1760 1821
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End of Spanish Rule PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1760-1821. End of Spanish Rule. Spain Acquires Louisiana. Great Britain defeats France in the Seven Year’s War (1756-1763) Changed the balance of power in the Americas. Great Britain gained Canada and all French land east of the Mississippi River. Spain received New Orleans

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End of Spanish Rule

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1760 1821


End of Spanish Rule

Spain acquires louisiana

Spain Acquires Louisiana

  • Great Britain defeats France in the Seven Year’s War (1756-1763)

    • Changed the balance of power in the Americas.

    • Great Britain gained Canada and all French land east of the Mississippi River.

    • Spain received New Orleans

  • France was no longer a threat in North America

Spain closes east texas missions

Spain Closes East Texas Missions

  • Spain sends Marques de Rubi to investigate the need for missions in Texas.

    • Suggested that Spain abandon all missions in Texas except those at San Antonio and Goliad

    • Also suggested forming alliances with the Comanches

    • Suggested that settlers in East Texas move closer to San Antonio for protection.

  • 1773, three remaining missions in Texas closed and the 500 settlers in the area moved to San Antonio

Nacogdoches founded

Nacogdoches Founded

  • East Texas settlers pleaded for permission for the families to return to their former homes.

  • Governor de Ripperda refused, but allowed some to settle along the Trinity River.

  • Crop failure, small pox, and Comanche forced the colonists to move.

  • 1779, Settlers moved back into East Texas and built the town of Nacogdoches, without government approval.

Spain helps the american colonists

Spain Helps the American Colonists

  • Spain supported the American revolutionaries against Britain.

  • Opened the port of New Orleans to American ships and supplied weapons, clothing, money, and medical supplies to troops.

Us buys louisiana

US Buys Louisiana

  • Louisiana Purchase

  • 1800, Spain was forced to give Louisiana back to France.

  • US purchased the territory from France for $15 million.

    • Doubled the size of the US

  • Gave the US a border with Spain

Border disputes

Border Disputes

  • US insisted American territory extended to the Sabine River

    • Possibly include all of Texas

  • Spain claimed the land all the way to the Calcasieu River in Louisiana

  • General James Wilkinson (US) and Colonel Simon de Herrera (Spain) compromised, saying no one would occupy the “neutral ground.”

    • Became a haven for people trying to escape the law

  • 1819, Adams-Onis Treaty signed

    • Spain transferred Florida to the US

    • Boundary between US and Spain set at the Sabine

    • US surrendered all claim to Texas

Americans migrate to texas

Americans Migrate to Texas

  • Philip Nolan

    • Filibuster

    • Mustang trader

    • Spain suspected he was a spy working for General Wilkinson

    • Warned by Spanish officials to stay out of Texas

      • `Nolan ignored the warning and was ambushed and killed while on a horse capturing expedition

Hidalgo calls for independence

Hidalgo Calls for Independence

  • Best jobs were reserved for men sent from Spain as administrators.

  • Taxes in Mexico increased to help pay for wars in Europe.

  • September 16, 1810 – Father Hidalgo issued a call for freedom from Spain.

    • Tried to capture Mexico City in 1811

    • Captured and executed

    • “Father of Mexican Independence”

Gutierrez magee expedition

Gutierrez-Magee Expedition

  • Wanted to free Texas from Spanish rule

  • Planned to establish a government in which voters would choose people to represent them.

    • Republic

  • Republican Army of the North

  • First action was to cross the Sabine River and capture Nacogdoches.

  • Captured Goliad

    • Magee killed defending Goliad from a Spanish siege

    • Spaniards involved in the siege retreated to San Antonio

    • The RAotN, now led by Samuel Kemper, chased the Spaniards and captured San Antonio

    • Issued a declaration of independence for Texas

Disagreements and defeats

Disagreements and Defeats

  • Americans favored a government with elected officials, like that of the United States.

  • Mexicans preferred a government with appointed officials, like New Spain.

  • Americans wanted Texas to become independent or a part of the United States.

  • Mexicans wanted Texas to remain part of Mexico.

  • August 1813, the Republican Army is defeated near San Antonio.

Revolutionaries and pirates

Revolutionaries and Pirates

  • French pirate Louis Michel Aury

    • Captured Spanish vessels along the coast of Texas

  • Jean Laffite

    • Controlled Galveston Island

    • Had aided the American Army against the British in the War of 1812

    • Captured Spanish vessels in the Gulf of Mexico

    • Eventually sailed to the Caribbean

      • According to legend, he buried a treasure of gold and silver on one of the islands along the Gulf Coast, but it has never been found.

James long

James Long

  • From Mississippi

  • Filibuster

  • Objected to the United States giving up claim to Texas.

  • Summer 1819, Long led an army of 300 to capture Nacogdoches.

    • Declared Texas was a free and independent republic with Long as President.

  • Journeyed to Galveston to ask Jean Laffite for help.

    • Laffite refused

    • Spanish troops attacked and defeated Long’s army while he was in Galveston.

  • Long recruited more rebels out of Louisiana and returned to Texas, attacking Galveston Bay.

  • Long and his troops capture Goliad but were surrounded by Spanish troops and forced to surrender.

    • Taken to Mexico City and killed.

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