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MAC Business Meeting: Year In Review. Curt Eischens, Council Chair Amy Fredregill, Managing Director November 10, 2008. Theme: Pride in Our Past, Promise for our Future. We are proud of our co-op heritage and know we have a bright future if we work together to spread the cooperative message

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MAC Business Meeting: Year In Review

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Presentation Transcript

MAC Business Meeting: Year In Review

Curt Eischens, Council Chair

Amy Fredregill, Managing Director

November 10, 2008

Theme: Pride in Our Past, Promise for our Future

We are proud of our co-op heritage and know we have a bright future if we work together to spread the cooperative message

  • Minnesota is the leading cooperative state in the nation

  • MAC is strong and growing and reflects the important of cooperatives in our state

  • Unification with WFC has been very positive

    • Little has been asked and much support has been given

Council Meetings

  • The MAC Council met in the spring and summer, besides the annual meeting

    • Spring meeting focused on strategic planning

      • Governance changes recommended (to be discussed later)

      • MAC Council is analyzing how to meet needs of a growing membership

  • Spring meeting was held in conjunction with legislative session

  • Summer meeting at Great River Energy

    • Co-ops 101 and Director Liability Workshop scheduled day before

MAC Membership is Growing

  • Membership continues to grow gradually despite mergers and acquisitions

  • Largest growth in financial services and senior housing

  • However, mergers primarily in grain and ag supply sector continue to offset part of our membership gains.

  • Membership continues to diversify

    • Committees become even more important with this diversification.

Total Number of Members Per Year

Membership by Industry

2007-08 Dues Revenue by Industry Sector

MAC Budget

  • MAC’s financial position continues to improve

    • MAC’s 2008 positive net of $54,000 on total budget of just under $600,000

  • Review of dues formulas this summer resulted in minor changes:

    • 4% inflationary dues increase due to increases in fuel costs, postage, and health insurance

    • 5% for senior housing cooperatives due to a potential significant legislative initiative

    • Farm Supply, Grain and Fuel dues form revamped to adjust to rapid price changes in fuel, fertilizer and other crop inputs

MAC Representation on WFC Board of Directors

  • The WFC Board is pleased with the continued strong progress being made in Minnesota

  • Your three representatives on the WFC Board actively participated in the Board’s activities and discussions

    • Neil Christy

    • Dennis Hunwardsen

    • Curt Eischens

    • Dave Hoelmer served as the alternate

WFC Board

  • There is a very positive working relationship between MAC Council and WFC Board

  • At WFC Board meetings, little or no attention is paid to what state the director lives in

  • WFC Board relies on MAC Council to set Minnesota policy agenda, but actually invites MAC Council members to help advise on Wisconsin policies issues

Governance Committee Recommendations

  • Result of the MAC Council and WFC Board strategic planning processes

    • Both want to finalize the unification that occurred in 2004

  • MAC reps on Governance Committee included Eischens, Hoelmer and Christy (3 of 8 members)

  • Strong desire by both MAC Council and WFC Boards to operate under a new name that is not tied to a state or region

  • The new organization would register under Minnesota cooperative law

Governance Committee Recommendations

  • Proposed board organization would substantially increase the representation of Minnesotans on the corporate board

    • This reflects the confidence the WFC Board has in the growth of Minnesota membership

    • Never felt issues were decided in the WFC Board meetings by what state the board member came from

  • Minnesota policy issues would be determined by a new state committee

    • Committee would handle the responsibilities of the MAC Council

    • Wisconsin policy issues would be handled by a new Wisconsin state committee since the WFC Board would no longer exist

Proposed Article and Bylaw Changes

  • Your representatives strongly encourage you to vote for the proposed changes

  • Please stay for final vote on Wednesday – only votes cast then will count

  • Please make sure you have read everything in your packets regarding the proposed Governance Committee changes

  • If you have any questions, please ask a MAC rep on the WFC Board (Eischens, Hunwardsen, Christy or Hoelmer) or staff

MAC Council Elections This Year

  • District Representative

    • 2– Current Representative is Paul Kent

    • 5– Current Representative is Curt Eischens

    • 6– Current Representative is Jim Tibodeau

  • Sector Representatives

    • Purchasing Local – Current Rep is Dennis Hunwardsen

    • Marketing Dairy – Current Rep is Steve Schlangen

    • Marketing Livestock & Production-- Current Rep is Jeff Reed

    • Utility Distribution – Current Rep is Tom Hayes

    • Consumer Housing - 2 years left remaining on term, Janet Boland resigned.

    • Financial Services – Current Rep is Dave Hoelmer

MAC Committees

  • Farm Supply, Grain and Fuel

    • Twice yearly

    • Chair – Kelly Christianson, Roseau Farmers Union Oil

  • Utility Advisory Committee

    • June review of resolutions

    • Members: Hayes, Martens, Hjelle, Parsley, Tomes, Redalen, Hauer, Heinz, Nieuwsma

  • Senior Housing Network

    • Quarterly

  • Credit Union

    • Annually

  • Dairy

    • Three times per year


    • Assets rose to $10,500

    • 1st in person meeting today

  • Resolutions

    • Elected Chair – Steve Krikava

    • Elected Vice Chair – Jim Bareksten

2008 State Policy Initiatives

  • Livestock investment grant program

  • Milk truck weight exemption

  • Ag hours of service

  • Tax data match provision

  • Renewable energy mandates and greenhouse gas limits – co-op friendly

  • Transportation funding

  • Grassroots Action Alerts– thanks for responding

Adopt-an-Urban Legislator andCo-op Day at Capitol

  • Important to gain an understanding of cooperatives with new urban and new legislators

  • MAC has initiated an “Adopt an Urban Legislator” Program

    • We will schedule meetings for you with “Adoptees” in St. Paul or in your district

    • Bruce will explain more

  • Co-op Day at the Capitol is scheduled for March 11

    • Please let us know if you interested in attending

    • Need to have strong turnout to make an impact

Climate Change

  • Climate change working group

    • MAC will continue to play an active role on this issue

      • Important to ensure legislators understand:

        • The need for balance

        • The need to rely on science in making public policy

        • The need make certain new regulations are cost effective

    • Legislative meetings being scheduled

      • Bill Oemichen has been invited to meetings with state senate environmental leaders

    • MAC is building alliances with other utility and agricultural organizations

    • MAC has convened ag, trans, petroleum group

    • WFC/MAC has strong knowledge base and will use this during debate on global climate change

Major Federal Policy Priorities

  • Farm Bill

    • MAC advocated for farm credit, grain, dairy, energy, rural development, co-op capital and development, electric service territory, etc.

  • Mississippi River Locks and Dams

    • MAC (and WFC) part of national coalition to ensure approval of funding for lock and dam modernization

CURE campaign

  • Chair of Gopher CURE chapter of national coalition

  • Met with Attorney General Lori Swanson

  • Meetings with MN Congressional Delegation

    • Support obtained from most members

    • Strong partnership with WFC and Wisconsin Congressional Delegation

Co-op Care

Health Care: State and Federal

  • Farmers Health Cooperative of Wisconsin is a success and we are working for the state success in Minnesota

  • Continue to work on Minnesota Department of Commerce approval process

    • Slow and complicated since there is no defined application process

  • Also investigating new opportunities with other partners that may not require formal state approvals

  • Continue to administer USDA grants

  • MAC is playing an active role in state and federal legislative health care policy development

    • Bill Oemichen testified before the U.S. Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee (invited by Senator Norm Coleman)

    • Amy Fredregill has been meeting with state legislators


  • Bioenergy projects for co-ops in the Upper Midwest

    • Opportunities for both agricultural and forestry biomass

    • Priority for MAC to ensure cooperative ownership of biomass aggregation, processing and transportation

      • Appropriations being sought from Congress to support WFC and MAC’s efforts

      • MAC has also applied for a Minnesota Department of Agriculture grant

    • Matt Krumenauer has been hired as new staffer to work with Bill, Amy and Tim on this project

Regulatory Issues

  • Red flag (identity theft) rule model policy for members

  • Info on security of co-op deposits

  • SPCC regs – trying to make rule less onerous. Supporting proposed rule that no longer requires professional engineer.

  • Liaison with ag community for transmission siting.

  • Bickford project complete.

    • letter from EPA

MAC Education Foundation

  • Directors:

    • Eischens

    • Hayes

    • Hoelmer

    • Hunwardsen

    • Christy

    • Al Krysan

    • Mary Buschette

    • Bill Oemichen

    • Amy Fredregill

  • Fundraising drive

  • Slettom Scholarship program

Fourth year of radio outreach campaign

Governor’s proclamation

Cross industry marketing assistance

Foundation: Co-op Month

Foundation: Expanding and Integrating Co-op Curriculum

  • Speakers, case studies, field trips

  • University of MN

    • CFANS Advisory Board

    • Partnering with Koller Chair

    • CHS Graduate Fellowship

    • Ag Working Group

Slettom Inducted Into Hall of Fame

  • Tributes to Slettom this year

    • Biographical Booklet

    • U of M Advisory Committees

    • Scholarship clearinghouse

      • Please complete and return survey

Educational Opportunities

  • Recent:

    • Director Liability Workshops

    • Co-ops 101 Workshops

    • Credit Issues Conference

    • CoBank Customers Meeting Training Session

  • New:

    • Capital, Contracts and Risk Management Conference

      • Thanks to CoBank, Cofina and ProPartners

Senior Housing Programs

  • 300 attendees at 8th Annual Senior Housing Cooperative Conference, May 2008

  • Workshops

  • Managers-only Network

  • Golf tournament

Youth Conference

  • “Big MAC” MN Youth Cooperative Leadership Conference

    • 70 students, 15 chaperones at March 2008 conference

    • Thanks to local co-op sponsors, MN Credit Union Foundation, CHS Foundation, CoBank and other sponsors

  • March 16-17, 2009

    • Please consider sponsoring local youth

Discussion and Questions

  • Overall, a very successful year for MAC

  • Thanks for your membership and ongoing support during this important transition year

  • We look forward to the continued growth and your active involvement

  • Together, we can accomplish great things in the future




Presentation of MAC Council

  • District Directors

    • 1 – Kelly Christianson – Roseau

    • 2 – Paul Kent – Mora

    • 3 – John Funk – Melrose

    • 4 – Bob Doane - Minneapolis

    • 5 – Curt Eischens – Minneota

    • 6 – Jim Tibodeau - Delavan

Council Industry Representatives

  • Financial Services – Neil Christy and Dave Hoelmer

  • Marketing Dairy – Steve Schlangen and Dave Scheevel

  • Marketing – Livestock & Animal Breeding – Jeff Reed

  • Purchasing Regional Supply – Lee Uldbjerg

  • Purchasing Local Supply – Jerry Hasnedl, Jeff Nielsen and Dennis Hunwardsen

  • Utility Distribution – Tom Hayes and Audrey Hjelle

  • Utility – Generation & Transmission – Don Martens

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