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Earth Systems Review. Monday, January 14,2013. The rock in Grand Canyon National Park is formed from layers of sand, minerals, and shells. Which type of rock is present at Grand Canyon National Park? Igneous Sedimentary Metamorphic Lava . 2. Sedimentary Rock Formation.

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Earth systems review

Earth Systems Review

Monday, January 14,2013

2 sedimentary rock formation
2. Sedimentary Rock Formation of sand, minerals, and shells. Which type of rock is present at Grand Canyon National Park?

A group of students explored the steps required for sedimentation of rocks. They recorded the results in the table above. Which of these best completes the table?


Transporting (moving)

Compacting (pressing together)

Fragmenting (splitting apart)

3. Based on the picture shown, what will eventually happen to the tree?A. Nothing, the tree will be fineB. The tree will eventually fall because of weathering and erosion.C. The tree will fall because of lava flow in the area.D. The tree will stay but the rocks will fall.

  • A student places rocks, sand, water and vinegar in a bucket. The student seals the bucket. The student shakes the bucket once a day for two weeks. When the student opens the bucket, the rocks seem smoother. What did the student model in this experiment?

  • The water cycle

  • Weathering

  • Fossilization

  • Erosion

5. A teacher attached a block of ice to a string and pulled it across some dirt and small rocks. Which of the following was the teacher most likely trying to model?

  • Flood

  • Hurricane

  • Glacier

  • tornado