Judaism and Christianity

Judaism and Christianity PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fundamental Beliefs. There is one and ONLY one GodEach person has individual relationship with GodPrayers addressed to GodGod is ultimate authority and possesses final dominion over the UniverseLife is HolyTorah is a guide to correct livingStudying Torah equivalent to prayerGroup worship and

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Judaism and Christianity

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1. Judaism and Christianity

2. Fundamental Beliefs There is one and ONLY one God Each person has individual relationship with God Prayers addressed to God God is ultimate authority and possesses final dominion over the Universe Life is Holy Torah is a guide to correct living Studying Torah equivalent to prayer Group worship and prayer are indispensable Jews share collective destiny and purpose regardless of nationality No acceptance of Idolatry

3. Modern Judaism Orthodox Tradition: Jews are bound to preserve ritual, tradition and doctrine as received from rabbis of the past Conservative Judaism: Past traditions important, but try to hold on to as many old traditions as possible while still making accommodations with social realities Reform Judaism Most pragmatic Tries to retain as much as possible of ancient traditions, but only those that make sense in contemporary world Most popular in US and Europe

4. Dietary Law Kosher: that which is in accordance with established standards of Jewish ritual is relation to food and its preparation Deals with cleanliness and avoiding unclean animals See Deuteronomy in Christian Old Testament or Torah and/or Talmud


6. BEGINNINGS From Judaism Based on teachings of Jesus Christ Early persecution Constantine’s conversion Papal Authority Impact of Christianity of Europe and World

7. SCHISMS 1054 first break between Latin speaking church in West and Greek speaking church in East Catholic and Orthodoxy Protestant Reformation (reasons why) Martin Luther’s 95 thesis 1817 Henry VIII

8. BASIC BELIEFS OF CHRISTIANITY Jesus Christ is Son of God Bible is word of God Bible composed of Old and New Testament and Apocrypha Translation issues with Bible Basic belief in love, forgiveness and repentance By dying and then rising from dead, Christ made world redemption possible

9. Trinity Basis of Catholicism Son, Jesus Christ, is truly God and truly human Father, Son and Holy Spirit makes up trinity Not considered as having a gender Triune is both one and three Fact that it defies logic is part of Dogma

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