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How many ions are in a mole of chloride, Cl - ?

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How many ions are in a mole of chloride, Cl - ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How many ions are in a mole of chloride, Cl - ?. 6.022 x 10 23 ions= 1mol. What do a mole of chloride ions and a mole of xenon atoms have in common?. They both have the same amount of particles; 6.022 x 10 23 particles. Does a mole of Xenon have the same mass as a mole of chloride ions?.

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No, according to the periodic table, each substance has a different mass. They just are the same number of particles.
1 mol Cl35.45g Cl

35.45g Cl or 1 mol Cl

If a test question asked you to calculate average atomic mass what numerical data would have to be given in the problem?
The empirical formula is the simplified ratio and the molecular formula is how the molecule actually exists.
How can you check your answer in a percent composition problem to make sure there are no obvious errors?
Particles, ions, atoms, molecules, and formula units.

That means whenever you write 6.022 x 1023 you must have one of those units behind it.

NOT g or mol.

CO2 molecule

H2O molecule

Al atom

H2 molecule