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Se7en. Prep for the assessment Prep for the next genres. Standard: I can cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support both analysis and inference. (11-12.RL.1). Citing Specific Scenes and Evidence. 1 st : Comment on the movie 2 nd : Characterize 3 rd : Connect.

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Prep for the assessment

Prep for the next genres


Standard: I can cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support both analysis and inference. (11-12.RL.1)

citing specific scenes and evidence
Citing Specific Scenes and Evidence
  • 1st: Comment on the movie
  • 2nd: Characterize
  • 3rd: Connect
1 st comment on the movie
1st: Comment on the movie
  • Of the seven that John Doe found guilty, which of the sins was the most offensive and worthy of punishment?
    • 1st: Answer in your own words.
    • 2nd: Find a scene to back it up.
    • 3rd: Explain how that scene supports your answer.
2 nd characterize
2nd: Characterize
  • MUST KNOW: Character traits
  • Words that define who a person is.
    • Think: Personality and essence of being.
    • DO NOT use physical characteristics or jobs
  • Positive:
    • Adventurous, imaginative, thoughtful, grateful, trustworthy, responsible, thankful, encouraging, efficient, generous, intelligent, mature
  • Negative
    • Dangerous, greedy, vindictive, obnoxious, bossy, boring, cruel, cowardly, grouchy, unhappy, hateful, harsh
2 nd characterize1
2nd: Characterize
  • Characterize John Doe
    • First, list a character trait.
    • Second, find a specific scene that supports the trait.
    • Third, explain how the scene proves the quote true.
3 rd connect
3rd: Connect
  • “People don’t want a hero, they want to eat cheeseburgers, play the lotto, and watch television.” Somerset.
    • 1st: React to the quote.

What does it mean? What does it say about our society?

    • 2nd: Do you agree with it?

Standard: I can draw evidence from texts to support analysis, reflection, and research. (11-12.W.8)

part two short essay
Part Two: Short Essay
  • Be aware of all of the elements and definitions of mystery, thriller, and drama.