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Sharon Carney June 15, 2002 African SOTA, Nairobi` - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sharon Carney June 15, 2002 African SOTA, Nairobi`. NEW ENTRY PROFESSIONALS. New Entry Professionals ( NEPS). Class #1 - 8 persons recruited 3 left Agency 5 assigned and posted Class #4 - 8 persons recruited 8 assigned 2 at post Class #5 - 8 persons recruited 2 assigned

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Sharon Carney

June 15, 2002

African SOTA, Nairobi`

New entry professionals


New Entry Professionals (NEPS)

Class #1 - 8 persons recruited

3 left Agency

5 assigned and posted

Class #4 - 8 persons recruited

8 assigned

2 at post

Class #5 - 8 persons recruited

2 assigned

0 at post

New Entry Professionals (NEPS)

Class #7 - Currently recruiting for 11

Will come on board in September

  • We need your help…..

    • Need Mission Health Officers provide NEPs a TDY experience.

      • NEPs have $5000 which quite often will cover airfare and MI&E if Mission provides lodging arrangements

      • NEPs are not available to do summer coverage

Bs 50 health population nutrition foreign service officers

BS-50 Health Population & NutritionForeign Service Officers

Current bs 50 employees
Current BS-50 Employees*

* As of 9/2000

Bs 50 projected attrition fy 2001 fy 2005
BS-50Projected Attrition FY 2001- FY 2005

Recruitment recommendations
Recruitment Recommendations

*Not counting new 14 HIV/AIDS positions


Special Announcement expected in June

14 New HIV/AIDS positions – all overseas

Next Bid List/Cycle planned for September

(need your help in determining open positions)

NEPS will be bidding o/a November


Definite trend to change PHN (technical) to GDO


Due to cut in OE funding

Over the last few years has occurred in Uganda,

Madagascar and Benin

In the future the trend will most likely continue


# Agency-wide reviewed for Promotions FY1998 - Fy2001



  • By Promotion Boards/Clusters

  • By Time in Class

  • By Backstop within POM

  • Promotion Board

FS-02 to FS-01

By Promotion Boards/Clusters

FS-03 to FS-02

FS-04 to FS-03


VS/ BS 50 Average Time in Class

*Data for Clusters 3/31/2000 ……Data for BS-50 9/30/2000

Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs)


The Department of State’s Bureau of Human Resources’

Office of Overseas Employment (HR/OE) has responsibility for the entire system for managing FSNs worldwide- including managemnet of the entire range of legal, classification, compensation, employee relations and diplomatic issues.

Which means that while HR staff in Washington are available as resources, interpretations and liaison

with HR/OE is handled by the policy branch of


Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs)


Since 1999 use 3 data sources to determine salaries:

1. Watson Wyatt Worldwide salary scales

2. UN Development Program salary scales

3. FSN Compensation Questionnaire

HR/OE’s annual questionnaire is a critical

element also. This questionnaire can help

deal with the rapid inflation or devaluation

that occurs in many countries.

Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs)

Computer Aided Job Evaluation (CAJE)

  • New computer job evaluation tool designed to replace

  • the narrative based FSN position classification standards contained in the current ‘Local Employee Position Classification Handbook’ (LEPCH).

  • Benefits:

  • Objectively evaluate content of job on

  • factors found in every job

  • Reduce workload & time

  • Increase consistency of job rating world-wide

  • Will be found on Intranet or PC

Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs)

Pension Plan

A. Only instituted in countries where USG lacks

confidence in host-country social security system.

B. Department of Treasury recently agreed to plan.

C. U.S. commercial bank will hold the funds deposited

by employers agencies for FSNs.

D. HR/OE is determining list of eligible countries

E. Plan to be piloted this summer in 1 or 2 posts

F. Remaining countries added in few months

G. Also exploring an FSN savings plan.