Kennedy and lbj
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Kennedy and LBJ. C-4 – Explicitly Assess information and draw conclusions. US History. Lincoln and JFK. What is your vision of JFK ? How has America remembered him and why?.

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Kennedy and LBJ

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Kennedy and LBJ

C-4 – Explicitly Assess information and draw conclusions

US History

Lincoln and JFK


What is your vision of JFK? How has America remembered him and why?

Using the images, list adjectives that would describe JFK and his administration?How do they support or refute your initial vision? How might they add to your vision?

The Kennedy Years

1000 Days




1960 Election

The Kennedy Mystique

  • Youth

  • First and only Catholic

  • Trendsetters

A Tour of the White House

Domestic Agenda

  • Many programs blocked by Republican and S. Dem. Congress

  • Organized Crime Bills

  • Initiated Civil Rights reform


  • Govt. Spending

    • Defense and Space

  • Proposed Tax Cut

  • Trade Expansion Act

    • Lower tariffs w/ Europe (Common Market)

New Frontier

  • Space Race

    • Alan Sheppard – (1961)

    • John Glenn - (1962)

    • Neil Armstrong – (1969)

International Aid

  • Peace Corps- 1961

  • Alliance for Progress- 1961

Foreign Affairs

  • Tough talk on communism


  • Berlin Wall 1961

    • Kennedy visit

S. Vietnamese President



  • Domino Theory

  • Viet Cong

  • ‘Flexible Response’

    • Green Berets

    • counterinsurgency

  • Buddhists

  • Diem -1963

Latin America

  • Bay of Pigs - 1961

  • Cuban Missile Crisis – 1962

  • “Hot line” installed

JFK and Ike

Missile Sites

Origins of Détente

  • Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (1963)

  • American University Speech (1963)


  • Texas Book Depository

  • Nov. 22nd 1963

  • Lee Harvey Oswald

  • Jack Ruby

  • Warren Commission

  • Conspiracy Theories

The power of Kennedy to inspire others…

LBJ in Office


LBJ ChartMatch provisions with programs

  • Fed. funding to public and private schools

  • Banned discrimination in housing

  • Funds to rebuild urban areas

  • Gave priority to reuniting families and promoting national interests

  • Job Corps and Head Start

  • Federal funding for medical care for elderly

  • Fed. Registering of voters and monitoring elections

  • Fed. Funds to depressed region

  • Fed. Funds for college loans

  • End to literacy tests

  • War on Poverty

  • Banned discrimination in public facilities

Arts and Education

September 1965, Johnson signed the National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities Act into law, creating both the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities as separate, independent agencies.

Public Broadcasting Act 1967 “It will give a wider and, I think, stronger voice to educational radio and television by providing new funds for broadcast facilities. It will launch a major study of television's use in the Nation's classrooms and their potential use throughout the world. Finally — and most important — it builds a new institution: the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

“The Johnson Treatment”

Skilled Politician, or just a “close Talker?”

Rank the Great Society

  • War on Poverty

  • Medicare

  • Cities

  • Education

  • Civil Rights

  • Environment

  • Consumer Advocacy

Compare and Contrast JFK and LBJ

What were their visions?

Where did their ideas come from?

What problems did they face?

Who was the better president?

Baker v. Carr- 1962

Federal courts have the power to determine the constitutionality of a State's voting districts. (This case argued that the voters of urban areas where population had grown were denied equal protection of the law as guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.

Mapp v. Ohio - 1961 - Search and Seizure

Searches must be legal to count (Exclusionary rule)

Gideon v. Wainright - 1963 - Right To Counsel

All citizens get lawyer/ no cost if needed

Escobedo v. Illinois - 1964 - Right To Counsel

Applied exclusionary rule to confessions/ lawyer when asked

Miranda v. Arizona - 1966 - Rights of the Accused

Read your rights when arrested

Engle v. Vitale - 1962 - Separation of Church and State

Prayer in schools unconstitutional, est. clause

Abbington v. Schempp - 1963 - Separation of Church and State

Religious instruction violates 1st amendment

Tinker v. Des Moines - 1969 - Symbolic Speech

Constitutional rights protected in schools

Katz v. United States - 1961 - Search and Seizure (Wiretaps)

Protects privacy even in some public areas

Warren Court


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