Fifth grade daily routines
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Fifth Grade Daily Routines. Problem of the Day Quarter 1. Day 1. Maya had $3.75 and found 7 quarters. How much money did Maya have then?. Day 2. Tanya painted a canvas with 4 colors. The canvas has a length of 18 in. and a width of 9 in.

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Fifth Grade Daily Routines

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Fifth Grade Daily Routines

Problem of the Day

Quarter 1

Day 1

Maya had $3.75 and found 7 quarters. How much money did Maya have then?

Day 2

Tanya painted a canvas with 4 colors. The

canvas has a length of 18 in. and a width of 9 in.

She painted red on a section that is the entire

width but half the entire length. Blue, green,

and purple equally share the remaining area.

What is the difference in the area of the red and

the green sections?

Day 3

Tina painted a wall in her bedroom. It was 10 feet high and 13 feet long. She said she painted more than 100 square feet. Ben said she painted less than 100 square feet. Who is right? 

Day 4

Cartons of beads sell for $16.00 each. Bill predicts that the price will increase by $0.75 each year for the next decade. If his prediction is true, in how many years will the price be more than $20?

Day 5

Kay is making a poster for her science fair project. She needs to display 8 photos that are 8 inches wide and 10 inches high. Her poster board is 24 inches wide and 36 inches high. Tell how much area of the poster board will not be covered. Show 2 ways Kay could arrange the photos on the poster board.

Day 6

Alma put wallpaper on a wall with dimensions 6 ft 9 in. by 8 ft 4 in. She needed only one roll of pre-cut wallpaper to cover it. How many square feet does the roll of wallpaper need to cover? Explain if you found an estimate or an exact answer and why.

Day 7

Cory and Sam agreed to equally share expenses on a trip. Sam spent $124.70 for their 8 meals. Cory paid for 32 gallons of gas that cost $3.24 per gallon. How much did each boy have to pay for these expenses?

Day 8

There are 36 students participating in the math challenge teams this year. There is an even number of teams. The teachers want the greatest number of teams possible with at least 5 students per team. How many teams are there?

Day 9

Students are putting 3 muffins and 2 scones into each bag for a bake sale. They begin with 375 muffins and 240 scones. How many full bags can they make? How many muffins or scones will be left over?

Day 10

Jenna brought 60 cookies to share with her class. There are 24 students in her class. How many cookies will each student get? Explain.

Day 11

There are 67 students in the fifth grade. The teachers want to divide them into groups of 4 or 5 to work on a project. How many groups will there be? Explain your answer.

Day 12

Gina has 24 feet of fencing to fence 4 sides of a rectangular herb garden she wants to plant. If she makes all sides at least 3 feet long and all lengths whole numbers, what garden sizes can she make?

Day 13

A grocer has received 312 pounds of oranges and must package them in 10-pound and 3-pound bags. She uses the same number of each size of bag. How many of each did she use?

Day 14

Gina sold 30 tickets to the play. She sold 4 times as many student tickets as adult tickets. Two-thirds of the student tickets sold were unreserved seats. How many of the student tickets sold were for reserved seats?

Day 15

Uli spent $32 to buy a total of 10 tickets for both adults and children. An adult ticket costs $4, which is twice the price of a children’s ticket. How many of each kind of ticket did she buy?

Day 16

The Dickerson children earned money for doing chores around their farm. Jacob earned $3.50, Maggie earned $5.95, Abigail earned $2.55, and Samuel earned $5.75. They wanted to combine their money to buy gum at the store. Each gumball was one dime. If the gumball machine only took dimes how many gumballs could the Dickerson children get?

Day 17

What number is half-way between 0.7 and 0.8?

What number is half-way between 0.07 and 0.08?

What number is half-way between 0.007 and 0.008?

Day 18

I’m less than 0.9, greater than 0.7 and 0.05 from 0.87.

We’re greater than 0.75, less than 1.2 and 0.04 from 0.92.

I’m less than 0.4, greater than 0.12 and 0.07 from 0.35.

Day 19

Ryan saved $15.00 to spend at the skate rink. Ryan visited the snack bar and decided he wanted a soda for $1.89, a hot dog for $2.99, and cotton candy for $1.79. He wanted to have $10.00 to play arcade games. Ryan estimated that he would have more than $10.00 left after buying his snacks. Is he correct? Explain.

Day 20

Find the number that is 0.1 greater than and the number that is 0.1 less than each of the given numbers.


Day 21

Brett measured a building to be 100 ft. long and 23 ft. wide. How could you use what you know about the Powers of 10 to quickly show Brett how to find the area of the building? Then give Brett a similar problem to figure out using the Powers of 10.

Day 22

Name the numbers that result from dividing 7,000 by 10, 100, and 1,000. Then name the numbers that result from multiplying 36 by 10, 100, and 1,000. What do you notice?

Day 23

Jordan multiplied 20 x 500 and provided his answer as 10,000. Mike told him that he was incorrect. He said that since the problem only had three zeros the answer could only have three zeros. Jordan argued that he was indeed correct. Who is correct? Why? What other equation would result in this same misconception?

Day 24

Jeff found 100 bags of coins. Each bag had $0.28. How could Jeff use his knowledge of the Powers of 10 to find out how much money he found? Explain.

Day 25

Alice uses a pedometer to see how far she walks. On Monday she walked 4.2 miles. On the other days of the week she walked 5.55, 6.3, 4.7, 4.25, 11.5, and 9.2 miles. Estimate the total distance Alice walked that week by rounding each distance to the nearest whole number.

Day 26

Heather plans to mow lawns to earn extra money. She will charge $25.00 for each lawn she mows. She estimates she will be able to save all the money except for $3.00 per lawn. How many lawns will she need to mow in order to save $200?

Day 27

Victoria will serve 58 guests one mini hamburger. Each hamburger uses 1/8 lb. of meat and a roll. Meat costs $4.39 a pound and rolls cost $3.82 for a package of 6. About how much will it cost to buy supplies for the guests?

Day 28

Janeen was sewing curtains for her baby’s room. She measured her windows to be 36.7 inches wide and 39.4 inches long. About how much fabric will she need if she wants the curtain to close and cover the entire window?

Day 29

Steven bought three bags of candy from the grocery store. One weighed 18.9 ounces, one weighed 12.4 ounces, and one weighed 24.8 ounces. About how much did Steven’s candy weigh in all?

Day 30

Write another addition problem involving decimals that has the same sum as the following equation:

2.6581 + 14.7 = 17.3581

Day 31

Find the number that is 0.1 greater and the number that is 0.01 less than each of the given numbers.


Day 32

Write another subtraction problem that has a decimal difference that is less than the given difference and one with a decimal difference that is greater. 6.2 – 3.37 = 2.83

Day 33

Find the number that is 0.1 greater and the number that is 0.01 less than each of the given numbers.

470.26 3,189.5 25,317 153.906

Day 34

Write one addition and one subtraction problem that each use 4.61 as the answer.

Day 35

Sung Hoon made two decimals numbers using the digits 5, 6, and 7. He found 7.425 to be their sum. What is the difference of the two decimal numbers?

Day 36

Find the number that is 0.01 greater and the number that is 0.01 less than each of the given numbers.


Day 37

Find the number that is 0.001 greater and the number that is 0.001 less than each of the given numbers


Day 38

Find the number that is 0.1 greater and the number that is 0.1 less than each of the given numbers.

6,789874.025 89,105.13 971,355.4

Day 39

Find the number that is 0.001 greater than each of the numbers below. Then find the number that is 0.001 less than each number.


Day 40

Jamie bought 3 books at the school book fair. Two of the books cost $4.50 each. Jamie paid with a twenty-dollar bill and received $3.05 in change. Assuming Jamie did not pay sales tax, how much did the third book cost?

Day 41

Rachel and Sierra were comparing the lids of their jewelry boxes. Rachel and Sierra both argued that only their lid had at least one set of perpendicular diagonals. Sandra was listening to the girls discuss their lids and had them use yarn to make diagonals on them. She noticed both girls had lids that had all sides congruent. With Sandra’s help the girls realized that they both had lids with at least one set of perpendicular diagonals. What are the possible lids the girls may have had on their jewelry boxes?

Day 42

Jarod and Wade were building a castle using blocks. They began discussing the parallel sides on each of their quadrilaterals. Jarod said that he noticed that all of the shapes had 2 sets of parallel sides. Wade told him that he was wrong. Who is correct? Explain why.

Day 43

Brooks and Jackson were constructing quadrilaterals (squares, rhombi, rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids) on drawing paper and decided to include diagonals in each of their shapes. After they were finished their mom asked them to color the shapes that had diagonals that were all congruent to each other. Which polygons should the boys have colored?

Day 44

Tina measured the angles of a triangle using a protractor and recorded them on her white board. She marked angle A 78°, angle B 32°, and angle C 80°. Her partner told her that her measurements were incorrect before she even used the protractor to check her friend’s work. How did her partner know immediately that Tina’s measurements could not have been accurate?

Day 45

Is it possible to draw a quadrilateral with at least 3 obtuse angles? Draw an example and a counter-example with angle measures.

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