Family diversity
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Family diversity. Today’s topic! We have touched on this already but today we will break this down and look at in more detail Write this title & date your notes 22/11/12. Number of different factors to consider when referring to diversity: . Family structure Family size How formed?

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Family diversity

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Family diversity

  • Today’s topic!

  • We have touched on this already but today we will break this down and look at in more detail

  • Write this title & date your notes 22/11/12

Number of different factors to consider when referring to diversity:

  • Family structure

  • Family size

  • How formed?

  • Relationships between family members

  • Roles

  • Sexuality

  • Quality of life

  • Culture

What family diversity does this image represent?

Single Parent Families

  • The lone parent family is one of the most common family structures in modern society – 1 in 5 children now live in one parent families.

  • Only 10% of lone parent families are headed by the father

What family diversity does this image represent?

Beanpole families

  • Big increase in multigenerational families

  • Brannen (2003) sees them as being like a beanpole - long and thin

  • More contact between generations (due to divorce, smaller family size and people living longer)

  • Compared to within generations (people don’t have or live further away from siblings/ cousins)

What family diversity does this image represent?

Reconstituted Families

  • Over 1/3rd of all families are now Reconstituted mainly as a result of rising divorce rates

What family diversity does this image represent?

Cultural Diversity

  • There is considerable diversity amongst ethnic minority families as well as families from different religions

  • Afro Caribbean's have a high rate of female headed lone parent families

  • Pakistani, Chinese and Bangladeshi origin families are more likely to be extended.

What family diversity do these images represent?

Class Diversity

  • Socialisation of children

  • Oakley (1974) found class to be a key factor in the division of labour in the home, middle class households are more likely to share the domestic roles

  • Pahl (1989) found women were more likely to control the finances in working class homes

What family diversity does this image represent?

Homosexual Families

  • The number of homosexual families is rising.

  • It seems inevitable that as society becomes more tolerant this trend will increase

What factors influence the diversity of families? diamond 6

There is no right or wrong say whatever you think !!!

  • On your handout

  • Write in the following explanations for the causes of family diversity in order of importance

  • Statements

    • Female independence

    • Divorce

    • Family size

    • Aging population

    • Influence of religion

    • Impact of class

Write your name on your card and answer the following question

  • Do you think Family diversity is positive or negative?

  • Give reasons for your answer.

Lesson 2)


  • Read through

  • Any questions



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Notes task part 1)

  • Number yourselves 1-5 (HOME GROUP)

  • Now form a new group with the other people in your class that are the same number (EXPERT GROUP)

  • Work together to select 4 key points from relevant section(s) on the text I gave you last lesson

  • Write these onto your worksheet in the correct section (10 minutes)

Now write 4 questions on your family diversity on to the paper I give you – with the correct answer

Notes task part 2)

  • Now move back to your HOME GROUP

  • Talk through the key points that you selected to complete your worksheet

  • Teach your team!! you will now all sit the test individually to assess your team work & knowledge

  • Scores for the group will be added together to give a team total and to decide the winning team!!


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Student questionnaire

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Mock Feedback

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  • 15 minutes – Thursday Lunch times

One – parent families

Extended families -Kinship diversity

Class diversity

Sexual diversity

Family diversity

Cultural diversity

Reconstituted families

Recap Quiz

  • Your questions were brilliant!!! I haven’t included them all because some require more time, as they raise a number of complex issues- they are more like essay questions

Recap Quiz

  • Complete the quiz individually, but you can work together with your team

  • 10 minutes

Family diversity – Your views

  • Read over your views on family diversity

  • Do they match any sociological theoretical perspectives?

  • Label them

Theoretical perspectives on family diversity

New Right / functionalist


Post modern


  • A new theory began in the late 1970’s

  • It see’s society as fluid and changing all the time

  • Post modernist argue that today’s society is;

  • Unstable, fragmented, media- saturated, defined by what we consume

  • We now live in a global village

  • Life involves choice and change

  • Nothing is fixed

Postmodernism & the family

  • Post modernist believe family life is diverse, varied and unstable.

  • They highlight how many different family forms are now accepted in society.

  • They believe claims that one type of family is ‘better’ or ‘more natural’ or more ‘normal’ are outdated

Claims that one type of family is ‘better’ or ‘more natural’ or more ‘normal’ are outdated.








Debate preparation – 20 mins

  • Group leader

  • Team name

  • Create a mind map to consolidate your ideas

  • Main points

  • Include key statistics

  • Named sociologists

  • Sociological terminology

    I will spend 10 minutes with each group

The debate rules

  • Only the person with the dice talks

    Anyone talking at the same time will lose a point for their team

  • I will note down the key points raised on the board

  • Marks will be awarded for clear points

  • Extra marks for named sociologists, statistics, and sociological terms

  • Points given for every new person in the group to speak

Optional Essay question based on this debate

Assess the view that family diversity has a negative impact upon society (30 marks)

Student Survey

  • Please complete these – everyone need to have the opportunity to have their say.

  • I will talk through the questions to clarify


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