and others interested in Christian reflection and social change.

1979 july

1979 (July)

  • The Central Committee members spelt out the new vision and the main Thrust of the movement.

1982 january

1982 (January)

  • The Second National Consultation, held in Madras as an important landmark in the history of AICUF.

  • The fruit of the deliberation was the ‘Mylapore Minutes’.“Back to the Campus” and “University to the masses” were the slogans that reflect the spirit of the consultation.

1985 july


  • Constituting a constitution commission in July 1985, “to explore the various aspects of constitutional changes and to initiate the prosses of evolving a new constitution”.

1987 december


  • A non-Christian student was elected National President in August 1987.

  • The mid CCM faced this issue squarely and declared the National election unconstitutional and a fresh election was conducted.

1988 june


  • The Third National Consultation of AICUF was held at Loyola College, Madras.

1988 august


  • The CCM unanimously accepted most of the recommendations of the consultations to prepare a fresh draft incorporating all the insights of the National Consultation.

1989 june


  • In the Third National Convention the student representatives approved the Draft constitution prepared by the commission

History of aicuf


  • The First National Council.

  • Dalits, Tribals and Women were chosen at the target people.

After 1989


History of aicuf


  • 3rd National Convention from 14-17, June 1989.

    Theme: “The new AICUF constitution”

  • New Constitution

  • New Federal Set up

  • New National Adviser

  • Birth of Orissa AICUF State

Major challenges faced after 1989


  • Commercialized Education

  • Communalized and criminalized atmosphere

  • Student Movements, attending to localized issues

  • Arrival of first-generation students from Adivasi, Dalit and Women sections

  • Globalization

  • Communalism and Fundamentalism

  • Forms of Resistance and Rebuilding from the vulnerable groups.

History of aicuf


  • Commencement of Regular National councils

  • Summer Programmes

  • National Council from 25-29, August 1990.

  • State Policy Documents

  • All Gujarat Student Development Movement (AGSDM) got affiliated to AICUF.

  • Andhra Pradesh AICUF was banned.

  • AICUF President of Orissa Mr. PradeepKindo was killed

  • First Women’s Workshop in T.N. Conducted.

History of aicuf


  • Student Organization for Social Action (SOSA) was born in Andhra Pradesh, in the place of AICUF.

History of aicuf


  • Bangalore Catholic Student Association (BACSA) was started

  • Attempts to revive Goa AICUF.

  • National Seminar on Communalism, Chennai.

History of aicuf


  • Ex-AICUFers Convention

  • ‘Our Response To The Emerging Scene’

  • National Seminar on Communalism, Bangalore.

  • 5th National Council from 12-15, August 1993.

    ‘The Challenges before AICUF Today’

History of aicuf


  • 4th National Consultation - cum – Council from 12-15, August 1994.

    Birth of Adivasi Yuva Chetna Munch and National Dalit and women forums

  • Assessment of Five Years.

  • Forums / Commissions were born

  • National Full-timer was appointed

  • Bihar was divided into North Bihar (Dalits Predominantly) and South Bihar (Tribal)

History of aicuf


  • National Dalit Student Consultation at Ennore, Chennai.

  • Youth Festival in AICUF Ashram, Bhopal.

  • National Workshop on Human Rights.

  • National Council from 12-15 August 1995.

    Theme:Youth and Students of India – Their Trends and Challenges

History of aicuf


  • 8th National Council from 15th-18th, August 1996

    Theme:Youth & Politics, Youth & Media

  • New National Adviser Fr. K. Amal, SJ, succeeds Fr. Manu SJ.

  • A lot of revivals Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Karnataka, Maharashtra and the Tribal States

  • A lot of challenges Bihar, North East and Non-AICUF States.

  • Adivasi Yuva Chetna Manch - Policy Document was finalized.

History of aicuf


  • National Summer Programmes with Exposure Camps

  • National Seminars on Major Issues – Commercialization of Education, Globalization,

  • Communalism and Fundamentalism.

  • AICUF was revived in Maharashtra.

  • 9th National Council from 14 – 17, August 1997.

    Theme: Fifty Years of Independent India

History of aicuf


  • National Consultation - Cum – Council from August 13 – 16, 1998

    Theme:Globalisation and Communalism

  • Change in DC Team

  • Regularised Rally - Student News as a Supplement of Rally.

  • AICUF was revived in Andhra Pradesh.

History of aicuf


  • National Convention on June 9-12, 1999.

    Theme: Marching with the Marginalized

  • Amendments in Constitution 1989 Interim Council

  • RSA (Refugee Students’ Association) was born.

History of aicuf


  • 12th National Council on 28-31, August 2000

    Theme: University Students of Today - Are We Awakened?

History of aicuf


  • 13th National Council during 12-15, August 2001

    Theme: University Students Let’s be Conscientised and be Sensitive to the marginalized

History of aicuf


  • 14th National Council during 15th – 18th August 2002

    Theme: University Students – Let’s Search to Know, Realize and Assert Our Rights.

  • National Summer Programme on Student Rights are Human Rights, Chennai.

History of aicuf


  • 15th National Council during

    14th – 17th August 2003

    Theme: “Let us Unite and Assert Our Rights, To Evolve Alternatives towards a Just Society”.

  • Participated in ASIAN SOCIAL FORUM, Hyderabad

  • Fr. Henry Jerome, SJ succeeds Fr. K. Amal, SJ.

History of aicuf


  • First National Women’s Convention to be held in December at Gujarat (29th December 2004 – 1st January 2005).

  • Participated in WORLD SOCIAL FORUM, Mumbai

  • All States

  • Training in Theatre

  • Awareness Programmes

  • Protests

  • Youth Convention

  • Leadership and Personality Development

  • Journalism Seminar

  • 16th National Council and 80th year celebration of AICUF from 13th – 16th August 2004

    Theme: “Dreaming and struggling together…Stepping into the 80th Year…Sensitizing Students for a Just World…”

History of aicuf


  • 17th National Council during 11- 14, August 2005 on “AICUF Calls: Analyse, Assess, and Intervene to Humanize the World”

  • West Bengal AICUF gave birth to Dumka.

  • Dumka was affiliated as a new state into AICUF.

History of aicuf


  • 18th National Council from 12th – 15th, August 2006 on the theme “University Students: Experience, Reflect and Act; Challenging and Annihilating the Inhuman Context, Evolving the Just Society”.

  • The 18th AICUF National Council, has got a historical significance as it is the first National Council to be held outside Tamil Nadu, in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

  • Delhi AICUF is now owned by Jesuit theologians of VidyaJyothi, the Jesuit theologiate in the capital.

  • First National Dalit Students Convention from May 30, 2006 to June 2, 2006 at St. Patrick’s High School campus, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

History of aicuf


  • 19th National Council from 11-14, August 2007 on the theme was “Revitalizing the power of University students to be with the struggles and hopes of the marginalized and to become an Empowered Civil Society”.

  • The Council was decided that AICUF had to organize the 5th National Convention.

  • First National AYCM (Adivasi Yuva Chetan Manch) Convention held in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

History of aicuf


  • 20th AICUF National Council from 13- 16, August 2008 on the theme was “Reclaiming Student Activism, Becoming Seeds of Resistance, University Students Resolve to be the Vanguard of the Emerging civil society”

History of aicuf


  • 6th National Consultation and 21st National Council from 12th -15th Aug 2010

  • Towards 5th National Convention.

History of aicuf


  • 5th National Convention – June 3rd to June 6th 2010, at Loyola College campus, Chennai.

    “Students, to Act and to be Political”

  • Mid-Council – 13 – 15th August 2010.

  • New National Adviser Fr. M. G. Selvin Raj, S.J, succeeds Fr. Henry Jerome S.J

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